Apple presentation event: all the rumors about the new iPhones (and more)

Tonight at 7 pm the new Apple event is expected, during which the new iPhones will be announced in all probability, but the rumors do not exclude that a new Apple Watch and bluetooth headsets may also arrive.

The new iPhones between rumors and certainties about the Apple event

The most awaited product are obviously the new iPhones (which will probably be called Iphone 13). According to the most accredited rumors and some advance information from E-commerce sites, the new models of the apple smartphone should be 4, with nomenclature in line with that of the Iphone 12. We will therefore, in all probability, have an Iphone 13 and a 13 mini as well as two Pro models: Iphone 13 Pro and Iphone 13 Pro Max.

Ukrainian e-commerce site KTC may have unveiled the names of the new iPhones

The design of the new smartphones should recall in all respects that of last year's models . At the moment the main clues come from the “dummies” (the display models, without components used by some shops for their windows or by cover manufacturers as a model) and from covers already in production.

According to leaked images, a change could affect the layout and size of the camera compartment. This would be overstated compared to current models. As for the 13 and 13 mini models, in particular, the arrangement of the rooms would also change which, instead of being arranged vertically, would be organized diagonally, even if it is difficult to guess whether it is only an aesthetic choice or is linked for a technical reason.

The new arrangement of the Iphone cameras (credits: Forbes)

The "notch", more properly called notch, should be slightly smaller, also to accommodate the design trends that dominate the market and want more and more "borderless" smartphones with front cameras in a drop frame or even placed under the screen .

On the hardware side, still regarding the cameras, these could be modules capable of collecting up to 15 percent more light, improving the already excellent night mode of Iphone. In this regard, a mode dedicated to astrophotography could be introduced.

Another important change could concern the display, which would be equipped with LTPO technology. Thanks to this type of lighting, lower energy consumption would be guaranteed and the always-on display and a 120Hz refresh-rate could finally be introduced, technologies that have long been expected on Apple's smartphones.

The new chip should be called A15 and should be made with a 5nm + production process, the usual performance boost is expected but for more details the event is awaited. 5G connectivity should once again be guaranteed by a chip from an external manufacturer, once again Apple has relied on Qualcom and its new X60. The 5G mmWave technology should also be supported in Europe, but in Italy it is not active for legislative reasons. Authoritative sources also spoke of the possible introduction of the possibility of supporting satellite calls. There are no confirmations in this regard, but the choice would be consistent with the direction taken by Apple towards the safety of its users (fall reporting system, emergency numbers, biometric tools).

Finally, the discussion on batteries. They should all be increased compared to the 12 series. It will go to 4,352 mAh for the 13 Pro Max from the 3,687 mAh of the 12 Pro Max. The 12 Pro and 12 models will pass to 3,095 mAh from the 2,815 mAh of the corresponding 12 series models. Mini is expected to go from 2,406 mAh to 2,227.

Not just Iphone: Apple Watch Series 7 is also coming

In addition to the new iPhones, according to rumors, tonight's Apple event could also bring big news on the Smartwatch front. The Series 7 is on its way and may be quite different from the latest model.

The first difference, the most substantial one, should concern the design. It seems that even the new smartwatches will move towards a “tile” design like the one introduced first on the Ipad Pro 2018 and then on the Iphone 12 and which has been very successful.

Possible design of the new Apple Watch series 7 (credits IphoneItalia)

In addition to that on the design, the substantial differences should concern the display, which should be up to 16 percent larger and above all the battery which seems to be the strong point of the new smartwatches. In fact, in addition to a greater milliamperage, the Series 7 should be characterized by a less energy-intensive chip that should guarantee greater autonomy.

Few info on the new Airpods

Not much is known about the Airpods series 3 and it is assumed that they may slip to an upcoming Keynote. Many rumors speak of an event between October and November but there is still nothing official. According to leaked news, the new Airpods should have a very similar design to that of the pro model but may no longer be in-ear.

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