Apple Watch accessories sharing: This is the complete body of Apple Watch

In the current smart watch market, Apple Watch's king status is beyond doubt.

High-quality applications, convenient interactive experience, accurate and reliable data measurement, and even the large number of third-party accessories are one of the advantages of Apple Watch.

Today I will share with you a few small accessories that can perfectly match Apple Watch.

Pod Case

The first is this Pod Case co-designed by Joyce Kang and CO Design Lab. After putting on this shell, do you feel familiar? It looks like an iPod Classic, right?

Yes, this is why it is called Pod Case. Put it on and your Apple Watch will change its waist and become an "iPod".

It is worth mentioning that the buttons on the front are not furnishings. After Bluetooth is connected to the watch, you can control your watch through these buttons. In addition, this product also has a built-in speaker. Who said that listening to music with Apple Watch must be paired with AirPods?

▲Pod Case, picture from: Yanko Design


MUDRA BAND is a wristband for Apple Watch. It has a set of built-in sensors that can recognize our gestures by measuring the nerve activity of the wrist. In this way, we can use the watch without touching it.

In the case of one-handed control, you can not only pause the alarm clock, answer calls, etc., but also control the playback and pause of music. If you want, you can even play games through it.

▲MUDRA BAND, picture from: Yanko Design

Elago Wristfit strap

This is also an Apple Watch wristband, but what is interesting is that it can "keep" AirPods for us.

AirPods are often criticized for being "easy to lose", and this wristband can firmly fix your AirPods to the wristband. When you are not using them, you can place the AirPods on the wristband.

But it cannot charge your AirPods.

▲Elago Wristfit strap, picture from: Yanko Design

Satechi's Apple Watch base

The current iPad Pro already has a reverse charging function. This docking station allows your Apple Watch to be charged on your iPad Pro.

This base uses an aluminum shell, and the overall design style fits well with the iPad Pro. When working with iPad Pro, it is not obtrusive at all to charge the watch on it. It is also very good to use it as a small clock.

▲Satechi's Apple Watch base, picture from: Yanko Design

Wristcam strap

This wristband is equipped with two cameras. The front 8-megapixel main camera can be used to shoot objects in front, while the second camera is used for selfies and will face you when you lift your wrist.

Wristcam has 8GB of storage space. Not only can you use it to shoot Vlog, you can also use it for video calls. In addition, this product is also waterproof, connects with Apple Watch via Bluetooth, and can connect to your iPhone via Wi-Fi.

By the way, it has a built-in battery, so don’t worry about it affecting the battery life of your Apple Watch.

▲Wristcam strap, picture from: Yanko Design

Do you have any interesting Apple Watch accessories? Welcome to share in the comments section.

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