Alibaba Cloud Disk Experience: The “Share” function is finally available! The speed actually beats the takeaway boy?

To be honest, there are always comments that our Ai Faner video is a "fast man." This makes us happy. But there are also a bit sour.

Because behind every hot video, there are overtime work anytime, anywhere. Sharing is common for us, and remote material transmission is just needed.

Just a few weeks ago, we got the qualification for the grayscale test of the sharing function of Alibaba Cloud Disk. Compared with the previous network leaks that the sharing function requires real person authentication, we found that only mobile phone number registration should be required. This may be due to differences in regulatory requirements in different periods and regions.

Therefore, after the epidemic improved, we launched various tests to verify whether it can rescue the trapped under the crowded "Kecun Subway Station", "Canton Tower", "Cafe" and other different network environments in Guangzhou. Workers in the 3G era.

For us, of course, the most important thing about sharing material is speed. We happened to shoot the exterior scene at the Tianhe Sports Center near the office the other day. So we decided to do a special test to see which is faster, Alibaba Cloud Disk or Human Flesh Delivery?

The material for this shooting is 3.8GB after being packaged, and the celestial body is less than one kilometer from our office and less than 10 minutes by car.

The shooting brother uploads materials through Alibaba Cloud Disk and 5G hotspots. And I took the memory card to take a taxi and sent it back to the office to see who was faster.

As a result, when I returned to the office, I found that my younger brother had already started cutting material in the later stage. That is to say, in this short 10 minutes, the Alibaba Cloud Disk has completed the upload and download of the 3.8GB file.

We also tested it through different networks, times, and scenarios. The results show that whether it is 5G or WiFi, offices with better network environments, or subway stations with more complex network environments, the speed performance of Alibaba Cloud Disk is very stable during peak and low periods.

Of course, in addition to being fast, security and convenience are also very important for cloud disk sharing.

When the manuscript is online, the Alibaba Cloud Disk has fully opened the sharing function. How about the experience?

In terms of convenience, users can view and share directly through passwords or links.

In terms of security, shared files can choose to be public or encrypted. It can be shared permanently, a time limit can be set, or it can be terminated at any time. On the sharing details page, of course, you can also view the number of times the file has been viewed, the number of downloads, and so on. Everything is under control.

As for the file types that can be shared, images, videos, and text files are currently supported. Audio and compressed packages will also be opened through a gradual grayscale test.

It is worth mentioning that the capacity obtained by all users during the internal test phase will continue to be effective as long as they log in once a year, which can be said to be very conscience.

At this point, we have confidence in Alibaba Cloud Disk in terms of speed, security, and convenience. But there is another problem. Before 2016, there are actually many web disks that are easy to use and unlimited. We once had the right to choose, but then everyone knew what happened.

Not selling speed, long-term operation. Can the promise made by Alibaba Cloud Disk be trusted? To answer this question, the first thing we need to know is that making a cloud disk really burns money.

The high cost is actually one of the reasons why online disks are withdrawn from the market. So how did the still-surviving network disk recover this part of the money?

The current network disk is divided into two charging modes. One is selling speed, and the other is selling space. What does Alibaba Cloud disk sell? First of all, they have made it clear that they are not selling speed, and it seems that they are not entirely dependent on selling space. Judging from the news that has been released, Alibaba Cloud Disk may want to become a kind of underlying account in the future. Through it, users can not only store, calculate and intelligently process the data stored in it. And Alibaba Cloud Disk may also charge fees from upper-layer applications.

So the unlimited speed does not mean that Alibaba Cloud Disk is doing charity, and you don't have to worry that it will not last. Alibaba Cloud has also announced earlier that it will soon launch a membership fee plan. Alibaba Cloud can announce it in advance, and we believe that the price will be competitive.

In fact, up to this point, the functions of Alibaba Cloud Disk have basically been tested by us. But finally I want to talk about its interface. Albums, files, search. Summarize in two words: concise. In fact, this also means that compared to its competitors, the function of Alibaba Cloud Disk is still very simple.

But in fact, recall that we use cloud disks the most, that is, the two functions of backup and sharing. Compared to adding more features, for most users, the wish is really simple. It is able to upload and download at normal speed.

We also expect that after entering the market, Alibaba Cloud Disk will give users one more choice.

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