Apple Pencil 3 new features revealed, at least these three updates

Today, Apple released a beta version of iPadOS 17.5 for developers. 9to5Mac found multiple pieces of code in it, implying that the new Apple Pencil will have an important update: a new "squeeze" gesture.

The new squeeze gesture allows users to quickly perform some simple interactions, making it more convenient and flexible for users to add shapes, signatures, stickers, or text in various operations. Presumably, the gesture will be triggered by pressing the surface of the Apple Pencil barrel.

In the second-generation Apple Pencil, users can switch tools by touching the sensing plane on the side of the pen with two taps, but there is actually no sensor on the side of the pen. This operation is only detected by the sensor on the tip of the pen. The new Apple Pencil may add new sensors to the pen barrel to detect pressure changes and implement "squeeze gestures."

This gesture is similar to the press action we use on the AirPods ear stems. Users can trigger specific functions by squeezing the side of the Apple Pencil, just like pressing the AirPods ear stem. Through built-in sensors and intelligent algorithms, they can sense user gestures and convert them into corresponding operations. The "squeeze gesture" can coexist with the double-tap gesture, enabling more functions while maintaining the existing gesture.

In the iPad OS beta version, Apple also updated the interface for pairing Apple Pencil for the first time to prepare for new hardware that has not yet been released. It has been previously reported that the new Apple Pencil will support "find the network," which means that if users accidentally lose their Apple Pencil, they can track and locate its location through their iPad or iPhone.

In addition to squeeze gestures and search functions, there are also rumors that the new Apple Pencil will provide tip options of different materials, such as rougher or smoother materials, to meet the needs of users in different usage scenarios.

Relatedly, the way to replace the tip of the new Apple Pencil may also change. The new nib no longer needs to be screwed in, but instead is magnetically attached to the Apple Pencil.

Earlier news showed that Apple may release an updated iPad series in early May, including a new iPad Pro equipped with an OLED display and an M3 chip, and may even support MagSafe functionality. According to information from the iOS 17.4 beta version, the position of the front camera of the new iPad Pro may be similar to that of the iPad 10, located at the top of the landscape.

The new Apple Pencil will most likely be released together with the new iPad. As for whether to hold a separate press conference or go directly to the official website, the current news is biased toward the latter. At that time, Aifan'er will bring the first time reports and hands-on experience, so stay tuned.

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