Amazfit GTR 2 experience: blood oxygen measurement is here, and there is a borderless high-value design

If I were to choose the most successful new form of smart device in my mind in recent years, I would definitely choose a smart watch. After wearing it for a few years, it has become the “Partner” on my wrist.

For example, a smart watch can help me monitor my health data 24 hours a day “skin-friendly”. When taking the subway, I can “touch” the watch for 1 second to enter the station without taking out my mobile phone. It doesn’t take several steps to open the applet. Wait for the code.

Like me, many users vote for smartwatches with “money bags”: According to IDC data, in 2019, there were 336.5 million wearable devices worldwide, of which about 40% were smartwatches, and its shipments are still In rapid growth.

Users have a lot of demand, and manufacturers will naturally strive to do better. On September 22, Huami Technology held the Amazfit 2020 autumn new product launch event with the theme of “Beyond GT” in Beijing, and launched new fashionable smart watches Amazfit GTR 2 and Amazfit GTS 2. Among them, the most attractive one is Amazfit GTR 2. The bright spots exposed on his body let me see that smart watches can go further in terms of health monitoring and life helpers.

Borderless / high hardness / long battery life

Compared with the first generation, Amazfit GTR 2 is more rounded and adopts a borderless thin and light design . The 3D curved body brings a wider screen look and feel. Below the glass is a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 454*454, 326ppi, The color gamut of the screen reaches 100% NTSC, the maximum brightness is 450 nit, and it also supports the screen display function.

The 3D glass surface has added a ” diamond-like carbon coating ” unique to top mechanical watches, and the surface has a Mohs hardness of 9H, which is comparable to sapphire. According to officials, this piece of glass is 20 times more scratch-resistant than ordinary glass.

▲ During 4 days of use, no small scratches were found on the dial temporarily

Amazfit GTR 2 is available in sports and classic models. The size is 46.4*46.4*10.7mm. The sports model weighs 31.5g (without strap) and costs 999 yuan. The classic model weighs 39g (without strap). , The price is 1099 yuan. The one I got is the classic Amazfit GTR 2. After a few days of use, the most direct feeling is that it is lighter and thinner than a smart watch I wore before.

The battery capacity of Amazfit GTR 2 is 471 mAh. Officially, Amazfit GTR 2 has a battery life of 14 days in daily use mode and 38 days in long battery mode. Both models support 50-meter swimming water resistance.

Easily deal with diverse scenarios

The constantly bright retina screen of Amazfit GTR 2 is paired with a rich variety of dials, making it possible to “switch the corresponding dials in different scenes”.

Smart watches are different from ordinary watches. In fact, they have become the second “smart organ” of users after smart phones. The daily contact time with the user’s body is even longer than that of smart phones.

In this way, the adaptability requirements for smart watches in life scenes are very high . They must be able to cope with business work scenes and life rest scenes, as well as many subdivided scenes, such as sports, social networking, travel, etc. .

▲ Long press the dial-feel the watch vibration-swipe left and right to switch the dial

For example, when I go to work, I prefer a dial with a custom background, which is concise and generous, with only the time and date, which does not affect work efficiency and appears capable.

When writing the manuscript, the mobile phone came to WeChat, and I glanced directly at the dial. It was a very urgent matter to pick up the mobile phone to reply. You can also use your watch to answer the call directly. Nowadays, many calls are nuisance calls. The biggest significance of Amazfit GTR 2 to me is that I don’t need to pick up my phone for unnecessary calls .

When I get off work, I will switch to the “simple green” dial, returning to the simplest style, with only one more display of heart rate information. The mood is also switched the moment I switch the dial, and the stress of a busy day is wiped out.

When I exercise, I switch to the “exercise data” dial, so I can see the health data at a glance.

There are many highlights in health monitoring

This time, I saw many highlights of Amazfit GTR 2’s functions, such as blood oxygen saturation detection, all-day heart rate monitoring and automatic detection of atrial fibrillation arrhythmia, sleep breathing monitoring function, PAI health assessment system, and so on.

The new crown virus has made the public aware of the term blood oxygen saturation, and long-term low blood oxygen levels will harm health. Wearing Amazfit GTR 2, you only need to stand your arm on the table and wait for more than ten seconds to measure the blood oxygen saturation value. For example, if I sit and write in the office for a long time, my blood oxygen saturation will drop to 94%, stand up and do some simple stretching exercises, and it will return to about 98% in a few minutes.

The special feature of Amazfit GTR 2 blood oxygen measurement function is that it is combined with Huami’s own sleep engine, which enables the watch to perform sleep respiration quality detection, and then cooperate with each sleep stage (light sleep, deep sleep, REM rapid eye movement) The watch can record more complete sleep data, allowing the wearer to better understand their own state.

For example, snoring is a health problem that has always been ignored by everyone.

I was on a business trip with a colleague. His loud snoring made me unable to sleep. I found that he seemed to have no breathing for several minutes during his sleep. So I reminded him to go to the hospital for an examination. Finally, the doctor said he was snoring. The cause of the disease is severe rhinitis and pharyngitis-a disease that is only exposed in more intimate scenes, which is really undetectable by ordinary smart watches.

▲ Can open sleep breathing quality monitoring

The PAI health assessment system is my favorite feature in Amazfit GTR 2.

Currently on the market, including smart watches such as Apple Watch, provide health data in many dimensions. However, for some people, information such as calories, electrocardiograms, and various medical terms is really difficult to understand. For example, my mother can’t understand what those health numbers mean.

The PAI system can well solve the problem of complex health data dimensions . It can combine 7-day activity data and personal physiological data, and then calculate an index through the AI ​​algorithm, through which the wearer can roughly understand the health status. The higher the PAI vitality index, it means that your cardiopulmonary activity is better, and the corresponding individual’s overall health status is better. Based on this data, users no longer need to view large amounts of data and mental arithmetic.

▲ A data to quickly understand the body profile

In terms of health monitoring, Amazfit GTR 2 has one of the biggest bright spots, and multiple dimensions of health monitoring are “overlapped”. What does that mean? For example, in some smart watches, blood oxygen measurement is blood oxygen measurement, and sleep monitoring is sleep monitoring. There is no overlap between functions and functions, and they are relatively independent.

Amazfit GTR 2 is different. When it monitors sleep, it also monitors multiple dimensions of data such as blood oxygen, heart rate, atrial fibrillation, and breathing sound. The same is the sleep report, Amazfit GTR 2 will be more abundant. Judging from these innovations, Huami has taken a few steps more than other manufacturers in terms of health monitoring of smart watches.

It’s still easy to use without the network

After being “domesticated” by smartphones, I believe that many people feel anxious when they are disconnected from the Internet, just like me. This kind of anxiety is particularly obvious during exercise.

I like to run at night without a mobile phone. In my experience, I found that Amazfit GTR 2 is more accurate than the previous smartwatch. It should be because of the combination of GPS+GLONASS independent positioning system. In addition, Amazfit GTR 2 supports 12 sports mode monitoring, such as outdoor running, treadmill, swimming pool and so on. According to Huami’s official statement, follow-up watches can also unlock more sports modes through OTA, as well as automatic recognition and automatic recording of common sports modes.

Amazfit GTR 2 is configured with NetEase Cloud Music and Alipay by default. Both apps can be used offline. Especially worth mentioning is NetEase Cloud Music. We can log in to our NetEase Cloud account on the watch, and it will automatically sync the playlist to listen to songs offline. This really helped me a lot. I especially don’t like importing songs one by one. Watch.

On the way home after running, use Alipay offline payment to buy some drinks and fruits, and quench your thirst when you are sweating, not to mention how pleasant it is.

When there is internet, Amazfit GTR 2 can use Xiao Ai. When disconnected from the network, the offline voice commands of Amazfit GTR 2 are still available, and you can use simple phrases to control the core operations of the phone, such as playing music, setting alarms, opening apps, and viewing health data.

When resting on weekends, put on Amazfit GTR 2 and bring a pair of Bluetooth headsets. You can get close to nature in a more “primitive” state, leave the “bundle” of the mobile network, climb mountains, watch the sunset, blow the hair, and listen. Song, shopping, return to a healthier lifestyle.

What does a smart watch mean?

What was the watch used for in the first place?

It depends on the time.

Why does it depend on the time?

Because I want to control time.

Who is the subject of time control?

Are people.

Therefore, the core role of the user for the watch is actually “man’s management of oneself.” The subsequent social attributes, such as decoration, display of strength, and collection, are all built on this core – that’s why If the time of a precious watch is completely inaccurate, all its derivative attributes will be greatly reduced.

Smart watches are derived from watches. Whether it is health monitoring or schedule management, it is still inseparable from the theme of “self-management”.

The 4-day experience is not long, but Amazfit GTR 2 left a deep impression on me. From various details, it can be seen that Huami Technology has its own technical advantages and thinking in “self-management.”

What I admire most is PAI, a numerical evaluation of the overall health situation, which reduces the cost of getting started and learning, and expands the audience for the product. I also appreciate that Amazfit GTR 2 integrates blood oxygen, arrhythmia (including atrial fibrillation), and breathing monitoring into sleep monitoring, which further enhances the value of the smart watch’s “health warning”.

In the era of smart watches, our management of ourselves has changed from a single dimension of time to a multi-dimensional. After quantifying time, we can quantify our health and quantify our behavior. The effect and efficiency of management will be higher, so as to become a better one. Of yourself.

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