Apple releases iOS 14.5: App Tracking Transparency for privacy arrives

After unveiling the new jewels, Apple released iOS 4.5 with several new features, including the much-discussed App Tracking Transparency for privacy. A decision that led Facebook and the entire advertising industry to clash with the Cupertino company , accusing it of drowning the earnings of thousands of companies.

Privacy Tracking Transparency App

Apple has decided to take the side of users by allowing them to choose how apps use and share information. App Tracking Transparency arrives from today with the new iOS 14.5 update introducing an important news for privacy. Each time the user installs a new app , consent to track their data will be requested . Rejecting it will prevent third-party applications from using and sharing your information, such as age, location, and search history.

The data is used by companies to propose personalized advertisements and offers based on the user's habits. With ATT, Apple requires app developers to ask for consent to tracking and then use the identifier for advertising for personalized advertising. The IDFA is in fact an identification assigned to each Apple device, which identifies and tracks the activity of the device. The identifier does not share information related to the user's identity, but identifies and shares in-app events to create a specific profile of who uses the device.

This digital profile is sold to other companies, which send advertisements designed ad hoc. The "qualities" of a certain user and his habits are used to create personalized campaigns and show specific advertisements. In practice, this means showing advertisements depending on the search history or advertising campaigns in which the user has previously "participated". With the novelty of Apple it will no longer be possible to identify users on third-party systems and therefore customize the ads, unless the user consent.

The popup of Apple's new privacy feature, the Tracking Transparency App
The popup of Apple's new privacy feature, the Tracking Transparency App

Apple already allowed to block data sharing, but the one introduced with iOS 14.5 becomes an explicit request for each individual app. Personalization of ads is useful in many cases, as it allows you to discover and access discounts from various companies based on your interests. It has happened to everyone to have looked for a product to want to buy and then, in the following days, to have found good offers thanks to personalized ads. The difference now, however, lies in the ability to choose whether to share your information, without letting it be done automatically. With this new mode, it is expected that most users will refuse tracking . Many companies in Germany have already resorted to antitrust, claiming that their revenues could decrease by 60%.

iOS 14.5: the other news of the update

In addition to the important privacy update, iOS 14.5 brings with it interesting news . First of all, the ability to unlock the screen using the bezel . In order to use the feature, you need to have an Apple Watch connected to your phone and already unlocked. When you frame the half-covered face, the smartwatch will allow you to approve or reject the unlock.

After the announcement of Air Tag , with iOS 14.5 support for the new Apple device arrives with the update of the “Where is” app. For the device there is also the “Lost” mode, which alerts the user when someone finds the AirTag. News also for emojis, which increase in number and variations, adding new complexions and expressions to faces. Siri is also not exempt from updates: with iOS 14.5 it will be able to call emergency contacts and announce who is calling.

The new Apple Air Tags. Source: GSMArena
The new Apple Air Tags. Source: GSMArena

The "Maps" app is also updated, allowing drivers to report accidents, speed checkpoints and dangerous objects on the road . With the app it will also be possible to share the estimated arrival time, organizing the trip in the best possible way. In the update there is also support for the Xbox Series X and Sony PS5 controllers, which once again improves the gaming experience. And then improvements for reminders, translations, support for 5G technology and podcasts . For the latter there will be the new option to download the episodes and add them to the library, as well as the ability to customize the download settings for the individual episode.

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