AI and gaming, the role of Machine Learning in the creation of video games

Artificial Intelligence promises to revolutionize the world of online games, investing in product quality and realistic details that make a video game an increasingly accurate copy of reality.

AI and gaming

The leap forward made by the world of gaming in graphics, realism, scenarios and all those surrounding details has marked a point of no return. It marked a revolution, which obviously coincides with the entry of Artificial Intelligence into the programming and development studies of software houses.

It was known that algorithms were the basis of the creation of a game – comments Massimiliano Riverso of the editorial team – but now the algorithms that are guided, fed and produced by AI are capable of improving and changing in an ever wider manner and deeper the world of entertainment ”.

The role of AI in NPCs

This revolution is all thanks to machine learning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence that allows systems to learn from data, improve their performance and make decisions without being explicitly programmed. One of the models of its applications is the rendering of NPCs , i.e. non-player characters, background characters, extras. NPCs have always followed predetermined and often predictable patterns, but now, thanks to AI, these characters can learn from the players' behaviors, adapting their strategies and offering more balanced and realistic challenges. An example is what can be seen in The Last of Us 2, one of the most beautiful and best-made video games of recent years, in which the characters' facial expressions are created by the AI ​​based on the emotion that best suits the context . “ In this way the realism of the game is increasingly greater – explains Massimiliano Riverso – and the gaming experience becomes even more immersive ”.

Not just gaming, but also safety

Machine Learning is also used to make gaming a safer and more responsible environment. The algorithms, in fact, are able to identify suspicious behavior, scam attempts, detect offensive language and analyze users' gaming behavior. “ This is what happens in the world of gambling, for example – concludes Riverso of Gaming Insider – where AI is used to monitor users' time and online spending and, in case of possible gaming style alarm bells harmful, sends messages and suggestions to the player ”.

Even customer support itself, within gaming or video game platforms, can be managed by Artificial Intelligence, capable of responding at any time and offering personalized content. Just as happens during gaming sessions: the algorithms, in fact, are able to analyze the players' style and can therefore change the difficulty level, suggest scenarios, increase engagement and maintain a balance between challenge and fun.

On the one hand aesthetics and graphics, on the other realism and immersiveness, in the middle safety, protection, responsibility. Artificial Intelligence promises to revolutionize the world of gaming, creating games that have never been seen before. Games that are increasingly a precise copy of the real world.

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