“Alexa, make me some coffee!”: Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy arrives

Lavazza a Modo mio Voicy was born, the first smart coffee machine. The union between Lavazza and Alexa has created a machine that allows you to make coffee using only voice commands. How many times have we wanted someone to make us coffee while we are sitting comfortably, like at the bar? How many times have we ironically said that electronic devices have become so smart and intelligent that they can make coffee? Now the joke has come true: just ask and you will have your cup of coffee ready.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy arrives in our homes, bringing us coffee
Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy arrives in our homes, bringing us coffee.

Lavazza and Alexa: coffee becomes smart

Thanks to Lavazza a Modo Mio Voicy, the first coffee machine in the world with integrated Alexa, it will be possible to have the Amazon assistant make coffee. Your habits and tastes will not have to change and you will not have to be satisfied: the new coffee machine will be able to make it long, short or short with only voice commands. Coffee time has always been an opportunity for sharing: Who among us has never said in company: we would need a good coffee ? Lavazza has also thought of this: with Lavazza a Modo Mio Voicy you can save the tastes of friends and family with whom you share your break. Thanks to the Lavazza Piacere app, you can also check the consumption of the capsules and reorder them when necessary.

Lavazza has always looked to the future and its technological and innovative evolution continues. In 2014 the company brought coffee into space with ISSpresso, the first capsule machine to be used at 0 gravity, allowing astronauts not to give up on the classic coffee moment. In 2020 with the arrival of the covid he found an alternative way to bring his experience to life inside the historical museum. He devised the first remote visit with an audio guide whose voice is the radio speaker Federico Russo. But in its race towards innovation it has not forgotten sustainability and respect for the environment, creating eco-caps, eco-sustainable coffee capsules, with the aim of combating the accumulation of pods in landfills around the world.

Today the Turin company had the brilliant idea of ​​joining and integrating with the Seattle company. “ We are extremely proud of this collaboration with Lavazza, ” says Eric King, executive of Alexa Europe. “ We are convinced that Voicy is the right product to delight our customers with a fantastic experience: the highest quality Lavazza coffee together with the thousands of Alexa features, all in a single device with an enchanting and technologically innovative design ”.

Lavazza Voicy with Alexa is already available on the market. Source: PuntoInformatico
Lavazza Voicy with Alexa is already available on the market. Source: PuntoInformatico

You can find Lavazza a Modo Mio Voicy on Amazon and on the Lavazza online store at a cost of 249 euros.

Not just coffee

The launch of the new Lavazza A modo Mio Voicy with Alexa built-in confirms the brand's vocation in the search for high-tech solutions to place the Lavazza brand at the center of innovative and high-quality coffee experiences even at home. This is the result of an important collaboration with Amazon and will allow our consumers a coffee experience with infinite possibilities via “voice” and via app.

Pietro Cacace, Portfolio Strategy Director of the Lavazza Group

You thought you could just say: Alexa make me coffee ? You are wrong! Also remember all the other commands specific to Alexa. You can then continue communicating with your contacts by asking the assistant to call and send messages. Finally, while drinking your coffee, you can control and regulate your smart home through your Amazon assistant. Now all that remains is to sit back and enjoy your steaming coffee without any effort!

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