After Zhong Xuegao, “assassins” flooded, tearing off the fig leaf of new consumption

This summer, there are more and more "assassins" in the food industry.

Because there is no clear price tag or the price is confusing, the "assassins" look unpretentious on the shelf, making people unprepared, but they are caught off guard and stabbed with a high price when paying.

In addition to ice cream, assassins can also be fruits, plums, duck necks, yogurt and even Mala Tang.

Shopping malls, fruit supermarkets and other "assassin's nests" are especially murderous.

You have been surrounded by "assassins"

Although they are all assassins, they have different styles. They are good at all kinds of hidden skills, looking for opportunities to hit the key in the dark.

Ice cream is the most obvious assassin organization, although they do not mark the price or the price is misplaced, as long as the person being assassinated asks the details, they put it back with awe, "I didn't dare to take the chocolate before, now I only dare to take the chocolate." It's an escape plan.

Plums and candied fruit in the shopping mall are the best at disguising. It makes you not aware of the difference between jin and liang.

19.8 yuan/two can easily be regarded as 19.8 yuan/catties, which is like calculating calories in "per serving" instead of "100 grams" for high-calorie snacks. Auntie went down with a shovel and weighed the price of 258 yuan, saying that she was finished, and she could return it, but the society may need to summon more courage.

Just like Huamei, the scales are uncertain, and there are also bulk fruit cut, Oden, and spicy hot pot. The watermelon and mango are only half a box, nearly 60 yuan; I bought seven or eight skewers, and my wallet is 90 yuan less.

The milk and fruit assassins are proficient in blindfolding and go out of their way.

When a consumer was buying milk, he encountered a situation where the promotional price and the Assassin product were deliberately placed very close, and immediately put it back.

A consumer interviewed by "Ran Dimension" once bought watermelons at a fruit store near the school. The price tag he saw was 2.5 yuan per kilogram, but it cost more than 40 yuan after the scale. It turned out that there were three kinds of melons under the price tag. The variety I received was 5 yuan per kilogram. "Although it is indeed better, I will not buy it on my own initiative. I should have chosen it more carefully at that time."

There is also a class of assassins who have an upright image and act treacherous, but those who are assassinated do not believe in this evil, so they want to buy them and try them out.

For example, Muji's hot and sour powder, priced at 9 yuan, has a net content of 10.6 grams. There is nothing to see on the net map.

In addition, consumers themselves lack some "self-protection skills", they can't weigh the weight with their bare hands, they know the unit price but don't know the approximate weight of a few apples, which leads to the feeling of being stabbed at the checkout.

After the word "assassin" became popular, there was also a self-media account of "Pengci", which counted the high-priced fruits with clearly marked prices into the ranks of assassins. They were indeed expensive, but they did not hide it. Haagen-Dazs has never been called an assassin, because the positioning of "luxury" is prominent, and the main focus is the high-end market.

It's not difficult to stop the assassin, just follow your heart and don't buy it, you don't have to force yourself because of the atmosphere, the clerk, and the face.

However, the feeling of being "stabbed" is often felt because there is a gap between consumers' perception and actual prices.

Plums, fruits, ice cream, these mass-consumed snacks are originally cheap. We will not deliberately guard against or shop around. There is a certain expected price range, but brands choose to reshape this common perception, which is practical and willing. What I do is to be an iPhone in the food industry, and what I want to do is to cut leeks.

The magic height is one foot and the road is ten feet high. Many consumers have posted "Assassin Wanted" on social platforms, popularizing information on assassins, "Don't take things you don't know, don't go into stores you don't know" has become a famous saying in the world.

Assassin's spear, pierced through the shield of consumption upgrades

Assassins have one very important thing in common – they are mostly elusive offline.

100 million netizens spontaneously defended the "Snow Lotus Ice Cubes", which had not increased in price for 13 years, but many consumers could not buy snow lotus in nearby canteens.

This is because the snow lotus ice cubes in a pack of fifty cents are mainly made of food additives such as drinking water and lemon flavor essence. One pack can only earn a few cents. The production capacity is limited and it is only sold offline in the surrounding area of ​​the factory. Transportation costs, prices have to increase, can be described as "powerless".

On the other side, mid-to-high-end ice creams occupy the freezer.

Similar to this phenomenon, around 2014 , Northeast Big Board put a batch of small freezers in newsstands and tobacco hotels, subsidized electricity bills every month, and left a higher gross profit for shopkeepers. Other brands have one piece and two pieces, and the Northeast big board has three pieces and five pieces, but it is still popular. High prices drive out low prices, which is a kind of "survival of the fittest" logic.

The market can only be left to the market, not feelings. After all, the cost of raw materials such as milk and whipped cream, as well as the cost of labor, rent, logistics, marketing, etc. , have not stayed in the same year, and the familiar cuteness is not ten years ago. price.

In addition to the freezer, why are there frequent assassins in shopping malls?

Compared with the vegetable market, the shopping mall may be a more frequent consumption place for young people. There are even people who go to the shopping mall to use the air conditioner in order to save electricity bills. As a result, I was stabbed several times to buy milk tea, dried pork, plum, and watermelon. When I got home, I found the air conditioner. No matter the story.

We knew things were expensive in the mall, but we didn't expect it to be so much more than we expected. For snack shops in shopping malls, rent alone accounts for about 20% of the total cost . Of course, there are higher costs for raw materials, labor, transportation, and marketing.

However, in shopping malls with high traffic, "assassins" can always capture consumers who are not very price-sensitive.

The frequent occurrence of offline assassins is also related to the limited express delivery under the epidemic. Chen Ming, a retail industry insider interviewed by Kai Pineapple Finance, pointed out:

There are so many voices against assassins this year. One of the important reasons is that many users who originally loved to compare prices online and were affected by express delivery and switched to offline consumption have been harvested.

Interestingly, there are similar suggestions in the "self-defense guide" of netizens:

To buy candied candied fruit, choose the more familiar Yoyomei, Hsu Fu Chi, Xuehai Meixiang, or Taobao to buy the soft candy packaged by yourself; for fruit, go to Duoduo grocery store and Pupu supermarket. In short, online shopping is more delicious.

In fact, the "assassins" did not emerge out of thin air this year. A few years ago, they could be called "consumption upgrades", but they got together and were called assassins this year.

In the Spring Festival of 2019, the retail price of cherries exceeded 60 yuan/kg, and "cherry freedom" has become a new standard used by people to measure purchasing power . But today, we don't talk about ice cream freedom, we talk about preventing ice cream assassins.

This is a collective vent in the name of an ice cream assassin – in the context of the epidemic that is frugal, consumption downgrade may be more mainstream.

"Consumer Daily" has counted five hot words in the consumption field in 2021, namely saving money, flattening, national tide, rationality, and breaking up, and four-fifths are talking about restraint.

Pingduo Factory, Lingqi Food Supermarket, and 1688 are new shopping paradises; Douban's "I love Lingqi Food" group has more than 90,000 "Temporary Food Workers"; from "Beauty Egg Storage Box" to "Egg Storage Box" "box", after the pink tax, online shopping also has replacement keywords.

In Douban's "Crazy Money Saving Group", there is a post asking "Isn't the original intention of saving money for a better life?" A high praise answer is:

This life is now enough, I save money to resist risk.

Among other things, wallets and deposits make more realistic decisions for us.

With so many new consumer brands, we have yet to achieve the "new freedom of consumption"

Sweeping around the wanted list of assassins, the famous ones on the list are:

Fruit assassins "Hundred Orchards", "Xianfeng Fruits", cooked food assassins "Jiujiu Duck", "Juewei", "Liao Ji Bang Bang Chicken", Huamei Assassins "Baili Mei", "Mei You Are Not Thirsty", and "Shi's Talk" , Oden Assassin "Magic Ball Cooked"… There are many new consumer brands.

Some consumers believe that Pagoda's fruits are indeed more delicious, and there is a reason for their price. "The varieties are different, and it is not easy for Pagoda to step on the thunder. Except for the price, there is no problem. If there is a problem, it will be returned."

There is a reason for being expensive, which is actually similar to what we expect from new consumer brands.

Taking new tea drinks as an example, tea drinks before 2015, such as Yidian, Michelle Bingcheng, and CoCo, often use ground tea residues or ordinary tea leaves to make base tea, and blend them with creamer powder; since 2015, tea drinks have The world has set off a trend of new tea drinks, which are extracted from high-quality tea leaves and added with fresh fruit or fresh milk to taste. Heytea, Nai Xue, and Tea Yanyuese are the representative brands.

However, although the raw material is the bulk of the cost of milk tea, the cost difference between each company will not be too big. Some brands have high prices, and the additional cost lies in brand marketing, store investment, complex production lines, and so on.

At the beginning of this year, some new tea products such as HEYTEA and Naixue were reduced in price, and the original price of more than 30 yuan disappeared.

▲ Picture from: Kai Pineapple Finance

This does not mean that HEYTEA and Naixue give up the positioning of light luxury. They are expanding the price band in the stock competition, controlling costs through supply chain, brand value, scale advantages, etc., and striving for more products with the same price but better raw materials. audience.

Consumers are still willing to pay for better products and experiences, but for various reasons, a psychological ceiling that is difficult to break has been established. More than ten yuan for a cup of milk tea is indeed a price that is more in line with the current situation and more in line with consumer perception.

There are also opposite examples. For example, the upgraded version of instant noodles, "Ramen Saying", costs more than 20 yuan per serving, with delicate dishes, solid meat, non-fried noodles and relatively nutritious broth.

However, due to reasons such as "high price, short shelf life, strong substitutability, and not particularly amazing taste" , ramen said that offline sales are not very good, and consumers are more willing to buy a fresh lunch and a cup of freshly ground coffee at the same price.

Zhong Xuegao, who was founded only 3 years ago and started with online channels, was able to quickly get out of the circle, and it was also the Internet play of new consumption standards .

Marketing of domestic products, emphasizing the high quality of raw materials, launching joint products with Luzhou Laojiao, playing with Weibo, Douyin, Xiaohongshu… Zhong Xuegao is a veritable "Internet celebrity" brand, 66 yuan per " The Ecuadorian Pink Diamond is even more impressive.

It doesn’t matter if Zhong Xuegao sells at a high price online, it’s another thing to go the route of selling affordable ice cream for the masses offline at a high price.

Regarding the quality of verbal criticism, Song Liang, a senior dairy analyst, said that it is not scientific to judge the quality of ice cream by burning and charcoal roasting; Xue Gao did use better raw materials such as milk and whole milk powder, which is not the same as the one-yuan popsicles with simple production process and single raw materials.

The quality and taste are better, and the price is reasonable. However, Zhong Xuegao was administratively punished twice for false propaganda in 2019. "Turpan Premium Red Grape" is actually a normal specification of red raisins, "without a drop of water, pure cow frankincense" has drinking water added. This kind of self-defeating behavior, the new consumer brands who are making great strides should reflect on it.

The so-called new consumption is an upgrade and reconstruction of the past experience, it is to make products that meet the current needs within reach, and it is to change the lifestyle that seems to be good enough, but it should experience the survival of the fittest in the market, which is a result of judgment, not A self-installing gimmick.

It is true that high-end, mid-end and low-end brands coexist, and consumers can get what they need, which is a healthy market. Perhaps because the price is higher than expected, or because it is not just a need, the consumers who are referring to the assassins have made a decision not to choose the so-called "consumption upgrade".

According to my observation, among the milk tea shops on Yiyuan South Road in Guangzhou, Michelle Bingcheng is the most lively. The reason is very simple. In this highly homogenized and competitive tea drinking track, surrounded by new consumer brands, It is still the cheapest one on the street.

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