Amazfit talks about future products: there will be ECG and blood pressure

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There is excitement in the Huami house, now referred to as Zepp Health and behind the Amazfit brand, also known in the West in the wearables landscape. In its short but full-bodied history, the manufacturer has launched several devices, in order to diversify its catalog. After making itself known alongside Xiaomi, the company then made itself independent, trying to compete like the most famous names. And as stated by the management, there is a desire to further raise the bar , especially in the health sector.

Zepp Health (formerly Huami) talks about future products under the Amazfit brand

In 2018, Huami acquired Zepp, a Californian company dedicated to the creation of wearable products. In this way, Huami acquired insiders and technologies that helped her to further enhance her know-how . COO Mike Yeung said: “ We are currently engaging with the US FDA and in areas such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring. While we are achieving FDA certification of our algorithm, we are already partnering with AliveCor here in the US ”.

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Specifically, AliveCor is a company (also from California) engaged in the development of medical devices with attached artificial intelligence. It was one of the first companies able to obtain FDA certification for the use of its cardiac monitoring products. With the pocket gadget KardiaMobile, for example, it is possible to carry out an ECG, thus being able to detect any malfunctions of the heart such as arrhythmias, tachycardias and bradycardias. A partnership, therefore, that will help Huami and Amazfit to produce devices that will be able to perform ECGs and measure blood pressure . Not only that: as Yeung says, the company is also working on the development of a technology for monitoring blood glucose .

Recall that Amazfit has already created such products: just think of Amazfit Nexo , the first smartwatch equipped with an ECG variant but which never arrived in the West.