AI is inclusive, vivo takes the lead

If we were to choose the most important invention in the past three years, ChatGPT would undoubtedly be far ahead in the votes.

ChatGPT has been online for 400 days since November 30, 2022. From doubts to surprise to panic and excitement, no one will deny that the AI ​​industry revolution brought by big language models is the next hundred billion US dollars. Chance.

▲ AI-drawn scene of the invention of the tungsten light bulb. Picture from: BlueLM

In 1831, Michael Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction, which led to the invention of the electric generator. Nearly half a century later, Thomas Edison invented the tungsten filament light bulb that could illuminate for a long time, which truly promoted the widespread use of electricity in work and life.

If ChatGPT has opened up the application ideas of AI technology, then where is the tungsten filament light bulb in the era of large language models?

For vivo users, it may be in their mobile phones.

AI should not be a magic that a few people can perform, but a universal benefit that more people can enjoy.

When we talk about ChatGPT, many people talk not about how to use AI to improve productivity, but how to register a new account.

Affected by the superposition of multiple factors, ChatGPT is not a tool that can be easily obtained. If it is applied to our daily lives, especially on mobile phones, which are inseparable, we will find that although the development trend of large AI models is gratifying, there are not many truly useful products. ——Most large models are in the "wish list" queue stage. You need to apply for closed beta to have a chance to use them. Moreover, when using them, they may take up your entire screen and jump between applications repeatedly. After a few times, the experience is gone.

This is also why the vivo blue heart large model is worthy of attention. This universal large model independently developed by vivo has been integrated into its latest OriginOS 4. The vivo X100 series, iQOO 12 series, iQOO Neo series and S18 will be released in the second half of the year. The series has already implemented this system and is equipped with the Lanxin Xiao V artificial intelligence assistant, which can be used right after booting.

Compared with other large model applications, Blue Heart Xiao V, which is rooted in the bottom layer of the system, adopts a very interesting design – you can call out by sliding on the edge of the phone screen. There is a dedicated large model chat window that takes up about one-third of the screen. One size. You can easily initiate consultations with Xiao V in this window, whether it is Wenshengwen, Wenshengtu or Tushengtu. You can also achieve global image and file retrieval, and you can drag and drop files directly from XiaoV's chat box. It is very convenient to use in WeChat and Word.

The excellent performance of ease of use and accurate query relies on the high degree of completion behind the vivo blue heart model.

Considering that smartphones are the main entrance to product experience and have complex usage scenarios, the Blue Heart model was not a solitary operation from the beginning, but a large model matrix composed of five models with different parameters – covering 1 billion, 70 There are five parameter levels: 100 million, 70 billion, 130 billion and 175 billion.

Among them, the 1 billion model is a professional text model mainly built for device-side scenarios, with localized text summary, abstract and other capabilities; the 7 billion model is a device-cloud dual-use model built for mobile phones, with excellent language understanding , text creation capabilities; and 70 billion models and models with parameter magnitudes exceeding 100 billion are the main models for cloud services. In the October test results of C-Eval, CMMLU, SuperCLUE and other lists, they all ranked among the top Chinese models. The first echelon of models.

At this stage, models with two parameters of 1 billion and 7 billion have been implemented in many vivo mobile phones, supporting the deployment of Qualcomm and MTK dual-chip platforms. They are good choices for refining copywriting, generating pictures, and even sorting out brain maps. .

This is the result of a comprehensive consideration of various aspects such as mobile phone energy consumption, response speed and safety of use. The response speed for daily use is very fast. When chatting on WeChat, we often talk about some new knowledge points. At this time, swiping the right edge of the edge will bring up the blue heart little V. It will be very convenient to popularize science or make a brain map. Later, with the opening of large models with higher parameters, the blue heart little V will also be available. There is more room for evolution.

Of course, vivo also knows that in the face of ever-changing industry trends, open source can help the blue heart model go further. At present, vivo has announced that it will open source the 7 billion parameter-level Blue Heart Model 7B. This model uses 2.6 trillion tokens for training, mainly using Chinese and English corpora, and is a product more suitable for use in Chinese scenarios. In the future, maybe we can use the blue heart model in many products other than vivo, and these valuable usage scenarios will also promote the iteration of the blue heart model.

These are also specific manifestations of the characteristics of vivo’s blue heart model – large and comprehensive, strong algorithm, truly safe, self-evolving, and widely sourced.

In order to allow more people to directly experience the Blue Heart model, at the beginning of the new year of 2024, vivo has launched offline experience activities of the Blue Heart model in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing and other cities. This is also the first time that a manufacturer has conducted a large-scale AI experience event for ordinary users, which also reflects vivo’s confidence in the blue heart model.

Users can quickly use their mobile phones to ask the blue heart model to draw New Year's wish cards, write New Year's greetings, generate New Year's avatars, etc. These are all tasks that take a lot of time to prepare for the New Year, but the addition of AI makes this matter easier Efficient and fun. Vivo uses an easy-to-understand method to directly bring the usage scenarios of large models to users.

Zhou Zhou, vice president of vivo, vice president of OS products, and director of vivo AI Global Research Institute, said:

We hold this event in the hope that many people can learn about the most advanced artificial intelligence technology and products, and use Blue Heart V to help everyone learn more easily, work more efficiently, and have a better life experience.

It took 6 years, a team of 1,000 people, and constant investment, innovation, and breakthroughs to achieve the Blue Heart model with the highest overall score. We hope to realize AI inclusiveness, truly help more people, and jointly promote life and society. improvement.

Just imagine, when a mobile phone equipped with a large model, after learning the user's operating habits, will not only be a communication tool, but also become your health management assistant, travel guide, shopping recommendation, etc. – making life more convenient and comfortable, and ultimately becoming your personal assistant. At the same time, the big model will also learn to use various apps on the mobile phone, such as formulating travel strategies, booking more suitable air tickets and hotels; communicating in two directions during the shopping process, assisting users to select their favorite products, etc., and going deep into all aspects of users' lives, making AI truly Enter thousands of households.

If you are not in these cities and do not have a vivo phone, you can also download the "Lanxin Qianxun" app – this is an AI assistant developed by vivo based on the Lanxin large model. Compared with Blue Heart Little V, although it lacks the ability to make some global calls to the system, you can still experience various practical functions such as Wenshengwen and Wenshengtu of the Blue Heart Model. It supports both iOS and Android, and is completely free and ad-free. .

Based on the application of AI technology, vivo does not just use large language models as personal assistants.

Thanks to the large blue heart model, OriginOS 4 has updated two accessibility capabilities for the visually impaired, "vivo seeing" and "vivo reading music" –

Among them, vivo Jianjian is a visual aid product that supports environmental description, item search and shooting assistance. The blue heart model's image recognition and understanding capabilities can help users identify information in a variety of scenarios and give intuitive descriptions. Very helpful for visually impaired people in their daily lives.

Vivo Music Reading has the ability to easily import local music scores, listen to music into scores, and read music scores aloud. For many visually impaired users, music is an important way to understand the world. With the support of large model capabilities, one person can also enjoy Music learning is fun.

In vivo's view, good products must be universally beneficial. Even in the AI ​​era, we can still find the company's consistent human touch in vivo's product concepts and designs.

Long-distance runners in the mobile phone industry should start running on the right track first

Since entering the smartphone market in 2011, vivo has been a long-distance runner in the mobile phone industry.

This company, which has "duty" ingrained in its cultural genes, will be the first to run when it encounters a track with long slopes and thick snow.

In fact, it only took 60 days from the release to the launch of the vivo blue heart model to be deployed on eight mobile phones in four series. With the upgrade of OriginOS 4, it has been integrated into more products. Looking at the world, it is also the only one. gear speed.

Obviously, artificial intelligence is that golden opportunity, and vivo had foreseen it as early as five years ago.

At the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Vivo Vice President, Vice President of OS Products, and Dean of the Vivo AI Global Research Institute predicted that the mobile phone industry will usher in changes in two years and will become a "self-learning, self-indexing, "Self-recommended smart terminal" – At that time, after AI-based mobile phones became imaging phones, vivo was another track where it was betting heavily.

Just two months before the conference, vivo announced that it would invest in the establishment of the "vivo AI Global Research Institute" in Shenzhen, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing and San Diego in the United States to conduct innovative research on basic science and disruptive technologies in the field of artificial intelligence. It is China's first A mobile phone manufacturer that established an AI global research institute.

Also in this year, OpenAI published a paper titled "Improving Language Understanding by Generative Pre-Training", in which the transformer-based generative pre-training model system was introduced for the first time. (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), referred to as GPT.

At that time, vivo would not have thought that five years later, GPT would become the cornerstone of a trillion-dollar industry. But at that time, vivo had already realized the essence of artificial intelligence—that is, a decisive change in the way of information interaction. Zhou once mentioned in his speech:

It is a pyramid. To put it simply, artificial intelligence obtains new data through data + algorithm. The most important thing is to accurately identify the scene and push the services that consumers need to consumers accurately, on time and on demand. This process is artificial intelligence.

When mobile phones leave the factory, they have more than 100 built-in functions and services. With the development of technology, these functions will all be AI-based – computational photography is the AI-based transformation of mobile phone cameras, and Blue Heart Xiao V is voice search. of AI. The development source of artificial intelligence is the history of AI changing from the infrastructure of these services and capabilities to the services and capabilities themselves.

Although the evolution of smartphones has just begun, after five years of accumulation, vivo has come a long way on the artificial intelligence track. There are four capabilities that artificial intelligence technology needs to accumulate most – data, manpower, algorithms, and computing power.

In terms of data, vivo established the Graph Research Institute in 2018. Through a professional team to build a knowledge graph, it has accumulated more than 2800TB of data;

In terms of manpower, vivo has maintained a professional artificial intelligence team of 1,000 people since 2017, of which more than 600 people focus on developing large models;

At the algorithm level, vivo has published more than 70 artificial intelligence-related papers, many of which are already available on vivo phones;

In terms of computing power, vivo has already reserved a computing power system that can train hundreds of billions of large models, and it already has a first-mover advantage in the field of Chinese large models.

At this time last year, Vivo founder Shen Wei delivered a speech at the online annual meeting, "Build your roots and build a lasting business." These eight words can also be said to be a true portrayal of the company vivo. Today we see that the superior capabilities of vivo's mobile phones are essentially the result of the company's more than ten years of hard work – design, imaging, and AI.

Ten years ago, taking photos was still a technical job with a high threshold. You needed to buy a lens and choose a body, learn lighting and composition, and take good photos. Post-production was also a big project. But now, you can use the vivo X100 Pro to take photos that are not inferior to camera quality. There are lenses with multiple focal lengths in a mobile phone, and after pressing the shutter, you can get beautiful color tones and blur effects without the need for post-processing software. ——In a sense, this is also a kind of technological inclusiveness.

There are hundreds of millions of people around the world who choose to use vivo products because of product design, imaging or performance. They are vivo's peers in the smartphone era. In the future, this company will also be the beneficiary of the era of inclusive AI.

Because we all know that for this company that believes in long-termism, their best time is not in the present, but in the future.

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