Amazfit Pop experience: In the name of Pop, make blood oxygen testing more approachable

A few days ago, my mother raised her troubles intentionally or unintentionally: she usually walks with her mobile phone in her handbag, and her mobile phone can't record the number of steps, and the trees planted in the ant forest never grow up. I said it's very simple. Just buy a smart watch and wear it on your hand. You can accurately record your steps without a mobile phone.

"Smart watches are so expensive, no need, no need." Compared with the remote ant forest, the mother who has always been thrifty obviously cares more about every consumption now.

Although the smart watch market is growing at a high speed, we are still a long way from the good idea of ​​universal health and universal health envisioned by manufacturers. The concept of wrist health is indeed very attractive, but it is undeniable that the relatively high threshold of smart watches still scares off many users like my mother.

In the first half of this year, Huami launched the Mi Dong Watch Youth Edition 1S to allow more consumers to have access to wrist health at their fingertips, and the newly launched Amazfit Pop adds the popular blood oxygen monitoring on this basis. Function, brings a more professional health management experience.

The still light figure is more brilliant

Let me talk about the appearance first. Amazfit Pop and Amazfit Mild Watch Youth Edition 1S maintain the same design. The combination of the silicone strap and the plastic case gave me the first impression of simplicity.

Amazfit Pop is equipped with a 1.43-inch high-definition color display with a resolution of 320×302 and a pixel density of 305 ppi. There is no obvious graininess overall. The color of the screen is more vivid than that of the Milton 1S, but the brightness of the reflective screen of the Milton 1S will be better in the sun.

In terms of dials, Amazfit Pop has nearly fifty personalized dials to choose from. I prefer darker dials, which can blend with the black surface and look more comfortable.

The first impression of Amazfit Pop is that the weight is very light. The weight of only 31g makes it not a big burden on the wrist in daily life. This time running slowly does not give the watch.

In terms of accessories, Amzfit Pop comes with a magnetic charging cable. Unlike the huge charging base of the Midong 1S, the charger of Amzfit Pop is much smaller and more portable. Gently put the watch on the magnetic suction of the charger and it will automatically attract it. This is a much better experience than the operation of the previous generation fortress to plug it into the charging dock.

After upgrading the screen with higher display accuracy, the battery life of Amazfit Pop is slightly lower than that of Midong 1S. In the actual test, I turned on 24-hour heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring. After 3 days of normal use, there is still about 70% of the battery remaining, which is not much different from the official 9-day battery life.

In terms of color, Amazfit Pop has three colors of "Sakura Pink", "Carbon Black" and "Pine Green". This time I got the "Carbon Black" with versatile colors, but as a macho, I actually like to be more youthful "Sakura powder".

However, the strap of Amazfit Pop supports quick release. It is very convenient to replace the strap. If you are tired of low-key black like me, you can easily switch to a macho pink or pine green strap.

Flagship health management

Nowadays, health has become one of the most important functions of smart watches. In the past, the main job of watches was only to look at the time. Now the health functions of watches have gradually been understood and accepted, and the ones worn on the wrist may no longer be simply two hands. , But a set of numbers that can reflect my physical condition.

"Health" is a rather elusive thing. Before that, health may have been simplified to the number of steps per day. Later, it was combined with the performance of heart rate and the quality score of daily sleep. Now, blood oxygen index has been added to help make this invisible. "Health" appears.

Today's smart wearable devices can make health more "specific", and Huami makes this "specific" closer to consumers.

There is no doubt that the introduction of blood oxygen saturation detection is the biggest upgrade of this Amazfit Pop compared to the Midong 1S watch. Since 2020, blood oxygen saturation has received more and more attention, and smart watches have gradually regarded this function as a necessary function for health testing. After more than half a year, blood oxygen testing has long been nothing new for consumers.

For example, users who have been engaged in mental activity or high-intensity exercise for a long time can monitor their own state with blood oxygen testing. Once the blood oxygen index is low, they can follow the watch to make a one-minute breathing adjustment before entering work.

But I can see the standard detection function of this flagship watch on the entry-level watch, Huami's operation is still beyond my expectation. Compared with the Apple Watch Series 6 recently purchased by a colleague, after multiple sets of tests, the blood oxygen index test results of the two are basically the same.

In fact, this result is not surprising. The health detection sensor and health algorithm used on Amazfit Pop are actually the same as the higher-positioned Amazfit GTR series.

In other words, the gap between the Pop and GTR series is more reflected in the product shape design and material. The shape design is difficult to adjust, but Huami believes that the most important health algorithm should be treated equally.

In addition to blood oxygen testing, Amazifit Pop is also equipped with Huami’s signature BioTracker™ 2 The PPG high-precision biosensor can monitor heart rate for 24 hours, and can automatically detect atrial fibrillation and identify heart abnormalities.

In terms of sports records, Amazifit Pop supports more than 60 sports modes. You can see by sliding the sports list. In addition to regular running and ball games, it also supports relatively small outdoor sports such as fishing and hunting, which basically covers most sports. species.

Amazfit Pop supports 50 meters of water resistance, and you can also record underwater sports data while wearing it to swim in the pool. During exercise, Amazfit Pop can track and record the exercise heart rate, and promptly remind when the heart rate is too high to avoid accidental injuries during exercise.

The most impressive feature is the PAI Vigor Index. To put it simply, Huami uses heart rate records to evaluate my daily activity intensity and my physiological data to give an objective score for my health. Before, I always thought that I was in good physical condition and would only go out to exercise once a week, but when I measured my PAI index, I found out that my body is actually very lack of exercise.

The low and scary PAI score urges me to get up and exercise quickly. Click on the matching APP to get personalized exercise suggestions based on my physiological data and help me get the PAI value. For example, I can run 19 minutes of steps, or Jump rope for 10 minutes. With the help of these objective data, I can grasp the amount of moderate exercise, get better exercise results, and avoid the habit of giving up exercise easily because of excessive exercise.

Of course, health management is not all of Amzfit Pop. In addition to basic message reminders, it also has smart functions such as checking the weather, controlling mobile phone music, and tomato alarm clock.

Amazfit Pop also supports Alipay's offline payment function and multifunctional NFC that can simulate bus cards and access cards, making it easier to travel or pay in daily life.

National health watch

Although Amazfit Pop still has some areas that need to be optimized in terms of experience, such as over-reliance on the mobile phone in the settings of the watch, many functions (including important full-time heart rate monitoring) need to be connected to the mobile phone APP for settings, but in its friendly sales In front of the price, I can still accept this imperfection.

The official price of Amazfit Pop is 349 yuan, and the affordable price is just like Huami's definition of Pop: a professional health experience is worth bringing to a wider user group.

This concept has always been implemented in Amazfit Pop’s design ideas. Huami Technology maintains the same health functions and algorithms as the flagship on Amazfit Pop. This "anti-commercial" product design idea makes Huami Technology like a smart wearable device. The "heterogeneity" of the industry.

Prior to this, consumers are used to manufacturers using differences in product functions to determine product positioning. For example, Apple's relatively entry-level Apple Watch SE only supports heart rate monitoring, while the flagship Apple Watch Series 6 has blood oxygen detection. To get a complete health experience, you must buy the most expensive flagship.

The Amazfit product line can maintain a consistent health management function, which is inseparable from Huami's long-term investment and research in the health management of wearable devices.

In order to provide consumers with more professional health monitoring functions, Huami has been focusing on investment in product research and development. Judging from Huami’s recent second-quarter financial report, Huami Technology’s R&D expenditure currently accounts for 10.3% of the overall revenue. , And the proportion of research and development is also increasing year by year.

BioTracker on Amazfit Pop™ 2 The PPG bio-tracking optical sensor is one of Huami's self-developed results. With a higher-precision optical sensor, the average deviation between the blood oxygen engine detection result of the Amazfit Pop and the professional blood oximeter can be controlled at 1.67%.

In addition to working hard on watch hardware, Huami also actively cooperates with professional medical teams on health algorithms. At present, Huami has a good cooperative relationship with academician Zhong Nanshan team, Peking University First Academy, Advanced Research Institute of China University of Science and Technology and other professional teams to jointly explore more medical value of wearable devices. Huami is also committed to transforming these research results into products. , Provide users with more professional health management functions.

With the increase in product research and development, Amazfit's product strength continues to increase, and it will naturally be recognized by more consumers. According to IDC's quarterly report, Huami has ranked fifth in global shipments in the first quarter of 2020.

Today, Huami Technology, which has been established for 7 years, has the ability to gain a foothold in the smart wearable device market. This is not only because of its increasingly mature product development capabilities, but also the support of fans for a long time.

The newly launched Amazfit Pop, Huami combines the health management technology accumulated over many years with mature products, as a national-level health watch to give back to fans.

Amazfit Pop As it is named, Pop stands for popular, which means that this health bonus will eventually be popularized to a wider user group. With a lower threshold to allow more consumers to develop the habit of quantifying health, Amazfit Pop provides a more approachable opportunity to pursue a healthy life.

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