Apple surpasses Samsung to become the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world

In 2023, the technology giant Apple has written a new chapter in the history of mobile telephony. With shipments rising 3.7% to 234.6 million units, Apple overtakes longtime rival Samsung, ending its 12 years of dominance. This milestone occurred in a particularly difficult year for the smartphone market, which saw an overall decrease in shipments of 3.2%, dropping to 1.17 billion units.

Apple's turning point

While Apple has always dominated the premium segment of the market in terms of revenue and profits, thanks to the popularity of the iPhone, 2023 marks the first time the company also leads in sales volume. This success is the result of a strategy focused on quality and innovation, which attracted consumers to high-end devices.

Apple surpasses Samsung: the competition heats up

Samsung, meanwhile, is preparing to launch its flagship Galaxy S24 model, after recording a 13.6% reduction in shipments over the past year. Competition is becoming more intense with the rise of Chinese manufacturers such as Transsion, whose brand has recorded growth of 30.8%, gaining a dominant position in the African market and positioning itself among the top five manufacturers globally.

A battle of segments

Apple surpasses Samsung

Samsung has focused its efforts on the mid-to-high segments to maintain profitability, but has lost ground in the budget segment, ceding its leading position globally. The change in market dynamics highlights a growing trend towards the purchase of more expensive and high-performance devices, a move that has clearly favored Apple.

Despite global economic challenges, Apple has demonstrated remarkable tenacity. Its ability to adapt to the needs of a changing market is demonstrated by the 11.6% growth in iPhone sales in the fourth quarter, thanks to the launch of its latest models in September.

Apple surpasses Samsung: the future of smartphones

The smartphone era is undergoing a transformation. As technology matures and new features become minimal, consumers tend to replace their devices less frequently. However, when replacement occurs, many opt for more expensive and advanced devices, primarily benefiting Apple.

Apple's success in 2023 is not only a commercial achievement, but also a sign of changing consumer preferences and the evolution of the global smartphone market. As Apple establishes itself as the volume leader, it remains to be seen how the competition with Samsung and other emerging smartphone makers will evolve in the near future.

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