Android 12 Beta 2 released: better looking and safer

Google pushed Android 12 Beta 2 to Pixel users yesterday. In addition to filling some of the "pits" they dug for themselves at Google I/O, it also added some new features, including this new "Internet Settings" interface.

In the quick settings of Android 12 Beta 2, you can see a new button named "Internet". After clicking, a pop-up menu will appear at the bottom of the screen, where users can select networks, including cellular networks and Wi-Fi.

That's right, Google has integrated these two types of networks together, and both belong to this "Internet" menu, where users can quickly switch between cellular network or Wi-Fi.

Google said that this idea is to help users "switch between their mobile operators to more easily solve network connection problems." However, whether this operation logic will appear on the official version of Android 12 is still unclear. Google is currently collecting user feedback to decide whether to keep this feature in the official version.

▲New Internet settings in Android 12

I believe that iOS 14 users are familiar with one feature: clipboard reading notifications. In iOS 14, when the app reads the content on your clipboard, a bubble pop-up window will pop up at the top of the screen to inform you.

Android 12 Beta 2 also has this feature, but unlike iOS 14, it will pop up from the bottom of the screen.

▲Picture from: cnBeta

On Google I/O, Google excitedly stated that Android 12 can use the color extraction function to automatically extract the most suitable color from the user's wallpaper and apply it on the UI.

Now this feature officially appears on Android 12 Beta 2. When you change a different wallpaper for your Pixel device, you will find that the entire system UI has been replaced with a new color to match your wallpaper, including the colors of the buttons in the quick settings, the application drawer, and the settings interface.

On the whole, it does improve the consistency of perception.

▲Picture from: droidlife

▲Picture from: droidlife

Another key update feature of Android 12 Beta 2 is the "Privacy Dashboard", where users can see how frequently each app reads private information such as the phone's microphone, camera, and location.

For those rogue software that "don't give permission to use", Google also has a solution:

When the app tries to access your private data, the system will ask you if you allow it. If you choose to decline, the system will make the app mistakenly believe that it has obtained permission, but in fact it cannot obtain your private information.

According to Google's plan, Android 12 will have 4 Beta versions. According to past release dates, the official version of Android 12 will be available around September.

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