AirTag is safer, Apple Watch is being abused by people with “ulterior motives”

In modern society, all kinds of electronic products sometimes seem to make people "invisible". Products originally intended to make life more convenient have become "tools of crime" in the hands of some people with "ulterior motives".

Nowadays, smart watches are becoming more and more popular, and people use them to record their own body data, and perform simple operations such as answering calls and sending positioning. However, a 29-year-old man in the United States used it to stalk his girlfriend.

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Not long ago, the police arrived at the Family Safety Center (FSC) in Nashville, Tennessee, after receiving a call. A victim who was about to apply for a protection order said his boyfriend was also there.

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According to the victim's information to the police, her boyfriend had repeatedly threatened to kill her, so she also went to the Family Safety Centre (FSC is an agency for victims of domestic and sexual violence, etc.). For the record, Welch previously faced two charges of domestic assault in connection with the July 2021 incident and was arrested in December 2021.

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The victim said she and Lawrence Welch used the app "Life360" to track each other's whereabouts (Life360 is a real-time location app that allows friends and family to share their location with each other), but had already gone to the family safety center before going to the family safety center. Disabled this application.

Unexpectedly, after the victim stopped using the location app, she kept receiving text messages from Lawrence Welch, asking her to tell her whereabouts and call him.

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Police said Welch did arrive at the family service center, but instead of approaching the building, he approached the victim's car and crouched beside a wheel. Upon inspection by police, an Apple Watch was found attached to the spokes of the car, which Welch confirmed was indeed his device.

It turned out that Welch kept his account active on the Apple Watch in order to find out about victims who had disabled the Life360 app on the device, and tracked them through this means.

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After Lawrence Welch was arrested by police, he was charged with installing an electronic tracking device in the vehicle.

In fact, this is not the first time that "people with intentions" have used Apple products for tracking. There have been cases of people using AirTag to steal high-end cars and tracking others for robbery. To this end, Apple has rolled out a series of updates for AirTag to prevent it from being abused by criminals.

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Unexpectedly, adding a "protective wall" to AirTag, Apple Watch was used again. The technology that was supposed to make life more convenient has become an "accomplice". It seems that I don't want electronic products to be abused, which is really hard to prevent.

But when there are loopholes, they need to be patched. This incident revealed that there is still room for improvement in preventing Apple Watch from being abused by criminals. It seems that Apple also has to consider that the anti-tracking function of Apple Watch should be improved. How to optimize.

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