Amazon Italy: deliveries with MK30 drones from 2024

In the world of e-commerce, the speed and efficiency of deliveries have become increasingly crucial. Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has announced a revolutionary step in this direction: starting from the end of 2024, commercial deliveries will be made in Italy using the new MK30 drone model.

Amazon and the future of aerial deliveries with MK30 drones

During the “Delivering the Future” event held in Seattle, David Carbon, vice president of Prime Air, announced that by the end of 2024, Amazon will launch deliveries with the Mk30 drone in both Italy and the United Kingdom . This move represents the first international expansion of the Prime Air program. Amazon's goal is ambitious: to deliver 500 million products worldwide by the end of the decade using drones, in a way that Carbon claims is safer than buying in-store.

Features of the MK30 drones

The MK30 drone was designed to be safe, efficient and versatile. It can cover a range of 12km and uses advanced sense-and-avoid technology that allows it to detect and avoid obstacles. This ensures the safety of people, animals and property. The drone is also designed to handle unexpected situations and make autonomous decisions in case of emergency. Compared to previous models, the MK30 is quieter and can fly even in adverse weather conditions.

Delivery details

The drone delivery service will initially be free and will focus on garden villas . However, current technology already allows it to reach condominiums as well. Amazon will map the delivery areas and customers will be able to check if their area is covered by the service. The maximum weight for drone deliveries will be around 2.26kg, covering a wide range of products from essential goods to hi-tech items.

Italy on the front line

Italy, along with the United Kingdom, will be among the first countries outside the United States to experiment with Amazon air deliveries. This decision underlines the importance of the Italian market for Amazon and its desire to constantly innovate and improve the customer experience.

With the introduction of drone deliveries, Amazon is redefining the future of e-commerce and home deliveries. This innovation will not only improve delivery efficiency, but could also open the door to new opportunities and challenges in the world of logistics.

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