AI large model blessing, an efficiency artifact not to be missed in the New Year

In 1993, mankind connected the Internet to the public domain for the first time. Thirty years later, the era of information explosion arrived. Before 2003, the total amount of information generated in human history was less than hundreds of billions in 2023. One in ten thousand.

Information overload is a unique problem in the mobile Internet era. Sometimes we stare at the mobile phone screen in a daze because we don’t know what information is valid, and we don’t know where the valid information is hidden in the mobile phone.

This is why the voice assistant on your mobile phone has become so important – the voice assistant on your mobile phone may be the one who knows what information you need best at the moment.

In 2023, when ChatGPT is on the rise, various companies are working hard to equip voice assistants with large models. In the past, voice assistants were only used to set alarm clocks and tell jokes. Through countless feedbacks and updates, they have gradually changed from "outrageous" to "reliable". Spectrum".

Huawei’s smart assistant Xiaoyi is no exception. As the first smart assistant equipped with a large model to be launched in public beta on the mobile phone, Ai Faner also had an in-depth experience with Xiaoyi. We found that with the support of the large model, the new Xiaoyi became smarter, more capable, and more comfortable to use. An "assistant" that can really help with just "voice".

Work Study Assistant: Before chopping wood, the knife is sharpened

The word large model is both familiar and unfamiliar. It is a frequent topic in hot news searches, but at the same time not many people have seen its true face, and the obscure technical principles behind it also discourage many people who want to understand it.

Xiaoyi, which is equipped with large models, turns profound technical principles into simple interactions that can be used with just your mouth, giving us an opportunity to have close contact with AI technology. The emergence of the new Xiaoyi has once again nailed the concept of "productivity tools" into the core competitiveness of the product.

To evaluate whether a tool is easy to use, difficulty in getting started is an important indicator. In the past, mobile assistants were often criticized by users, mainly because they could not understand the questions and could not find the answers.

With the support of large models, Xiaoyi can understand and execute user instructions through natural language dialogue. In short, whether it is typing or voice, communicating with Xiaoyi is like talking to a friend, and it can understand your appeal.

In the past two weeks, we have brought Xiaoyi to work and found that it can indeed effectively display our ideas and creativity.

For media workers, the Spring Festival can be regarded as the "final exam" in the media industry. There is a vast sea of ​​topics to choose from. The selection process is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Every piece of information needs to be browsed quickly. Even a comment may become a The entry point for this article.

▲Picture from: AI tool generation

To capture the key points of an article, we generally need to read the entire text first, and then try to summarize it. On average, a long article takes about 10 minutes. With the "Document Assistant", you only need to send the report file to the chat box, and Xiaoyi can quickly generate it. Key points and 3 core questions.

For example, this "AIGC Scenario Application Outlook Report" from iResearch has nearly 50 pages of extremely long pictures and text. Xiaoyi summarized the core points in less than 20 seconds, which can save me almost half of the time. workload.

Based on the layout understanding technology of large models, Xiaoyi can achieve true full-text interpretation. When encountering parts that are not well understood, Xiaoyi can also explain complex document contents clearly through multiple rounds of questions and answers.

In addition to the chat box that can be used alone, it can also be run synchronously with other applications. "Accompaniment" is another major advantage of Xiaoyi. For example, when reading and browsing the news information app, you only need to call up Xiaoyi and say "This article talks about it." What?" The article of several thousand words was distilled into its central gist in a matter of seconds.

Currently, Huawei browsers, official accounts, and other commonly used information apps can call Xiaoyi to quickly extract key points. Commonly used scenes are covered, and large models are more useful.

The "Xiaoyi Writing Assistant" in Xiaoyi Input Method is the function I used the most during the entire evaluation period. Whether it is a speech draft or a monthly report summary, as long as it is writing functional materials, it can generate a standard template, and it can also generate a standard template. There are three tones to choose from – formal, literary, and humorous.

Use the workplace term "worker" when you go to work, and complete the year-end summary, work report, and speech draft; switch back to the "leisure" state after get off work, use a humorous tone to write copy for Moments and Xiaohongshu, and no longer be afraid of being short of words.

For example, the company was planning an annual meeting recently and needed to send an invitation letter to every colleague. I told Xiaoyi the time and place of the event, and in less than three seconds, Xiaoyi gave me a neatly formatted, A complete invitation template that can be used directly after a little polishing.

When I was a student, I often had the fantasy of "having someone help me with my homework", but it finally came true after I started working.

In fact, Xiaoyi has many skills to improve her "happiness" at work, such as document scanning and form extraction. As the Chinese New Year approaches, what often makes workers crumble is the approaching year-end reporting deadline and the various paperwork processes that come one after another. Although scanning documents and organizing forms are all basic routine work, they are also the ones that consume the most creativity. labor. Now I am accustomed to letting Xiaoyi help me solve this problem.

Xiaoyi's "Smart Vision" can not only automatically correct distortions, tilts, and shadow wrinkles in scanned data, but can also directly convert them into electronic documents. It is an AI scanner that is better than traditional scanners.

It is said that sharpening a knife means chopping firewood, and only when you are fully prepared can you work efficiently. But Xiaoyi has already sharpened the knife. I only need to send the document to Xiaoyi, and when I start working, I can cut through the mess quickly. .

Daily Assistant: Come to Xiaoyi when you have something to do, and get multiple things done in one sentence

British design master Charles Eames said:

Identifying needs is the first prerequisite for design.

Xiaoyi supports multi-task commands, and you can do multiple things in one sentence. In the two weeks of using Xiaoyi, this function has been extremely useful – such as when cooking.

There was a rare occasion when I took the time to cook pork belly and chicken in person. I put my phone on the stove and watched the cooking video. When I washed the vegetables and prepared the soup dumplings, I remembered to remind my sister to go home for dinner. , but it is difficult to touch the mobile phone with oily hands at this time.

With Xiaoyi nearby, there is no need for step-by-step operations such as washing hands, drying hands, picking up the phone and sending WeChat messages. Everything can be done with just a few words.

I have 40 minutes left to make soup. I send a WeChat message to my sister to ask her when she will get home.

Xiaoyi's "recognition" ability has improved to another dimension with the addition of large models.

The new Xiaoyi can not only easily capture your needs, but also help you find traditional memories that you should know but are gradually forgetting. For example, the customs during the Spring Festival are a very troublesome question. When you think about the elders in the family, they will ask It feels overwhelming to know what to prepare for the first to seventh days of junior high school – these are not commonly used "common senses", and it is really just right for Xiaoyi to handle them.

The trend of AI large models changing life is obvious, but each product has a different development path. The Year of the Dragon is approaching, and Huawei has given its own answer with its new Xiaoyi – AI will be integrated into every scene and simplify every process.

During the evaluation period, I also fully integrated Xiaoyi into my work and life. Many tedious tasks were processed by AI, which really saved me a lot of worry. I also found more free time to focus on more important things.

Huawei takes the lead in technology, making mobile phones a people-friendly carrier in the AI ​​era

Statistics from Deloitte's "Global Digital Consumer Trends Survey·China" show that nearly 90% of people, ranging from 18 to 60 years old, use smartphones every day. It can be said that our lives have long been inseparable from smartphones. cell phone.

▲ Picture from: Global Digital Consumer Trend Survey (China Chapter)

We who shuttle among various work groups and short videos seldom think about this new normal. But in the past two weeks with Xiaoyi, I seem to have found the answer in it: while mobile phones cover all scenes of our lives, , AI big models seem to be making everything simpler.

From last year to the recent CES, more and more brands have begun to explore AI hardware forms, but in my opinion, the easiest AI carrier to reach most people is mobile phones.

For a long time, mobile phone voice assistants have left users with the stereotype of "not very easy to use and not very practical". It seems that they have not received a strong response from the market. In the end, "high pixels, large lenses, and long battery life" still became our choice for replacement phones. pusher.

This is what amazes me the most about Xiaoyi. With the support of large AI models, the mobile voice assistant can finally understand complex needs and complete complex tasks. At this time, the voice assistant in the mobile phone becomes my replacement. motivation.

In 2023, with the release of HarmonyOS 4, Xiaoyi's smart capabilities have achieved leaps and bounds. With the support of large models, the new Xiaoyi leads a comprehensive upgrade of smart interaction. Nowadays, Xiaoyi has become more and more smart and easy to use through iterative updates in recent months.

Allowing more Huawei mobile phone users to enjoy the dividends of the AI ​​era is Huawei's insistence on the concept of "technology first". Its long-term development path allows this company to always be one step ahead in the exploration and implementation of cutting-edge technologies, and the largest among them The meaning is to turn the terminal device into a "people-friendly carrier" for large models.

Unlike other single-scenario AI products, Xiaoyi is one of the few smart assistants that can be transferred between mobile phones, cars, and smart home systems.

Xiaoyi recommends being able to understand your needs and proactively serve you one step ahead. For example, when you get up in the morning, the morning scene card recommended by Xiaoyi can help you get today's weather conditions and the latest information as soon as possible; on the way to commuting, the driving scene card allows you to play the music you often listen to as soon as you get into the car. The navigation route is pushed out; when you are traveling or on a business trip, the flight scene card allows you to quickly get the latest boarding information and related services when you arrive at the airport; when you go to other cities, the cross-city scene card can help you It is very convenient and considerate to obtain commonly used local strategies and travel tools.

This means that Xiaoyi is not only answering user questions, but also helping users solve problems.

As the information and service hub for Huawei users, Xiaoyi can meet user needs through continuous services based on different scenarios and devices. This is the advantage that hardware manufacturers have when integrating AI capabilities. Based on the usage habits of massive consumers, Xiaoyi’s service capabilities will be more considerate and its application scenarios will be broader.

For more people, what they need is not an AI pin pinned to their chest or carrying an extra Rabbit R1 with them at all times, but to pick up their mobile phones and have smart assistants like Xiaoyi become more useful in the age of AI exploration. . Not long ago, Huawei also officially announced the Hongmeng Galaxy Edition. In the future, Xiaoyi will also evolve again in the new Hongmeng system.

Changes in our lifestyles occur in this evolution.

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