Apple AR/VR headset or custom video with the director of “Iron Man”, will there be spoilers tonight?

Although it is separated by tens of millions of years from today's human beings, people have always had a strong curiosity and love for the dinosaurs that were once "overlords of the earth".

A few months ago, the nature documentary "Prehistoric Planet", produced by the BBC Studios Natural History Department and the Moving Picture Company, premiered on Apple TV+. Although it was only a short five episodes, it received a lot of praise. . At present, it has a score of 8.8 on the IMDb website and a Douban score of 9.4.

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One of the important parts of "Prehistoric Planet" that attracts audiences is its extremely beautiful graphics. Not only does it present a variety of dinosaurs, but even the folds on their skin when they fight are lifelike, and the scenery of deserts, rivers and forests is also beautiful. .

Now, these images may be able to bring another experience with a special device.

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According to The New York Times, Apple is working with Hollywood director Jon Favreau (who also directed Iron Man 1 and played the "Happy" character in the film) for its upcoming AR /VR headsets to create video content.

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As producer of The Prehistoric Planet, Jon Favreau is reportedly tasked with delivering a mixed reality experience based on The Prehistoric Planet. This means that in the future, Apple's AR/VR headset devices may have films and various programs with different pictures and experiences.

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However, this more shocking picture and immersive feeling may be difficult to experience in the short term.

Even though a lot of relevant information has been circulated now, it seems that the device has been displayed and used on the company's board of directors, but Apple has always "kept silent" about this AR / VR headset device, its appearance and function are also Quite mysterious, so people can only piece together from various sporadic news.

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For example, its large battery, light body, more than one camera and 4K display, and a processor with computing power equivalent to an M1-class chip… More precise information is probably only found in the trademark application for "wearable computer hardware" The "realityOS" name, and it may appear in some form at WWDC 2022, which will be held at 1:00 a.m. Beijing time.

At this year's WWDC 22, there may be system upgrades such as iOS 16, iPadOS 16, WatchOS 9, MacOS 13, and tvOS 16, but the invitation also seems to "bury" clues related to AR/VR headsets.

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Some viewers who have watched the show think that "Prehistoric Planet" is not like a documentary, but a movie that mixes dinosaurs with the living habits of many modern animals. However, it is unrealistic to restore only from the fossils and other evidences found so far. After all, human beings still have very limited understanding of those creatures that are so far away from life.

The content in the film may not completely match the facts, but with the help of technology, the imagination can jump on the screen, and people can have sensory experience and satisfaction, which may be one of the reasons why this film was born.

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According to The New York Times, AR/VR headsets may not launch until 2023 due to battery life and performance issues. It is not yet known when this device will be seen, but I hope that the "Prehistoric Planet" seen through it will have amazing picture effects and experience.

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