ALTI, Journey’s wireless charging mat for a practical and always tidy desk

In a world where productivity and organization are paramount, Journey Official's ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat emerges as a stylish, technologically advanced solution. We tested this multifunctional and innovative desk mat for some time before bringing you our detailed thoughts on the product.

Unique features and design


The ALTI mat , available in different sizes (Regular and Slim) and colors (Black and Light Grey), offers a reversible design with high-quality finishes: vegan leather on one side and felt on the other. But it's its wireless charging feature that is most impressive.

The wireless charging panel is removable and can be attached to both the right and left sides of the mat, adapting to the user's needs . This modularity is particularly useful for right- or left-handed users, allowing complete customization of the work area . This modular charging unit, which attaches magnetically to the pad, is compatible with a wide range of devices such as iPhone (models 12-15), AirPods, and many Android phones and wireless charging earphones.

User experience and functionality


We had the opportunity to put the ALTI mat to the test in a real working context, in order to accurately evaluate both its practicality and overall effectiveness. One of the most notable features of this product is undoubtedly its integrated 15W wireless charger, which ensures fast and efficient charging for compatible devices. The possibility of positioning the charger on both sides of the mat represents a particularly appreciated detail, offering unprecedented versatility that adapts perfectly to various desk configurations, for both right-handed and left-handed users.

In addition, the hidden compartment, designed to neatly store notes, papers, papers and various objects that commonly accumulate on desks, has proven to be an element of great value. This secret compartment helps significantly reduce clutter, promoting a more organized and, as a result, more productive work environment.


The use of the ALTI mat contributes significantly to maintaining order in a workspace that is used intensively every day. It facilitates the creation of a minimalist environment, freeing your desk from unnecessary distractions. This feeling of order and cleanliness is not only essential for working at your best, but also improves concentration and efficiency, making the mat a precious ally for anyone who wants to optimize their work space.

Durability and maintenance

One of the common concerns with products of this type is durability and maintenance. The ALTI mat, resistant to splashes and easily cleanable with a microfibre cloth, meets these needs. The water resistance of the vegan leather side and its ability to withstand the heat emitted by laptops and electronics further increase its durability.

At 139.99 euros, the ALTI wireless rechargeable desk mat is not just a design accessory but a real productivity tool. With its elegance, versatility and functionality, it fits perfectly into any modern work environment. Its price may seem high, but considering its unique features and the quality of the materials, it represents a worthy investment for those looking for an all-in-one solution to organize and charge their devices efficiently and stylishly.

The Ultra Fast version is now also available

The ALTI ULTRA Desk Mat further elevates the experience by offering not only all the features of the ALTI model but also some significant improvements. It has 15W fast charging capability specifically designed for MagSafe, making it ideal for iPhone users. Furthermore, the 2-in-1 wireless charging panel is detachable and can be placed on both sides of the mat to better adapt to user preferences. This version also features a double-sided design with luxurious vegan leather and a thick felt surface. An added benefit is the large design that can accommodate multiple accessories. This model also stands out for its exclusive Midnight color and recyclable eco-friendly packaging

Strengths of the ALTI and ALTI ULTRA wireless charging desk mats

  • Versatility : The reversible design and the possibility to choose between two surfaces of different materials make the ALTI ULTRA suitable for any need and work style.
  • Convenient Charging : Built-in wireless charging eliminates the need for additional cables, keeping your desk tidy and your devices charged.
  • Elegant Design : ALTI's sophisticated look, combined with high-quality materials, adds a touch of class to your workspace.
  • Organization : The hidden document pocket offers a practical solution for keeping your desk free from scattered papers and notes.

What can be improved in ALTI and ALTI ULTRA wireless charging desk mats

While it excels in many areas, there are some aspects that could use improvement:

  • Price : With a retail price of 139.99 for the ALTI version and 169.00 for the ALTI ULTRA version, it is positioned at the high end of the desk mat market, which may not be accessible to all budgets.
  • Size and Weight : Some users may find the mat too large or heavy for their workspaces or portability needs.
  • Compatibility : Not compatible with some older devices.

Joourney's ALTI therefore represents an excellent example of how technology can be integrated into office accessories to improve both the aesthetics and functionality of the workspace. While the price may be a limiting factor for some, the innovative features, elegant design and ease of use justify the investment for those looking to optimize their workspace with a high-quality product.

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