Agreement between Vibre and MCES Italia: the future of eSports passes through neural interfaces

Italy is at the forefront of the technological revolution of eSports, a sector that is acquiring more and more authority and that requires organizational and training levels very similar to those of the traditional sports sector. But how are the mental stations of gamers who spend hours in front of the PC optimally managed? This is where Vibre comes into play which, thanks to its experience in the field of neural interfaces, will provide MCES Italia with valuable information on the mental conditions of its eSports athletes thanks to the use of neural interfaces.

The video games chosen in eSports are multiplayer ones although it would also be possible to compete with single-player games. The most common genres are Real-Time Strategy (RTS), Fighting, First Person Shooter (FPS), Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO), Driving Games, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). These are played at an amateur, semi-professional and professional level, and leagues and tournaments are organized, both online and live.

Vibre and MCES Italia: two leading companies in their sector

Vibre MCES eSports neural interfaces
Vibre team

The Vibre startup was born in 2017 by a team of bioengineers and computer scientists: Raffaele Salvemini (CEO and founder of Vibre but also of the Close-up Engineering network), Stefano Stravato, Sara Piras, Luca Talevi and Marco Renzi.

Vibre works in the field of BCI or brain-computer interfaces and has developed innovative algorithms capable of analyzing people's mental state in real time . All using non-invasive, wireless and very light devices, in fact they are placed on the user's forehead. The goal is to monitor the metrics produced by the human mind as it performs particular operations. This data is then used to improve performance, for entertainment or decision marketing .

MCES Italia, on the other hand, is a professional esports team based in Rome and recently arrived in Italy. The MCES concept is to have an existing network of Gaming Centers within the Sports Clubs with the aim of offering a gaming and sports experience in a healthy environment . The optimized infrastructures of the various venues allow the MCES Club to host events of all kinds such as tournaments or birthdays. MCES in Italy has competitive teams in disciplines such as FIFA21, Valorant, Pubg Mobile, League of Legends and Fortnite.

The agreement between Vibre and MCES Italia: to increase the performance of eSports athletes thanks to neural interfaces

Vibre MCES eSports neural interfaces

Esports is a discipline that is requiring more and more commitment from players. The tournaments take place like any sporting event: there is an audience, there are referees and commentators. So all the tension of the moment is combined with the ability to maintain concentration when you spend many hours in front of a computer . Understanding the mental state of gamers is essential to improve their performance. Therefore this agreement between Vibre and MCES Italia to improve eSports through neural interfaces.

MCES Italia understood this and therefore involved Vibre in this agreement that Tommaso Maria Ricci, general manager of MCES Italia, defined as “ historic in the world of eSports, a revolutionary decision that brings gamers even closer to professional sportsmen ”. Thanks to the Vibre technology and the algorithms developed to obtain and subsequently process the data, it will be possible to have access to information that will be crucial for MCES Italia's future decisions regarding the activity of its gamers.

A professional gamer must maintain good levels of concentration and must know how to manage the stress of competitions and training. So preserving psycho-physical health is essential to be able to give your best during the competitive events that are on the agenda. With Vibre technologies, MCES Italia will be able to monitor its players even during training in order to establish the actions to be taken to possibly correct situations that could compromise the conditions of the team.

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