Apple becomes the world’s annual smartphone sales leader for the first time/Huawei once again promises not to engage in the vehicle business/BYD releases its first large-scale vehicle-mounted model


 Apple becomes the top smartphone seller in 2023

 BYD releases Xuanji AI large model

 Apple’s Year of the Dragon logo released

 Musk wants to increase his stake in Tesla

 Microsoft launches Copilot Pro subscription for $20 per month

 Google’s AR hardware will move to OEM mode

 Huawei and Changan Automobile establish new company

⌚ Apple prepares to launch blood-oxygen-free Apple Watch

 Zhipu AI announces new model, performance is close to GPT-4

1⃣China’s first MoE model abab6 is online

☕ Starbucks launches takeout-only frozen latte

 Luckin and Moutai’s new cooperation will go online next week

 FILA launches new branch line FILA_Plus

 "Street Fighter 6" sales exceed 3 million copies

 Emmy Award Winners Announced

 "Homicide" wins Hong Kong Film Critics Society's Best Film of the Year

 "Kung Fu Panda 4" confirmed to be introduced into China


Apple replaces Samsung as smartphone sales champion in 2023

According to the latest report from market research firm IDC, global smartphone shipments in 2023 fell by 3.2% year-on-year to 1.17 billion units. This is the lowest shipment record in 10 years, mainly affected by macroeconomic challenges and inventory buildup at the beginning of the year.

However, in the fourth quarter of last year, global smartphone shipments increased by 8.5% year-on-year to 326.1 million units, higher than the previously expected 7.3% growth.

Among them, Android manufacturers such as Transsion and Xiaomi achieved growth in the second half of 2023 due to the rapid growth of emerging markets, but the biggest winner is Apple.

Not only was Apple the only manufacturer among the top three to achieve positive growth every year, but it also became the first in the year for the first time, which also ended Samsung's dominance of annual shipments since 2010.

Ryan Reith, vice president of IDC's global mobile and consumer device tracking department, said that the decline in Samsung's shipments is due to Apple's competition on the one hand, and the diversification of the entire Android market on the other.

BYD releases Xuanji AI large model

On January 16, at the 2024 BYD Dream Day event, BYD officially released the vehicle intelligent architecture "Xuanji" and "Xuanji AI Large Model".

Yang Dongsheng, director of BYD's Product Planning and Automotive New Technology Research Institute, said that "Xuanji" is the industry's first intelligent architecture integrating intelligence and electronics, giving the car an intelligent "brain" and "neural network", allowing it to function like a high-end Intelligent life forms have the same comprehensive perception, centralized thinking, precise control and coordinated execution.

At the same time, BYD’s “Xuanji” large AI model is the first time that artificial intelligence has been applied to all areas of vehicles. According to reports, this model has the industry's largest data base, industry-leading sample size and high computing power, covering more than 300 vehicle scenarios, giving the vehicle the ability to continuously evolve intelligence.

BYD Chairman and President Wang Chuanfu said: "It is still early for driverless driving, but the era of intelligent driving has arrived. In the future, BYD's models priced at RMB 200,000 and above will be optionally equipped with high-end intelligent driving assistance systems, and models above RMB 300,000 will be standard."

big company

Apple’s Year of the Dragon logo released

In the past two days, as Apple's official website officially launched a limited-time promotion to welcome the New Year, the theme image logo designed around the 2024 Year of the Dragon was also unveiled simultaneously.

This is Apple’s New Year theme image that combines the Apple brand logo with the zodiac for 4 consecutive years since the Year of the Ox in 2021. It is slightly different from previous years. This year’s outline has changed from the previous “red” to “gold” to set off the "Dragon" has a special status in Chinese culture.

Apple officials said that the 2024 Year of the Dragon theme image is a Chinese dragon outlined with white lines, flying on a golden background. The hovering dragon's body is made up of a long row of Mac laptops, iPads and iPhones, with AirPods at its tail.

The giant dragon floating in the sky is surrounded by auspicious clouds, blooming fireworks and twinkling stars, filling the auspicious and festive atmosphere of the Year of the Dragon.

Musk wants to increase his stake in Tesla

Tesla CEO Musk complained that his shareholding ratio in Tesla was too low and said that if he could not gain greater control of the company, he would be more inclined to develop products outside Tesla.

Although most commentators do not object to Musk receiving reasonable compensation, it is generally believed that Musk currently holds 411 million Tesla shares, accounting for about 13% of the outstanding shares, which is enough to motivate him to perform his CEO duties.

However, Musk claims that he needs more Tesla shares to have enough influence over the company's AI and robotics projects.

He himself is unwilling to lead Tesla to become a leader in AI and robotics without approximately 25% of the voting rights. He believes this ratio will allow him to be influential without being dictatorial.

Microsoft launches Copilot Pro subscription for $20 per month

Microsoft has launched a new premium subscription service for Copilot – Copilot Pro, extending its scope to more devices and applications.

Copilot Pro subscription costs US$20 per user per month, supports Windows PC, Web, App use, and is "coming to mobile phones soon."

Copilot Pro paid users can also experience Copilot-enabled Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote on Windows PCs, Macs and iPads, provided they also subscribe to Microsoft 365 Personal or Home Edition.

Microsoft Consumer Chief Marketing Officer said that users who join Copilot Pro will also be among the first to receive OpenAI's latest models. Starting from the 16th, subscribers can also use GPT-4 Turbo during peak hours to obtain faster speed and performance.

Google’s AR hardware will move to OEM mode

Google recently issued an internal announcement announcing the reorganization of the device and services teams responsible for Pixel, Nest and Fitbit hardware.

In this reorganization, a functional organizational model was adopted, with a dedicated team integrating the hardware engineering of Pixel, Nest and Fitbit. So this aspect of all Google's hardware products will be led by one person.

This also means that Fitbit co-founders James Park and Eric Friedman and other Fitbit leaders will leave Google.

At the same time, in this reorganization, Google will lay off hundreds of people in the equipment and services department, but most of the layoffs will occur in the first-party augmented reality (AR) hardware team. Google will no longer develop its own augmented reality hardware in the future. But through the OEM cooperation model.

Huawei and Changan Automobile establish new company

At the 2024 Global Partner Conference held by Changan Automobile, Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, revealed that a new company has been established with Huawei, and the company's tentative name is NEW COOL.

It is reported that the new company's business covers the fields of smart driving, smart cockpit, smart car digital platform, car cloud networking, head-up display and smart car lights. Currently, both parties are advancing the details of transaction cooperation.

In addition, Yu Chengdong said at last year's Huawei Intelligent World S7 launch conference that Huawei has issued equity open invitations to Thalys, Chery, JAC, and BAIC, and hopes that China's more powerful car manufacturers such as FAW will co-build and participate. Products for smart car automotive solutions.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei has repeatedly reiterated its strategic direction of "never building cars" in the past few years. In an internal resolution document in 2020, it clearly stated that "Huawei does not build complete cars, but focuses on ICT technology to help Car companies build good cars and become sales component providers for intelligent connected cars."

Yu Chengdong also stated at the China Electric Vehicles 100 Forum last year, "Huawei does not build cars, but helps car companies build good cars together. We have always adhered to this concept."

New product

Apple prepares to launch Apple Watch without blood oxygen function in the United States

The U.S. International Trade Commission last year ruled that Apple infringed Masimo's pulse oximeter patent and ordered a ban on the import and sale of Apple Watch models with blood oxygen sensing capabilities.

Apple has shelved its Apple Watch sales ban through appeals, but the U.S. International Trade Commission filed a complaint last week to reinstate the sales ban.

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple has begun shipping "improved" Apple Watch models to U.S. retail stores, but it is unclear when these products will go on sale. At the same time, Apple is preparing to adjust the algorithm of the blood oxygen application in an attempt to avoid Masimo's patented technology.

At present, it is unclear whether Apple's response will be successful, but the lawsuit with Masimo is likely to continue for a long time.

Zhipu AI announces new model, performance is close to GPT-4

On January 16, at the Zhipu AI Technology Open Day, Zhipu AI CEO Zhang Peng released a new generation of underlying large model GLM-4.

According to reports, the performance of GLM-4 is 60% higher than that of GLM-3, approaching GPT-4 (the latest version effect on November 6, 2023).

At the same time, Zhipu AI released GLMs to provide all developers with the ability to customize AI agents and create personalized GLM agents by relying on simple prompt instructions.

Zhipu AI also launched GLM-4-All Tools, which can complete multiple model capabilities of "user intention understanding – complex instruction planning – free call to the GLM ecosystem".

Analogous to ChatGPT's All Tools, it is a very useful tool, similar to a small Agent, which can simultaneously call networking, drawing, image recognition, and code interpreter in one task. Zhipu AI is currently also the first to launch All Tools in China.

The first domestic MoE model abab6 is online

MiniMax officially announced that after half a month of internal testing and feedback from some customers, it has fully released the large language model abab6, which is the first MoE (Mixed Expert) large language model in China.

Under the MoE structure, abab6 has the ability to handle complex tasks brought by large parameters. At the same time, the model can train enough data per unit time, and the computing efficiency can also be greatly improved.

Based on the MoE structure, the parameters of abab6 are one order of magnitude larger than the previous version, and it has the ability to handle complex tasks brought by large parameters; the computing efficiency will also be improved, and the model can train enough data per unit time.

So far, abab6 is the first large language model based on MoE architecture in China with more than 100 billion parameters.

new consumption

Starbucks launches takeout-only frozen latte

On January 16th, Starbucks’ “Born for Delivery” special delivery time series added a new product – Frozen Latte.

The "secret recipe" of the unique taste of frozen latte is a 20-minute takeaway. When the barista makes a latte, he mixes the whipped espresso cloud with milk and cream. During the delivery process, the coffee cloud and milk gradually layer and slowly freeze. When it reaches the customer, the cup of coffee has already layered. It is clear that the slightly frozen latte condenses into a "frozen" latte.

At this point, just stir slightly with a straw and the latte and coffee jelly will merge again.

For this launch, Starbucks teamed up with a third-party takeout platform to accurately understand consumers’ dessert taste preferences based on big data, and specially launched French caramel and rum chocolate flavors to provide customers with a coffee experience to explore different flavors.

Luckin and Moutai’s new cooperation will go online next week

Recently, news has circulated on social platforms that Luckin will cooperate with Moutai again.

Netizens said that Luckin will launch "Year of the Dragon Maotai-flavored chocolate" next week. A staff member of a Luckin store said that Moutai Maotai-flavored chocolate will be on the shelves next week. The ingredients include chocolate, Maotai-flavored Maotai thick milk, milk and coffee liquid.

Among the co-branding of major coffee brands last year, the most popular, discussed and out-of-circuit one should be the sauce latte jointly launched by Luckin and Moutai. Two well-known brands have broken the boundaries between two different fields. Liquor and Maotai The magical combination of coffee caused a general rush of orders in Luckin's offline stores on the day the product was launched, and the popularity continued for several weeks.

FILA launches new branch line FILA_Plus

Recently, FILA appointed Lev Tanju, the founder of Palace, the originator of trendy brands, as the creative director of its new branch line FILA+.

Lev Tanju said in a recent interview that he had previously received invitations for the creative director position of other brands, but was shocked by FILA's more than 100 years of history and preferred the Italian team, so he finally decided to join the new series. It's expected to be shown in Paris next week, with a full release in June.

Lev Tanju designed a new logo for FILA_Plus, which was inspired by the colors of the Italian flag. The entire branch series will also use Italian traditional elements as the core design.

Currently, Fila_Plus has also opened a new account, announcing that the first series will be released.

"Street Fighter 6" sales exceed 3 million copies

Capcom announced on the 15th that the sales of "Street Fighter 6" have now exceeded 3 million copies. The official thanked players for all their support in the past few months and released a congratulatory picture to celebrate.

"Street Fighter 6" was released on June 2, 2023. The last time sales data was announced was in July 2023, when sales exceeded 2 million copies.


Emmy Award Winners Announced

The winners of the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards have been announced. This award has always been called the "Oscars" of American television.

The participating works are all TV series and TV programs broadcast during the "prime time" (generally referring to 20:00~24:00) in the United States from June 1, 2022 to May 31, 2023. That means you are eligible to be selected for this year's Emmy Awards (the number of episodes played within the specified time must also meet the standard).

Due to the strike of Hollywood writers and actors, the Emmy Awards ceremony was postponed from September last year to the evening of January 15, 2024, local time (January 16, Beijing time).

"Succession," "The Bear's House," and "The Furious Life" continued their strong momentum during the awards season and swept all categories. Elton John won the EGOT Grand Slam (showbiz Grand Slam, which refers to the four major categories in the American entertainment industry). An unofficial title for winning at least one of the annual awards. The four categories of awards are: Emmy Awards in the television industry, Grammy Awards in the music industry, Oscar Awards in the film industry, and Tony Awards in the theater industry).

The hit drama "Better Call Saul" also set a new record: the most nominated drama series that has never won. The show received a total of 53 Emmy Award nominations and 0 wins.

[List of winners of the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards]

Best drama series: "Succession"

Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series: Sarah Snook, "Succession"

Best Actor in a Drama Series: Keenan Culkin, "Succession"

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: Jennifer Coolidge, "White Lotus Resort"

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Matthew Macfadyen, "Succession"

Best Director for a Drama Series: Marc Miró, "Succession"

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series: Jesse Armstrong, "Succession"

Best Comedy Series: "Bear's Diner"

Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series: Quinta Brunson, "Grand School"

Best Actor in a Comedy Series: Jeremy Allen White, "Bear's Diner"

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: Ayo Adweli, "Bearhouse"

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Ebon Moss-Bachrach, "The Bear's Diner"

Best Director for a Comedy Series: Christopher Stoll, "The Bear's Diner"

Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series: Christopher Stoll, "Bear's Diner"

Best Limited Series/Anthology Series: "The Furious"

Best Actress in a Limited Series/TV Movie: Ali Wong, "A Life of Anger"

Best Actor in a Limited Series or Movie: Steven Yeun, "Breaking Bad"

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie: Nancy Nash, "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story"

Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie: Paul Walter Hauser, "Blackbird"

Best Director for a Limited Series/TV Movie: Lee Sung-jin, "A Life of Anger"

Best Screenplay for a Limited Series/TV Movie: Lee Sung-jin, "The Angry Life"

Best Talk Show: "Cui Wa Daily Talk Show"

Best Scripted Variety Show: "Last Week Tonight"

Best Variety Special (Live): "Elton John: Farewell Show at Dodger Stadium"

Best Competition Program: "RuPaul's Drag Race"

Council Award: Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

"Homicide" wins Hong Kong Film Critics Society's Best Film of the Year

The 30th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards were announced yesterday. A total of five awards and eight recommended films were announced.

Paul Cheng's "Homicide" won the best film, Li Zijun won the best director for "The Eighth Suspect", and Wu Kangren and Yu Xiangning won the best actor and actress.

The full list is as follows:

Best Movie: "The Killing"

Best Director: Li Zijun "The Eighth Suspect"

Best Screenplay: Zhu Ziyan's "May You Live Longer"

Best Actor: Wu Kangren "May You Live Longer"

Best Actress: Yu Xiangning "Under the Day"

Eight recommended movies:

"The Eighth Suspect"

"Youth Diary"

"Not Yet Finished"

"I wish you a long life"

"Under the Day"




"Kung Fu Panda 4" confirmed to be introduced into China

Universal Pictures officially released a new Chinese trailer for "Kung Fu Panda 4" and announced that it has confirmed its introduction to mainland Chinese theaters. The schedule is to be determined. The film will be released in North American theaters on March 8.

"Kung Fu Panda 4" is directed by Mike Mitchell ("Shrek 4"), and the voice of Po will continue to be played by Jack Black.

The fourth installment follows Po's further adventures in ancient China, as his love of Kung Fu is rivaled only by his insatiable appetite. The new powerful villain is the Chameleon (Davis), who can summon Po's past enemies, so we can see the Snow Leopard, the villain of the first film, return in this work.

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