Apple Event: new Apple Watch and iPad, but no iPhone 12

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The classic Apple annual conference, following WWDC 2020 , was held on Wednesday 15 September 2020, led by Tim Cook, where the new line-up of Apple Watch and iPad was presented . You got it right, during the Apple Event the announcement of the new iPhone 12 was missed !

The new line up presented gives the user the possibility to choose between different models, both as regards smartwatches and tablets, more than those we are used to seeing normally.

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Apple Event: the new Apple Watch

Apple's smartwatch reaches its sixth generation (series 6) with some new features. A technology called VO2 Max is added which allows, through a new system of diodes positioned under the case, to read the percentage of oxygen in the blood . A tool that further opens the doors in the field of biomedical, and beyond.

Speaking of the blood oxygen measurement system, in series 6 there are 4 LEDs that project green and red lights on the skin. There are then 4 diodes that read what the LEDs light up, and the reading is analyzed by a particular algorithm and then stored in the Health app

This model is available in aluminum, stainless steel and titanium unlike the other models which are only available in aluminum. It is also possible to choose other colors for the case, including blue and red.

Always-on only on the 6 series which basically inherits all the features of the 5 series with the addition of the VO2 Max which we have already discussed above. The heartbeat, ECG (6 / SE Series only), interactional emergency calls (GPS + Cellular version), fall detection, compass, always-on altimeter in real time , and noise measurement remain.

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the sixth generation watch is accompanied by Apple Watch SE, a "weakened" version of the 6 series, accompanied by the already known Series 3 as entry-level. Watch SE has also been designed to be used by children and the elderly , giving the possibility to a parent, perhaps, to monitor the health of their child.

Apple Event: iPads

Even the iPads are completely renewed. The new iPad line-up now includes the 8gen iPad and iPad Air with a 10.9-inch screen, which inherits the design of the iPad Pro.

They will be available in different colors, including silver, dark gray, green and pink. Also, iPad Air now includes Touch ID support.

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Apple One: the unique subscription according to Apple

Also presented is the new Apple One service, a subscription service where the first month is free, which includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and iCloud . There are two subscription plans: Individual with 50 GB of iCloud and Family with 200 GB of iCloud and a shared subscription with 5 other people.

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