Another strong rival of Xpeng G6, it won the gull-wing door for 200,000 yuan, and even “stepped” on LV under its feet

Under the Canton Tower, Yi Jianlian, who is 2.13 meters tall, makes the nearly 5-meter-long medium and large SUV next to him look "compact".

This SUV with gull-wing doors is the third product of GAC Aian’s high-end brand Hyper Haobo, Haobo HT.

Perhaps because it has been deeply involved in online ride-hailing for many years, GAC is a company that is very good at making bucket trucks.

From the AION brand's AION S and AION Y to today's HaoBo GT and HaoBo HT, these models have no major shortcomings and are relatively affordable. Even the Hao, which is dubbed "high-end luxury" Platinum brand, its products still follow the old path of cost-effectiveness in its price range.

To be fair, Haopin HT has many commendable advantages, but for the current Haopin, it may not be enough.

A bucket truck with gull-wing doors

The extended gull-wing doors are undoubtedly the most eye-catching feature of Haopin HT. At the press conference, Xiao Yong, deputy general manager of GAC Aian, shouted:

We brought the gull-wing doors on Model X, which sold for more than 800,000 yuan, to the Haobo HT, which sold for more than 200,000 yuan.

Yes, the Haobo HT 670 gull-wing UHV NDA version with gull-wing doors only costs 286,900 yuan. If you don’t want to spend more on a bucket truck and choose the most entry-level version, its starting price is 213,900 yuan.

Although the price difference is more than 70,000 yuan, the driving experience is not much different. The reason is that the several highlight configurations featured by Haopin HT are all standard.

Let’s start with the back row, where Ian is best.

Xu Lin, former director of the Finance Department and Development Planning Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, mentioned in a sharing lecture that taxis and Didi models in Guangzhou-Shenzhen are better than those in Beijing because BYD and GAC Aian’s cars are better than those in Beijing. Much better than BAIC and Hyundai.

The large and comfortable rear row has always been Aian's "traditional skill", and the high-end Haobo brand has pushed this fine tradition to a new height.

The rear seats of Haopin HT are not only made of soft fabrics and fully padded, but the backrests also support 26° angle adjustment. The seat angle after lying down reaches 143°, which is the largest in its class. In addition, the front row can become a "big bed" with just a slight deformation.

In order to intuitively show the size of this "bed", Haobo asked Yi Jianlian to take off his shoes and sit in it. The painting style is like this.

Space is the biggest highlight of Haobin HT. It allows the front seats to return to their normal state. Haobin HT can also provide an extremely ideal leg space. It is just right for Yi Jianlian to sit in, and his is just right for us. Abundance.

In addition, Haopin HT also adds a small table behind the driver's seat, and a footrest is provided behind the passenger driver's seat. Haobo said at the press conference that the rear leather of HT is the same as Hermès, and the leather of the pedals is the same as LV, so this is——

Hermès on the back and LV on the feet.

However, judging from Dong Chehui's actual experience, sitting in the back seat with this footrest is not a very comfortable position and will inevitably cause the thighs to hang in the air. Children with shorter height can barely use it.

After talking about the feet, look at the top of the head.

New energy vehicles have led to a wave of "craze" for large roofs. The Haobo HT is equipped with a 2.6-square-meter panoramic sunroof and a unique electric sunshade in its class. The sunshade can coexist with ample headroom, and the 128mm thick battery pack and compact Quark motor are indispensable.

The co-pilot is also the key concern of Haopin HT.

Haobo HT has the only front row ten-point massage seat in its class, which is not only fully equipped with ventilation and heating, but also has 5 massage modes with 3 types of strength, which can fully cover the waist, shoulders and back. It also has four-way support. Adjustable leg rest.

However, some details on the Haopin HT still expose GAC Aian's lack of experience in making high-end models. For example, you cannot adjust the seat cushion while adjusting the angle of the chair back, and there is no physical button to lie down with one click, so the adjustment efficiency is low.

Although it is not mentioned in the previous article, when you see this, you already have a certain understanding of the styling design of this car. Obviously, compared with Aian, Haopin's interior and exterior design is much more advanced and refined.

With its rounded and full exterior shape, simple and mild interior color matching, plus the spacious space and 7.1.2 sound system, at least among models in the same price range, the Haobin HT is as luxurious as any model.

At the same time, the advantages brought by the AEP 3.0 pure electric platform also allow Haopin HT to have class-leading parameters and configurations such as 5.8 seconds zero-to-0-60 acceleration, 670km CLTC battery life, and 800V ultra-high voltage 5C flash charging. GAC Aian's ADiGO PILOT 5.0 smart driving system also gives Haopin HT the ability to cope with more smart driving scenarios.

Judging from its selling price, the Haobo HT, a bucket truck that seems to have no shortcomings, should have good market performance. Haobin also stated at the press conference that since pre-sale began on October 19, Haobin HT has received more than 20,000 orders in less than a month.

But is this really the case?

Haopin’s popularity is just “appearance”

In just half a month, we received more than 20,000 orders!

In July this year, shortly after the launch of the HaoBo brand's first model, the HaoBo GT, HaoBo began to spread the word about the model's "hot sales". Under the bombardment of information one after another, it exaggerated the "large-volume concentration of stores" Delivery and an endless stream of users queuing up to pick up their cars."

However, this is just Haopin's wishful thinking and hype. The actual market performance of Haopin GT is far behind.

Judging from the data released by the Passenger Car Association, the sales performance of Haopin GT in the first month of its launch was pretty good, with 2,003 units, but then it fell all the way. The sales in August and September were 710 and 706 units respectively. There were only 506 vehicles, a month-on-month decrease of 28.33%.

But on the other hand, Haopin still gave the "good news" of 2,023 units on its August sales poster.

As the first mass-produced model of the Haobin brand, Haopin GT naturally has high hopes, and it is understandable to build momentum for the new car. However, putting on a disguise for sales is like an unrequited love that ends in vain. The young Huaichun yearns for it day and night, immersed in the dreamy love of his own imagination.

So, where did the tens of thousands of orders go? Is it limited by production capacity?

No. With the completion of Aian's second intelligent manufacturing center, Aian will be able to reach an annual production capacity of 600,000 units under multi-shift production as early as 2022. Now that GAC Mitsubishi has withdrawn from the game and Aion has taken over the Mitsubishi factory, production capacity will only increase.

In fact, such an operation of "beautifying sales" has long been a common method of GAC Aian behind Haopin.

As early as the 2022 Chengdu Auto Show, the Hechuang A06, a subsidiary of Guangzhou Automobile Group, was launched. Official data provided that "the cumulative orders in the three days of pre-sale reached 30,321 units." But in fact, the highest monthly sales of A06 was only 456 units.

The data speaks for itself.

At the beginning of this month, just 10 days after the debut of Haopin HT, Haopin followed the same pattern and shouted the slogan "Orders exceeded 10,000 within 10 days of the debut." I have begun to wonder what Haopin HT will be like half a month later. "Powerful performance".

Where will the orders go this time?

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