Apple Watch Series 7 review: similar or very different?

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Apple Watch Series 7 gave me the first impression, just like me this year, my face has become bigger and rounder.

The frame has been narrowed by 40%, from 3mm directly to 1.7mm, and the display area has also increased by 20%.

The four corners of the screen and the case have been optimized to look more rounded.

There is no harm if there is no comparison. Comparing the Series 3 with it, the quaint feeling blows over the face.

Here is a special reminder, if you are using a black background dial, the narrow bezel is not obvious in perception, so we recommend that friends who bought the Series 7 can use a light-colored dial, so as to indicate to others, this is the latest model .

Of course, you can also learn from Apple’s official website and put your goddess into your watch. It is recommended that you choose a portrait mode photo taken by the iPhone, it will automatically analyze the layers to achieve the mask effect of people superimposed on time. And when you rotate the crown, something magical happens…

In addition to the increase in the display area, the content displayed on this new screen will also be refracted by light to produce an effect similar to a curved screen.

With this dial called "contour", from the side angle, you may even feel that the characters have overflowed the screen.

It should be noted that as the screen increases, the overall size of the Series 7 has also become larger compared to the previous three generations. Although it is only increased by 1mm in length, Apple has changed the naming of the two sizes.

▲ Left: Series7 Right: Series 6

But the good news is that whether you buy a large dial or a small dial, the ancestral straps of previous generations are still common.

In terms of color, this year's aluminum alloy version has a total of 5 color combinations. Among them, the green in our hands is a brand new color. It looks dark green most of the time, and many colleagues might even think it is black.

Red and blue are new colors introduced last year, but this year's will look brighter than last year.

However, the most interesting ones are the starlight color and the midnight color. The former is a metallic color between silver and gold, while the latter looks black from a distance and dark blue from close up. What is a perfect interpretation:

"The black in front of you is not black, what white is the white you are talking about."

There is also a slight change in appearance, that is, the two-hole speaker on the left side of the watch body has become a single-hole speaker.

In order to make the screen more resistant, Apple replaced Series 7 with a glass whose thickness was increased by half, but the overall thickness of the fuselage remained unchanged.

At the same time, the Series 7 has added IP6X dust resistance to the WR50 waterproof specification, which is safer in case it is bought and eaten up.

In terms of performance, although the Series 7 is replaced with an S7 chip, the actual performance is almost the same as that of the S6. In our test, no difference was noticed whether it was sliding menus, opening applications, etc.

So this year's improvement is more focused on the screen and charging speed.

What are the differences in the use of larger screens?

Like passwords, calculator buttons, fitness, stock market charts will be bigger. But it's too big to be obvious. In the map, under the same zoom ratio, the display area will be wider and the street information will be more.

The full-size keyboard is also stuffed into this screen. But I believe that there are not many opportunities for people to read maps or type words on this screen. Therefore, we think it is more practical to check the information notice, because while you can see more text at a glance, it can also avoid misunderstandings.

▲ Left: Series 6 Right: Series 7

In addition to the larger screen, the Series 7 screen has also become brighter, although the maximum brightness is still 1000 nits. But when the screen is displayed, the screen brightness is increased by 70%, which is more convenient for you to steal the time when the boss is speaking.


In terms of charging speed, we followed last year's test method, which is closer to the actual usage scenario, starting from 30% to full charge. Last year's Series 6 took a full 100 minutes. How long has the Series 7 been used?

The answer is 59 minutes.

In fact, Series 7 only took 40 minutes to charge to 93%, but in order to delay battery aging, the system turned on "Optimized Battery Charging" by default in "Battery Health", so the charging later became slower, and finally 3%. It took 10 minutes.

Note that the prerequisite for fast charging must use the supplied charging cable. This cable has finally been replaced from the ancestral port A to Type-C, and you have to match a 20W charger to achieve the above fast charging effect.

If you use the past A-port charger to charge the Series 7, the result we measured is 106 minutes, which is basically the same as the Series 6.

Then we are very curious, if we use an old watch with this fast charging cable, can the old tree sprout? The answer is yes, but it is very limited. The charging speed in the first half did go up, but it slowed down significantly in the second half. The total charging time is only 10 minutes faster.


In terms of battery life, the test method last year was continued. In the first case, the screen is always on, the cellular network is not turned on, and the physical training is not turned on. Under light use, fully charged at 8 o'clock in the morning, check the time dozens of times, notify dozens of notifications, and at 6 o'clock in the evening, Series 7 The remaining power is 55%, and the remaining power of Series 6 is 61% in a similar situation.

In the second case, the screen is always on when the Series 7 is turned off, and the same frequency of use, from 8 am to 6 pm, the remaining power of the Series 7 is 72%, and the remaining power of the Series 6 is 76%.

In other words, Apple Watch still needs to be charged once a day.


Frankly speaking, the update rate of this generation of Apple Watch is not too large, and the screen design has reached a relatively perfect state, but the watch is not a content consumption device after all, and the increase of the screen does not have that great impact on the core user experience.

So if you hold Series 6, Series 5, there is not much need to upgrade, but if you are a Series 4 or even earlier user, Series 7 is worth considering. If you have a limited budget, the official SE or third-party channels of Series 5 and 6 are more cost-effective choices.

Regarding the feedback of the Apple Watch product, the people around me can be described as polarized. Some people repeatedly forget to charge and eat ashes all the year round, while some people use it to lose weight by 30 kilograms, almost becoming a part of the body.

Apple Watch is not a necessities of life like a mobile phone. Of course, you can use it to check WeChat notifications, answer calls, cut songs, or even do nothing. It is just an accessory on your wrist. In the final analysis, it is to meet fitness and health needs. Tool of.

The value of tools must be embodied by people.

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