Apple event: Iphone, Ipad and Watch, all announcements

Apple presented all the latest news in the usual September event : among the announcements also the new Iphone models which, as we had anticipated , will be four, Ipad and Apple Watch, as well as new services.

Apple TV catalog

The presentation began by talking about Apple TV +, whose products in the last year have earned 35 Emmy nominations. The catalog is preparing to expand, the new TV series were presented with a trailer. Among the novelties are The Morning Show Season2, The problem with John Steward, Swagger, Finch, The Shrink next door and many others.

Not only iPhone: Ipad and Ipad Mini, the surprises of the Apple event

Surprisingly, two new Ipad models were also presented : the new basic Ipad model with the new A13 processor, which promises performance up to 20% higher than that of the A12. Thanks to this performance boost, the Neural Engine has been improved and with it the quality of the cameras via software . Also on the hardware side, the photographic sector has been improved with the inclusion of a 12Mp front camera, with 122 degrees of wide angle.

The improvements are all in the direction of making Ipad the perfect tool for videoconferencing and therefore also on this model centerstage has been introduced, the technology that recognizes people in front of the room and follows them in the frame. Now this technology will also be available on third-party video calling apps like Zoom and on Tiktok.

The new Ipad will have a design very similar to the old model

The new Ipad will be compatible with various accessories including third parties such as Logitech keyboards as well as with the first generation pencil. In the US, the price starts at $ 329 with a discount of up to $ 299 for schools, and will be available as early as next week.

The new Ipad Mini was also presented, with what was called the biggest update on a model of this line. The new design recalls that of the Pro and Air models, and the thinness of the edges guarantees a screen of 8.3 inches. The new A13 chip improves performance compared to the old model by 40% in the cpu , and by 80% for the gpu, with enormous improvements also in the use of games.

Apple event: the new iPhones and all the other announcements
Apple event: the new iPhones and all the other announcements

The only port mounted is a USB type C. There is also the touch-id on the upper edge , as for the Air model. Connectivity is 5G, with speeds up to 3.5GBps. There are two cameras (one front and one rear) and both are 12Megapixel. The rear camera also shoots video in 4K.

Front view of the new Ipad mini

This template will be compatible with 2nd Generation Pencil. The price will start at $ 499.

Apple Watch series 7, among the most important announcements of the event

The direction taken by Apple for the new Apple Watch is very clear, it focuses on sport and keeping the community active . The new models will have 20% thinner edges, the "soap" design remains (it was assumed that even Apple Watch could adopt the square lines of Iphone and Ipad).

The new Apple Watch series 7

Change the user interface with easier-to-click buttons and messages with more characters. The larger screen even allows you to use an on-screen keyboard for typing. It improves the battery life which will also be faster to charge (from 0 to 80% in 45 min). Great attention is also paid to resistance with a crack-resistant screen, Ip6X certification for dust and WR50 for water.

On the software side, the management of the bike function has been greatly improved. The smartwatch will be able to automatically recognize the start of a ride as well as report falls in order to promptly call for help. The calculation of calories consumed with E-bikes has also been improved. It will be available for $ 399 starting this fall.

Apple Fitness + (specially designed for AppleWatch) has also received major improvements. 1200 4k video workouts have been added, which will be available in 15 new countries including Italy. Pilates, guided meditation via video and audio, and new workouts have been added to prepare for the winter season, dedicated to ski and snowboard lovers. It will also be possible to share your workouts with a group, up to 32 people.

Iphone 13: 4 new models presented by Apple

The most anticipated announcements of this Apple event were those of the new iPhones but the differences compared to the 12 series were few. From the design point of view, the "notch" has been reduced, confirming the new design of the cameras that are now arranged diagonally in the "island" that was also present in the old models. The screen will be protected by ceramic shield in both the 13 mini and 13 models. The display will be up to 28% brighter, with oled technology for deeper blacks.

Change the chip: it will be the A15 Bionic, with a 5nm production process, 6 core cpu. Apple defines the CPU as 50% better than that of the competition, and the GPU up to 30% more powerful than that of its competitors. Thanks to these improvements, a better augmented reality technology has been implemented that allows to recognize elements of the surrounding environment in real time through the camera.

The new design of Iphone 13

The main changes concern the camera. The "wide" rear will be wider, (the widest ever according to Apple), with an increase in the captured light that allows a substantial improvement of the night mode. The Ultra wide has also received improvements in this regard.

As for the videos, the novelty is called Cinematic Mode, a tool that studies the depth of the frame allowing the change of focus in the videos (both automatic and manual) in a cinematic style. 5G connectivity remains, arriving in 60 countries. The larger battery and a less energy-intensive chip allow an increased duration of 1.5 hours in the Mini model and 2.5 in the 13 model compared to the 12.

News also in memory cuts: we start from 128 Gb, but you can also choose 256 and 512 Gb. It starts at $ 699 for the Iphone 13 mini and $ 799 for the Iphone 13.

All the news of Iphone 13 and 13 Mini

The Pro models share the same improvements as their younger brothers. In addition, the Super retina XDR display is up to 25% brighter. Interesting is the Pro Motion technology that models the frequency of the screen from 10 to 120 Hz based on the content present on the display and the speed of swiping of the finger. The screens will be 6.1 inches for the Pfro and 6.7 for the Pro Max

The cameras are of the same type as those of the 13 and 13 Mini models with the addition of a telephoto with 3x zoom, with 92% improved performance in the dark in the ultrawide and 2.2 times in the Wide. The UltraWide camera allows photos in Macro mode.

Memories start at 128GB and the 1Tb cut has been introduced. Pricing starts at $ 999 for the Pro model, and $ 1099 for the Pro Max.

Apple event: announcements and all the news of Iphone 13 Pro and Pro Max
Apple event: announcements and all the news of Iphone 13 Pro and Pro Max

We will therefore have to wait for the 2022 event for Apple to announce more substantial news on the new iPhones.

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