AirPods 3 first experience: no noise reduction, but the experience is more “Pro”

When I first saw the third generation of AirPods (hereinafter referred to as AirPods 3), there was always a feeling that was both unfamiliar and familiar. The shortened earphone handle and the larger sound outlet. Compared with the previous generation, AirPods 3 Almost everywhere, it's like-AirPods Pro SE?

Yes, the openings in the same position, almost the same pressure-sensitive buttons, if you wear AirPods Pro and AirPods 3 at the same time, you can hardly tell which side is the new product.

Although there are many similarities between the two, there is still an ear difference between the two headsets with different structures.

As soon as I put it in my ears, the familiar feeling came back again. I commented in one sentence: I was swollen, but I almost didn't feel anything.

Compared with the previous generation, the AirPods 3 headset body is only 0.28g heavier, which is almost negligible. The shorter and more face-to-face headset handle design reduces the abrupt feeling brought by the long handle.

Yes, Wugan is the best evaluation of AirPods 3.

The semi-in-ear structure avoids the larger cavity design caused by the foreign body sensation caused by the rubber plug entering the ear, and can jam the auricle well and wear it securely.

We did a series of exercise tests, and the results were exhausted and we couldn't get the earphones off.

In addition to the body, the charging box of AirPods 3 has also undergone a major transformation. The inner cabin uses AirPods Pro full-flat design, which is no longer easy to hide dirt.

MagSafe wireless charging is added to the charging box. Unfortunately, the iPhone can’t hold the headset and charge it backwards.

This time, both the headset body and the box support IPX4 water-resistant protection, which can cope with daily water splashes. As for the big adventure of the washing machine, it can be avoided.

AirPods 3 has also made great progress in battery life. The battery life of the headset alone reaches 6 hours, which is enough to fly from Guangzhou to Beijing and then fly back.

And when used with a charging box, it can even go back and forth 5 times for a total of 30 hours of battery life

Introduced a lot, how do you feel about AirPods 3?

▲ Please watch the detailed audio test in the video

According to our purely subjective experience, the low-frequency performance of AirPods 3 is much stronger than AirPods 2, and even more impactful than AirPods Pro. The rebound of drums is more powerful and the dive volume is thicker.

Of course, the sense of hearing of the headset is related to the structure of the device and the human ear. It is recommended that you go offline to experience it for yourself after the sale.

After the metaphysics link is over, let's talk about manipulation.

AirPods 3 uses the same force sensor as AirPods Pro, with a small groove on the handle.

The push-type operation is much easier to use than tapping on the long handle, because the taps of AirPods 2 often do not respond, so it is better to take out the phone faster.

"I want to listen to Adele's new song"
"I'm going to work out, play some songs for me"
"Some Hip Hop"

Long press the small groove to call out Siri, which is very convenient for voice control. Siri is probably the manual DJ who knows you best.

By the way, there is an inconspicuous but very practical upgrade, that is, the new skin recognition sensor, which has a certain improvement on the bug of the original headset misplay.

AirPods 3 joins the head tracking spatial audio previously available on AirPods Pro and Max.

Simply put, head tracking means that when you put on the headphones, no matter how you turn your head, the sound you hear will appear to come from the iPhone.

That is, when you turn your head to the left, the sound comes from the right, and when you turn your head back, the sound transitions to the back of your head. This way, when you are listening to a concert or watching a movie, you have a stronger sense of presence, and sometimes you may even suspect that you are. It's not open out.

After testing, after upgrading to iOS15, commonly used music software and video software have already supported head tracking. What's more outrageous is that even video ads have obvious effects. Is this…too advanced?

Of course, head tracking is not perfect.

First of all, the change in the sound position of the head tracking is limited to turning back and forth, left and right, and has no effect in the vertical direction.

Secondly, if you frequently change the position of the mobile phone and put it back in place, there is a chance that the sound positioning error will occur. At this time, you need to restart the head tracking function to allow the phone to relocate.

▲ Please watch the detailed call test in the video

In addition, AirPods 3 uses a new microphone array this time. After doing a comparison test, we found that the call quality in the wind noise environment has improved compared to the previous generation.

In terms of functions, AirPods 3 also uses a "find" function similar to AirTag, which can be searched like a radar carpet.

When you are about 5 meters away from the headset, you can find the "distance" signal. When the distance is 1 meter, it will prompt "near distance". It will prompt you that the headset is here within about 30 cm.

Since there is no directional indication of AirTag, this function can only help you narrow the scope, and the practicality is average.

So the question is, how to choose the AirPods family?

If you are sensitive to the ear canal and want to experience a Pro-level ecological experience, then AirPods 3 is very suitable for you; it can accept the in-ear type and does not cost you money, choose AirPods Pro in one step; and the AirPods 2, which is reduced to 999 yuan, is the cost-effective entry-level Apple ecosystem Choice.

Stop talking nonsense.

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