Android 12: the new version of the Google operating system is coming with many changes

Android 12, codenamed “Snow Cone”, is the new version of Google's operating system that will be released in the coming months.After the early stages of the Developer Preview , the Google I / O event on May 18, 2021 was the occasion for the presentation of the first Android 12 beta release. The new system will replace Android 11 and will be released in the months of come (probably between September and October) of the final version. Of course this will be available first for Google phones and later distributed through customized versions by other manufacturers. Therefore, many phones will likely fail to get the update before 2022.

During the beta phase, the well-known house of Mountain View will release several versions, fixing the imperfections from time to time and improving the stability of the operating system. In addition, these days Google is also collecting feedback from those participating in the testing phase through a survey on the use of Android 12 . For users with a Pixel phone, the survey asks to rate their satisfaction on various aspects of the new system such as performance, stability and battery life. But what are the innovations that the update brings with it?

The release schedule expected by Google before the final release (Source: Google).

The new user experience for the new version of Android 12

As always happens, one of the central aspects of new versions of operating systems is the interaction with the user. In this, Google has carried out an extraordinary modernization work with the introduction of the new version of the Material Design , called Material You . The graphics are completely renewed thanks to round buttons, new animations and a more general harmonization of colors.

It seems that the direction to follow is increasingly trying to customize oneself according to the tastes of users. For example, the new UI will be able to extract color based on context (such as the phone background), thus modifying itself based on user choices. The menus are also renewed, introducing smart controls for the home and for electronic payments via mobile device.

The new user interface called Material You, at the base of the new version 12 (Source: Google).

An operating system that accompanies you every day

Google continues its integration with artificial intelligence and with an increasingly smart vision of life. With the new Android 12, for example, it will be possible to open your smart car simply by approaching the vehicle : no more keys and not even the need to remove the phone from your pocket. The unlocking functions of Chromebooks also go in this perspective, in a similar way to what has already been proposed by Apple.

An important evolution also concerns the camera becoming smarter. In fact, based on the framing of the subject, it will be able to offer us the best functionality in order to enhance each of our shots. A technology that probably involves the use of machine learning or image recognition techniques to optimize shooting settings. There will also be native support for new encodings such as AV1 Image File Format (AVIF) and HEVC. Both formats allow you to have excellent compression capabilities but at the same time allow you to preserve the quality of the images.

Improved performance and security for Android 12

Alongside the innovations we have already presented, Google introduces new privacy protection features thanks to the Privacy Dashboard . This new interface will be the collection point for all Android privacy settings. For each application the permissions and access to the various sensors will be shown, also giving the possibility to revoke them at any time. Information processing has also been changed: with Private Computer Core, audio recordings and private information will remain saved locally on the device without the need to send them over the network.

Finally, there will also be improvements from the point of view of performance with an increase in speed and a significant reduction and the use of processors. Obviously, this will all result in lower power consumption and hopefully an improvement in battery life.

We will be waiting for new evolutions but above all for the definitive release of the new version of Android 12 so that we can try the various features anticipated by Google.

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