After visiting this “tunnel of inspiration”, my Apple Watch heart rate almost burst!

Everyone knows that interesting people can't suppress the urge to press the road.

Who is not a restless baby?

A while ago, passing by the internet celebrity check-in point of Guangzhou Future News Agency, for a moment, it felt like being hit.

I also often feel that creativity has no limits, and my brain is bigger than the sky.

When it comes to creativity, it often means breaking through conventions and even catching people off guard. For example… You think I want to give an example.

And I just saw a tunnel.

What is this? … "Tunnel of Inspiration"?

"Inspiration is a kind of object, it travels through a neon tunnel, presenting multi-dimensional possibilities",

Bold colors, soft words, and little sisters scattered around the world…

When you don’t go shopping, you will suffer the chaos, don’t say much, just walk!

Young people are all face-controlled, and I am even more reluctant to grow old the moment I enter the tunnel.

The eyes are full of youth, beauty, and cool.

Ye Qing back!

The color is like light, and you can almost dance with music.

Being in it, there will be a kind of trance,

I'm not sure that the color of the jumping is my eyes,

Or the inspiration of the commotion entered my soul.

Walking through the "inspiration tunnel" is like walking through infinite creativity,

It makes people unconsciously feel like visiting the "brain circuit",

More excited than eating baked brain flowers.

The careful Apple Watch has discovered that

My heart rate and creativity fly together, and the autumn water is the same.

Coming out of the "tunnel of inspiration", the scene is also full of youth, a lively internet celebrity check-in point,

When the staff of Palla asked, they realized that it was the opening ceremony of the "GAC Trumpchi National College Student Advertising Creative Challenge".

The sign-in area for the opening ceremony was well arranged, with boldly contrasting main visuals, and various funny "Golden Sentence Boards". The little sisters and brothers who haunted from time to time clearly showed that being young is a symptom of "human-to-human transmission.

The opening guest invited the Guangzhou Underground Band "Xiao Long Bao Band".

"Each member represents each bun, and filling is the idea of ​​each bun",

I felt very enjoyable after watching the steamed bun performance, but I was hungry.

Fortunately, there are more than just buns!

Cocktail parties, Japanese and Western meals,

The on-site dinner is not only a carnival for foodies,

It is also the exchange, collision and integration of trends and multiculturalism.

It smells so good!

As the highlight of the event, the opening ceremony was also star-studded, with big names gathered.

The "Tutor's Day Group" formed by creative giants also took us around the "Inspiration Tunnel"

It is understood that this competition is soliciting creative advertising works for college students from all over the country. There are many interesting activities and attractive prizes!

  • "Giant Creative Blind Box" opening ceremony
  • "Not open class" campus presentation
  • "Talent Market" Creative Competition
  • 50 internship opportunities in famous companies including GAC Trumpchi, Aifaner, Youbixuan, Shengguang, Wanglaoji, Naixue’s Tea, etc.
  • Creative hot store startup funds
  • National head media exposure opportunities

After strolling through the whole event, there is such a feeling: In order to greatly attract the attention of college students with big brains, the organizer has taken great pains. This is a live recruitment video. You can feel it a little.

After the event, I found some registration information from the on-site young lady. Interested students can find out.

This competition is sponsored by GAC Trumpchi. It is a national creativity competition for full-time college students and graduate students in various universities across the country. It aims to explore campus creativity, stimulate college students’ creative thinking, and strengthen college students’ practical ability, innovation ability and cooperation Ability to select outstanding creative talents.

Event website:

There is also a small bonus. Now go to Guangzhou Future Club to check in the "Inspiration Tunnel" and you can redeem designated coffee at the front desk of Shell Coffee!

Well, this wave of wool is worth a visit.

[Check the event details, scan the code to register]

【About GAC Trumpchi】

GAC Trumpchi is one of the mid-to-high-end series cars of GAC Group. It is a domestic brand created by GAC Group to enhance its core competitiveness and achieve sustainable development. This series of models inherits the excellent genes of European high-end brands in terms of handling, comfort and active safety, and adopts the world's advanced mature chassis platform and powertrain technology. JD Power Initial Quality in China Report (IQS), a widely Chi Chuan for seven consecutive years, ranking China top brand.

GAC Trumpchi has served many high-end global forums, and has appeared in high-end events such as the G20 Summit, Davos Forum, and Fortune Global Forum. In 2017 and 2018, it was selected into the “CCTV National Brand Plan” twice. GAC Trumpchi has the strength to compete with joint venture brands and imported brands of the same level in all aspects of technology, configuration and quality. As a pioneer of independent brands, it continues to impact the mid-to-high-end market. It has been in Kuwait, UAE, Chile, Cambodia, Nigeria Sales and service channel marketing networks have been deployed in 14 countries.

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