Amazfit T-Rex Pro experience: Outdoor sports enthusiasts have a place in their equipment list

Some time ago, I just finished watching the director’s edited version of the Justice League. It was very burning both inside and outside the scene. When I guiltyly held popcorn while eating and watching, I looked at the figures of the Super British, especially the chiseled ones of the Super League. Muscles, tusk tusk, glanced down at my belly, such a comparison, my mood is even more burning than after watching the movie.

While the three-minute hot fire in my heart has not gone out, I opened the packaging box of the Amazfit T-Rex Pro watch. I wanted to see if this smart watch with outdoor elements can help me quit laziness. "By the way," I got a good figure.

Cover it with a hard core shell

Modern people always have the need to "civilize their spirit and barbaric physique", but in fact, everyone does not have so much time to read books, nor so much time to exercise. Like me, my leisure time is used for drama, but Amazfit T -Rex Pro seems to have a bonus in the second half of the sentence "savage body": it is really rough.

The outer edge of the large round dial on the front of the Amazfit T-Rex Pro is slightly higher than the screen. From the design, the material is selected to express the hard core of the watch. In this meteorite black color, the plastic dial and the metal sandblasting process create an inferiority. In the texture of the all-metal dial, there is a diamond-like sparkle in the outdoor sunlight, with 4 quarter-hour markers (Marker) and physical button logos, harmonious and without losing the beauty of hard core.

The watch body is made of black engineering plastics, which has a strong sense of protection. Small bumps are not challenging for it. In the past ten days of use, I have encountered several times of walking and shaking hands too much, and my wrist hits the wall. Did not leave any scars on it.

The silicone strap is skin-friendly and soft, with sweat guiding lines on the inside. This careful thought can effectively reduce the discomfort caused by strenuous exercise and sweating. The watch weighs 60 grams and is comfortable for sports/daily wear.

BioTracker is displayed at the bottom ™ 2 PPG biological tracking optical sensor, used to measure real-time heart rate and blood oxygen status, the two upper and lower contacts are naturally used for magnetic charging.

Speaking of this, I will talk about the battery life performance of Amazfit T-Rex Pro in advance. The official said that it can provide 18 consecutive days of battery life when fully charged. If it is replaced by other brands, this usually refers to standby battery life. For T-Rex For Pro, battery life is the foundation of a smartwatch.

When I first got the Amazfit T-Rex Pro, it was fully charged the first time. During the following week, I automatically detected my heart rate and my heart rate was always on. I insisted on aerobic + anaerobic combined training for at least 1 hour every day. After getting up, getting up and putting it on, even at this intensity of use, there will be more than 50% of the battery power after 7 days. This is a liberation for me, who has been dominated by a smart watch that has been charged once a day for more than three years. .

The appearance design is not only for the concave shape, but also for the practical service. The front adopts a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 360×360. After switching several dials for comparison, the display effect is satisfactory, and it supports AOD full range. Sky display, its brightness is enough to meet the needs of display in direct sunlight outdoor environment, even strong light does not affect the current state and time of exercise, which is very useful in outdoor sports scenes.

I usually like to use the touch screen to "point and click" to enter an app or function, but during exercise, I think the four physical buttons on the watch body are better to use.

Athletic all-rounder

Let the design serve the function, which is concentrated on the physical buttons of the Amazfit T-Rex Pro. Enter a certain function by swiping up, down, left, and right on the screen daily. The operation path is short enough and directly effective. However, in the course of exercise, this kind of operation immediately becomes a burden.

Imagine that when you are doing orienteering, your hands and eyes are in a state of moving all the way, even if you are looking at the map, you will not stop, let alone stop and click on the watch screen. At this time, the role of the physical buttons is highlighted. The two buttons on the left control the cursor to move up and down, and the right is the confirm and return buttons. Although the button operation is not so "smart", it is directly effective. The advantage is that it is not easy to move. Misoperation occurred.

The reason why Amazfit T-Rex Pro adopts such a "redundant" design is that the product logic behind it corresponds to two different scenarios. For smart watches like Amazfit T-Rex Pro that often face outdoor sports scenes, there are two sets of The plans do not conflict, and they all have their necessity.

Speaking of sports, Amazfit T-Rex Pro supports more than 100 sports modes, corresponding to different modes, there are corresponding values ​​and display interfaces.

For example, indoor riding shows the heart rate, calories burned and exercise duration. In the strength training mode, the monitoring parameters are more diverse. On the basis of basic indicators, the total rest time between groups and the heart rate of each group of exercises are added. As well as the proportions of different heart rate zones, you can do a replay after each exercise to adjust the training plan and get twice the result with half the effort.

There are also 8 common exercise modes, such as walking, indoor walking, outdoor running, rowing machine, elliptical machine, etc. The watch can automatically recognize it. For example, when I commute every day, I walk a few kilometers, so I don’t need to click on it myself. , The watch will automatically record, and you can see the relevant data by looking at the detailed exercise record.

But for the average user, too many health indicators are too complicated to be a good thing. Therefore, in response to this demand, Amazfit T-Rex Pro inherits Amazfit's unique PAI health assessment system (Personal Activity Intelligence), which may be a little unfamiliar to friends who are new to Amazfit products.

In short, Amazfit abandoned the "steps + calories" health measurement method of general sports watches, and converted it to dynamically calculate the user's physical fitness from multiple dimensions of heart rate, daily activity intensity and other physiological data, and use PAI The vitality index is presented in front of the user. The larger the index number, it means that the current physical fitness is very good. Maintaining a high PAI value for a long time will bring no harm.

This set of health assessment system turns the originally invisible comprehensive physical fitness into a visual number, which is intuitive and uncomplicated. It is clear at a glance whether it is a sports novice or a fitness god.

In addition, on the basis of the previous generation, Amazfit T-Rex Pro has improved the ability to search for satellites. With the support of the "four-star and three-mode" positioning, the speed and accuracy have been greatly improved.

Among them, the four stars refer to Beidou, GPS, GLONASS and Galileo, and the three modes refer to the three combination modes of "GPS + GLONASS", "GPS + Galileo", and "GPS + Beidou". Regions are free to choose the search star combination.

In an outdoor environment without high-rise buildings, the positioning can be completed within 3 seconds, and the user's positioning can be recorded almost after pressing the button to record the movement.

Use military standards to escort sports enthusiasts

In addition, Amazfit T-Rex Pro has 10ATM waterproof performance. In other words, it can accompany you to dive into deep water areas up to 100 meters deep, so it can easily cope with daily swimming, rain and other conditions.

It has also passed 15 military standard certifications, including extreme tests such as heat/cold resistance, damp heat, salt spray, freezing rain, impact, and mold. In one sentence, it can go wherever people can go.

Just talk about the fake style, I know you want to see some 18+ test content, so this time I specially arranged the "triathlon" test for Amazfit T-Rex Pro: falling water test, drop test, sand and stone scratch test .

The first part of the falling water test simulates the situation when the Amazfit T-Rex Pro accidentally fell into the water. Given its 10ATM waterproof performance, I was very confident in it before the test, but it did not disappoint me afterwards. I was in the pool of the park. Soaked in it for ten minutes, picked it up to shake the water and everything was normal.

It is worth mentioning that even if there is water attached to the surface, the touch operation will not be affected at this time.

The second part is a bit difficult. It is a project that I would never dare to challenge on other smart watches. I dropped the Amazfit T-Rex Pro from the balcony on the second floor about 5 meters high to the ground. The screen and watch body were undamaged. I even want to fall a few more times, this test is a bit superior.

The last item is the sand and stone scratch test. The challenge is its anti-scratch performance. It is buried in a pile of stones. This kind of small stones has high quartz content and high hardness. If the phone falls on this kind of ground accidentally, pick it up. You may find scratches left.

I buried the Amazfit T-Rex Pro and took it out. I didn't move. I observed it carefully and found no visible scars. So far, my dream of wanting a "battle-damaged" color matching Amazfit T-Rex Pro was shattered.

Of course, the test that appears in the article is just to give everyone an intuitive feeling about its durability. Don't imitate it. If it affects the after-sales service, I am not responsible.

▲Aside from being stained with dust, rinse with water and look like new

I used a set of extreme test combo punches against the Amazfit T-Rex Pro "hammer", thinking that I should always leave some traces, but the result made me feel a little surprised. It is not in vain to pass the 15 military regulations tests before the market.

This Amazfit T-Rex Pro provides a reassuring experience for general users. I know subconsciously that it is durable, which is equivalent to reminding me in another way that if I encounter any accidents when exercising outdoors, first protect myself, because Amazfit I don't need to worry about T-Rex Pro.

People don’t have it, people have it.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro follows the appearance of Casio G-Shock, the grandfather of trendy sports watches, but the former has its own insistence on the characteristics of its own "smart" part.

The mobile app used with Amazfit T-Rex Pro is called Zepp, which can be downloaded on iOS/Android platforms. The experience of information push, alarm clock, call reminder and other functions on different platforms are consistent. It takes 3 seconds to open the app The left and right data synchronization process, the aesthetics of the interface and the abundance of sports data all satisfy me.

Most of the time, I use it as a mobile phone companion, a life assistant who can work as usual when offline. Using its NFC function, when I was on the subway or bus, I stretched out my hand to be unimpeded. Of course, the premise is that the balance in the card bag is sufficient.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro can also bind Alipay, view calendar schedules, and features that have been seen on other smart watches. Adding more outdoor watch elements on top of "smart", and then launching it to the market at a price of 1,099 yuan, Amazfit T-Rex Pro is quite attractive to people who pursue trends and love sports.

Nowadays, I wear Amazfit T-Rex Pro every day. Not only do I not feel bound, but even under its flexible supervision, I have begun to develop a habit of focusing on health data.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro passed 15 military regulations tests. In my opinion, this corresponds to the popular saying in the digital circle: "I can use it, but you can't live without it." With military-quality endorsements, outdoor enthusiasts can immerse themselves in sports and get close to nature. Although they wear watches on their wrists, they are more unrestrained in their hearts.

Looking at the lush spring scenery outside the window, my desire to go out and play and go wild has long been unable to bear it. I want to invite three or five friends in the group to go hiking and camping together. I will bring a rugged mobile phone and Amazfit T-Rex Pro, using the former to record good times and the latter to record every moment of exercise.

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