AI subverts “seeing is believing”, Messi made a “fake Messi”

The actors never thought that maybe one day, the opponent who defeated them might be their own "digital double".

On July 13, SAG-AFTRA, a union representing some 160,000 actors, officially announced a strike that would begin after midnight after contract talks with the studios and streaming services that hired actors collapsed.

This strike, the actors are more like fighting to defend the shadow of mankind.

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As early as June this year, according to the British "Financial Times" report, the Hollywood Actors Union has begun to discuss the issue of compensation in the AI ​​​​era, that is, how live performers should be paid for their "digital avatar" work.

Under the empowerment of AI technology, actors can participate in multiple works at the same time without any effort by transferring "digital doubles".

It's just that this seemingly "handy" method is difficult to answer the question in the hearts of the striking actors "whether digital doubles will completely replace the actors one day".

At that time, will "digital doubles" completely replace real actors, and whether the original characteristics of real actors will be gradually obliterated, and will become Lego in the hands of directors and producers, like an assembly line, "spelling out" the entire film and television work bit by bit.

Interestingly, the joys and sorrows of human beings are not connected, even the attitude towards "digital doubles".

Back in September last year, legendary actor Bruce Willis became the first Hollywood person to sell the rights to his likeness to Deepcake, a technology company that specializes in artificial intelligence.

Willis will authorize Deepcake to create a "digital double" of the actor and use his face and likeness in future projects, without Willis having to participate in any filming or production.

In this way, under the reshaping of AI technology, the 68-year-old legendary movie star suffering from "aphasia" was able to return to the "big screen" in another "curve" form, achieving miraculous effects that cannot be achieved in real life.

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In an agreement with PepsiCo, the Argentine football player Lionel Messi also explicitly mentioned that PepsiCo was allowed to use its digital version "digital double" to promote Lay's potato chips.

Through this "digital double", fans around the world can generate personalized video messages, allowing "digital Messi" to appear on their mobile phone screens, perfectly narrating and providing relevant information about the game in their local language. Users can even generate Messi's exclusive customized invitations, and then share them with friends and family around them.

But no matter what the attitude is, humans who use "digital doubles" will also face the worry of "crisis of trust".

The process of creating this "digital double" is quite simple. You only need to spend a few hours in front of the green screen to capture the facial expressions and movements of the real person, and then spend a few more hours in the recording studio to record the voice of the real person. Under the reconstruction of AI, a living person can be completely "digitized", and the result is extremely realistic and convincing.

In such a realistic digital image, the common sense of "seeing is believing" will be severely tested. As consumers, how can they identify whether the celebrities in the audio and video are the human beings they know, or are they just "string puppets" in the hands of the creators of the works? As a celebrity, how can I prove that "I" is not my philosophy of life in the face of illegal infringement of portrait rights?

The reality is that the existing law is obviously a beat behind the pace of AI in full swing, and perfect supervision and solutions have not yet been proposed.

Fortunately, we still have enough time before "digital doubles" are applied on a large scale.

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