“All Hubei people” are fighting against autonomous driving. This time netizens are actually supporting Baidu?

There will eventually be a battle between human drivers and autonomous driving, but I didn’t expect this battle to come so quickly.

On May 15, 2024, Baidu held Apollo Day in Wuhan to share the progress of autonomous driving technology, launching its sixth-generation driverless taxi and the large autonomous driving model Apollo ADFM.

In addition, Baidu's Robotaxi has officially launched its sixth-generation driverless vehicle in Wuhan, participating in online ride-hailing operations. Thanks to the rapid development of domestic electric vehicles and autonomous driving supply chains, the cost of a Baidu Apollo sixth-generation driverless car is now only 200,000 yuan, far lower than the previous industry level of one million yuan.

Therefore, Baidu executives also optimistically predict that Luobo Kuaipao will achieve break-even in Wuhan by the end of 2024 and fully enter a profitable period in 2025.

Wait, don't rush to have fun yet.

Carrots run fast and become what Wuhan people call "radish"

The word "radish" in Radish Run comes from the transliteration of Robot. Of course, this translation is to remove the coldness of machines and technology and increase a little sense of trust. After all, taking a driverless taxi in the city is very difficult for ordinary people. , still requires a little courage.

Two pieces of information that need to be mentioned are that Luobo Kuaipao now operates in a very large area in Wuhan, reaching 3,000 square kilometers and covering a population of 7.7 million. In addition, there are currently two types of vehicles operated by Luobo Kuaipao. One is a vehicle with a human safety officer. Only in emergencies, the safety officer will take over the vehicle for human driving. In addition, they are all autonomous driving; the other is a vehicle that is completely driverless. There are people driving autonomous vehicles, but there are people remotely monitoring the operation of the vehicles.

At a press conference on May 15, Baidu focused on "safety" and claimed to have overcome the complex road scenes in Wuhan. The safety level of its sixth-generation driverless cars is equivalent to that of the domestic large aircraft C919, and is safer than humans. Driver 10 times more.

Then, a lot of complaints about "Luobo Run" appeared on Wuhan's city message boards. The main complaints were that Luobo Run's self-driving cars were slow and stopped for no reason.

Not only on city message boards, but also on social networks such as Xiaohongshu and Weibo, you can find complaints about the Luobo Run in Wuhan city. Many people call the self-driving car of the Luobo Run “芋radish”. .

In the dialects of Wuhan and Hubei areas, sweet potato is another name for sweet potato. It can also mean stupidity and mental retardation. It can be used as a noun or an adjective.

After receiving the complaint, Baidu Carrot Kuaishou also issued a statement. The main information is two points: First, the complaints are malicious complaints, false accidents, and inconsistent with the facts. The case has been reported and an investigation has begun. Second, Wuhan citizens still recognize and support the Carrot Run, and they will continue to support the Carrot Run in the future.

After LuoPao Pao complained, many local media in Wuhan also participated in the actual experience of LuoPao Pao driverless car to see if the complaints were true. For example, Changjiang Cloud News, a subsidiary of Hubei Satellite TV, experienced it and made the following conclusions:

Luobo KuaiPao is like a novice driver who has just gotten his driver's license and is a little "jerky" when braking at traffic lights and starting from time to time, which makes people prone to motion sickness. The smart driving system still has a lot of room for improvement.

The actual experience of media such as "Daily Economic News" has reached similar conclusions. In other words, the driverless car of Luobo Kuaishou has average driving skills and slow speed, but it still abides by traffic regulations and will never change lanes on a solid line. He will also be courteous when meeting pedestrians.

And the customer service of Luobo Kuaishou also explained the reason why Luobo Kuaipao will "stop for no reason": According to autonomous driving technology, when there are no obstacles, the car will not stop for no reason. If the car stops, it must have encountered an obstacle. , and then stop according to traffic regulations.

Driverless driving, turning on "hell mode"

If in the past, Baidu's business was complained about, everyone's first instinct would definitely be to scold Baidu and get it over with. It would not be wrong to scold Baidu. But this time, everyone was just about to condemn it, and then after thinking for a moment, they stopped typing. This time, things were not simple.

The problem arises in Hubei, especially the transportation in Wuhan.

On some social platforms, Hubei is called the "Central Conspicuous Package", which is opposite to Jiangxi's "Central Energy Gathering Ring". This is because in various statistics based on provinces, Hubei Province can often get into the top position but not the first place, leaving the surrounding central provinces behind, such as GDP level, number of 985 and 211 universities, and top three hospitals. Quantity, etc., less common data such as hairy crab production, number of LPL players, cigarette production, number of charging piles, etc.

But there are several data in which Hubei is far ahead. One is crayfish production, and then there are three dimensions of data: the number of traffic accidents, the traffic accident rate per 100,000 people, and the number of injuries in car accidents.

For example, taking 2022 as an example, Hubei's traffic accident rate per 100,000 people is 51.08, significantly ahead of the national level of 18.16, which is almost three times the national level. In terms of the number of casualties in car accidents, Hubei Province (resident population in 2022 58.44 million) leads Henan, a large province with a population of nearly 100 million (with a permanent population of 98.72 million in 2022), with 39,679 people. Shanghai, with a permanent population of 25 million and a large number of motor vehicles, had a traffic accident casualty number of 25 million in the same year. 1,496 people, reflecting that the local area complies with traffic rules and pays attention to traffic safety.

There was a recent post that fully demonstrated the fierce collision of traffic conditions in Hubei and Shanghai. A Wuhan native who thought he drove well had to drive in Shanghai for three days and was fined more than 3,000 yuan with 28 points deducted. Habits such as "changing lanes without turning on lights, changing lanes on solid lines, not yielding to pedestrians and turning left instead of going straight" are very common in local traffic in Wuhan.

▲Screenshots from Wuhan Traffic Management Bureau surveillance

So someone said that the traffic rules in Hubei A are:

  • A green light is OK, a yellow light is OK, and a red light is not impossible.
  • There are no zebra crossings in Wuhan, only "zebra" (zebra: a local Wuhan dialect that uses foul language, which means that the driver not only refuses to yield to pedestrians, but also loves to curse).
  • When pedestrians cross the road, they must not only keep an eye on all directions but also give way to cars.

A colleague of Dongchehui once went to Wuhan on a business trip and was extremely surprised by the local traffic conditions in Wuhan. On the one hand, he lamented the chaotic traffic conditions and the many illegal parking and violations; on the other hand, he also lamented that the local driving and parking standards are indeed high.

Many years ago, various pictures of Wuhan buses speeding past trains, like racing cars, riding the wind and waves, and even jumping on the spot were popular on the Internet. In fact, they also reflected the fierce driving of Wuhan drivers. Fortunately, in recent years, Wuhan has imposed strict regulations on buses. Drivers put forward standard requirements for driving, and Wuhan public transportation became a legend.

In a word, Hubei is the province with the worst traffic conditions in the country, so it has the title of "all Hubei people" in Hubei transportation. As the provincial capital, Wuhan is even more typical.

When Luobo Kuaipao invests in thousands of self-driving cars, these self-driving cars will not speed, will not change lanes, overtake cautiously, and obediently yield to pedestrians. Faced with the chaotic and disorderly traffic in Wuhan, which is full of violations, Nature hits a wall at every turn.

▲ Wuhan Traffic Management Bureau captured pictures, showing violations and chaos everywhere

This is actually the confrontation between the regularists and the irregularists. In a traffic environment where traffic rules are not followed, efficiency is given priority, and speed is given priority, a fragile equilibrium state has been formed. When this state suddenly inserts a force that obeys the rules and enforces the rules. , then the fragile balance will naturally be broken. At this time, obeying the rules may cause chaos.

This is also the reason why most netizens support Baidu Carrot Run under the news of "All E people" fighting against Carrot Run. Here are some excerpts of netizens' wonderful comments:

In the future, we will build an illegal capture function on Carrot Run and upload it directly to the traffic control system. Illegal merging in front of the carrot will cost you 3 points and 200 yuan. This way no one dares to stand in the way of Carrot.

Generally speaking, I think Baidu has a problem, but regarding Wuhan traffic, I think Baidu may be innocent this time.

After the interview, Zebra Town will be missing the only vehicle that is courteous to pedestrians.

On the bright side, Wuhan Traffic and Carrot Run can be said to be a vigorous two-way race. Wuhan drivers need to know what rules and regulations are, while Carrot Run needs to understand the real traffic conditions of human beings.

But having said that, the idea of ​​​​the previous netizen is indeed worth trying. Anyway, the driverless cars of Luobo Kuaishou all have cameras, so it is better to actually launch an illegal capture function to provide a little deterrent.

After all, making people fearful is more intimidating than making people annoying.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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