Apple: return to office postponed to October (but not film production)

Apple's plan to return to the office will be postponed from September to October (and perhaps even beyond). Contrary to what Tim Cook had predicted in early June, the company's employees will not be back in attendance until October, and the risk is that this date may change again. Among the first to have put in place a plan to return to the office, Apple is now taking a step back in the face of the coronavirus. While remote working continues,Apple TV + film and series production continues unabated , supported by the search for a dedicated campus.

Apple: no return to the office until October

Half of the US population is vaccinated, but this is not enough to stop Covid-19. For this reason, in the face of new, worrying pandemic data, Apple has decided to delay the return to the office until at least October . However, the return will not be full time : the employees will work from home for two days a week. Depending on the needs, some teams may have to attend even 4 days a week.

Apple postpones the return to the office to October (but the production of films and series continues).
Apple postpones the return to the office to October (but the production of films and series continues).

Although the return plan has been studied in detail, carefully defining the procedures for accessing the common areas, the date on which it will be applied is uncertain. Not that it was a disadvantage for the employees: most of them had expressed a preference to stay at home to work. The greater flexibility of hours and the convenience of managing commitments has won over many workers , and most of them could reevaluate their job position if they are denied remote work.

We continue to be concerned that this one-size-fits-all hybrid solution is driving many of our colleagues to leave Apple. About 68% of respondents to our informal survey somehow or strongly agreed that lack of flexibility at work would likely cause them to leave Apple; they are over 1100 members of our Apple family and we care about each and every one of them.

Excerpt from the petition letter published by Apple employees

Tim Cook, however, seems immovable, and foresees a return of all employees to Apple Park, sooner or later. The situation could become very thorny: many employees would have threatened to take legal action against Apple if they were forced to return in attendance. The delta variant of the virus is scaring everyone, helping to slow the return to normal.

The production of films and series does not stop

As the discussion about returning to the office gets underway, Apple has no doubts about producing movies and TV series. The multinational is in fact continuing to film new content for Apple TV +, also looking for a dedicated structure in the Hollywood area. The company's goal is to open a campus dedicated to its productions , looking to expand into the Los Angeles movie district.

Against giants like Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video, Apple needs to have its own space so it can compete with other services. Production costs would also be reduced: at the moment the company is renting theaters to shoot TV series and films, but if it had its own hub, the costs would be drastically reduced.

Apple TV + wants to invest in a private hub.
Apple TV + wants to invest in a private hub.

If it could find the right place, Apple could strengthen its streaming fleet by producing original content of ever higher quality. Currently, the Apple streaming service is still on the edge of the market , even surpassed by Peacock and HBO Max. Of course, it can be said that Apple does not need to give 100% to the streaming service, but with a substantially unlimited budget. they would expect higher numbers. Could the acquisition of a private facility be the first step in Apple's "revenge" in streaming? We'll see.

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