After unpacking 8 boxes of moon cakes, we found the doorway behind the brand packaging bag

Looking forward to, looking forward to, the National Day is approaching, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is also coming. Together, the two brothers have come up with a wonderful matching method for you. They will send you mooncakes before the holiday, so that you can eat mooncakes for a few laps, and then go for a walk on National Day and then reduce the fatness of mooncakes.

Looking at the moon cakes on Ai Fan'er's desk, I fell into a kind of anxiety of "all staff obesity."

I don't know when I started to feel more and more insensitive to high-calorie foods like moon cakes. After all, no matter how delicious they are, eating one will end. On the contrary, I pay more and more attention to packaging bags for commodities and consumer goods, and want to see what tricks different brands have played on the outer packaging.

▲ Starbucks Mooncake Gift Box this year

How are the mooncakes this year?

Every year, the opening of moon cakes must not be missed.

As a group of people who have the most accurate insights into consumers, various technology brands have discovered the trend of moon cake gift boxes early-whether the moon cake is delicious or not is still important, but it is not so important. Compared with the taste of moon cakes, other creative gifts and packaging designs in moon cake gift boxes may be more important than these.

I have done several Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes for OPPO, and will share my design ideas on the design website. The lines of the box and the inner packaging you see are actually inadvertently implanted by the brand, and the packaging conveys an image that matches the brand positioning.

▲ The expression of laser hot stamping on the optical beauty of Aurora in the OPPO Mid-Autumn Festival gift box in 2019

For example, Zhihu's mooncake theme is the mascot Liu Kanshan. Mooncakes can only occupy a little more than one-third of the content in the gift box, which is more space for users to play freely. Zhihu intimately prepared paintbrushes and other painting materials, so that you can sway on the canvas with Liu Kanshan. If you leave your own "painting" frame after eating moon cakes, then you know that this gift box is very successful.

Ali's mooncakes are full of times. In this special year this year, the theme of Ali mooncakes is still "together", and there is a sentence on the back of "love is the power to resolve everything." The mooncakes are quite satisfactory, but there is also a kaleidoscope that comes with the gift box, which should make you see more colorful worlds.

Finally, I have to mention the packaging bags with Ali characteristics. The orange-packed hand-shaped eco-friendly bags have special creases, and the bag itself has a little taste. It feels like an eco-friendly bag made by re-recycling express bags.

OPPO's mooncakes this year are also too many elements, worthy of praise. There are moon cakes, cups, copper spoons, and tea leaves in a glass test tube.

MediaTek is a two-drawer mooncake style. The small packaging box also has brand elements such as AI and 5G. The packaging box is also like a chip. It is worth mentioning that MediaTek also has a small box of assembling toys mixed into the mooncakes, and I don’t know what it will be. But for technology practitioners, this should not be denied.

The moon cakes obtained are full of cultural atmosphere. There are not only "Ruihe Tu" that can be hung at home, but also manuscript sets and lower case pen sets containing masterpieces of Tang and Song poetry and paintings. Even the moon cakes have chosen the very cultural flavors of Pu'er tea, green tea, and Dahongpao, which is full of cultural sense.

This year, Tencent moon cakes were complained by employees for being too "simple", but the gift box size perfectly fits the Great Wall bricks and the full Great Wall elements in the moon cake packaging can already score high culturally. It not only saved a lot of costs, but also promoted Tencent's Jiankou Great Wall repair project, which can be said to be more than one bird.

However, the simplest thing is the moon cakes that read the text, focusing on exploring the beauty of the moon cakes themselves, and conveying the brand message through the packaging of the moon cakes. The appearance of Yutu is the finishing touch of the gift box.

The Mid-Autumn Mooncakes directly hired by Boss are not as magical as brand advertising, but rather elegant. This box is easy to think of Tiffany.

But the most special thing is the telescope sent with the gift box. It is divided into three parts, but it is not difficult to assemble it. The handicapped party can handle it in ten minutes.

At the moment when everyone wants to make you fatter into the Moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival, it provides you with a better choice to observe the sky.

Packaging is a big "learning"

However, no matter how meticulously the mooncakes are packaged, and no matter how cultural they are, they are only the Mid-Autumn Festival. If you want to see the design concept that the brand wants to convey, you have to look at it from the packaging bag. The daily packaging bag is the key element closest to the user and the most able to convey the brand message. On this topic, we can't get around the various consumer brands.

The packaging must first be practical.

So you can see that major brands have designed packaging bags of different sizes and functions for their products.

IKEA is one of them. As the smallest packaging bag, its mini bag has become an online celebrity item, so popular that Xiaohongshu and INS are everywhere.

But IKEA's large packaging bags are the "soul" of the brand. They look no different from the woven bags in China decades ago. However, most people are willing to take IKEA woven bags to the supermarket instead of sacks. It's the difference. Although the brand is also a very important element, the blue and yellow IKEA bags look more stylish than the grid.

▲ IKEA bags of different sizes

Two handbags, one long and one short, also bring more possibilities for IKEA. It can be carried by hand or carried on both shoulders, and the opening size of the packaging bag is exquisite, which also brings more choices to IKEA consumers.

The big brands and the bags are indeed sturdy and durable. The IKEA bags can basically be kept away from the trash can and placed in a drawer properly, waiting to be re-launched the day it is needed.

Brands like IKEA that need to carry heavy objects will generally make their own packaging bags very strong, like ordinary consumer brands, ordinary paper bags and logos can be done.

▲ IKEA also has paper bags, so moving is no problem

Uniqlo paper bags are very simple. The white paper bags and the red logo are quite concise and consistent with the brand tone. Another paper bag is made of kraft paper with a white logo. The design is almost effortless, but it is often seen by Uniqlo's brand awareness. Depending on the size of the clothes purchased by the customer, these bags will also be selected by the shop assistant and given to the customer. In addition to paper bags, plastic-packaged bags will also appear when buying small single items.

It is worth mentioning that Uniqlo also has very intimate paper bag raincoats. When it rains outside, sometimes if you are lucky, you will get a raincoat from the clerk. The transparent material and the small packaging bag fit perfectly.

Similar clothing brands include UR, Zara, HM, Nike, MUJI, Adidas, Champion, they all believe that simplicity is beauty, and ordinary solid color paper bags with logos are enough. Many people know that MINISO is basically a local Chinese model except for its registered company in Japan, but the "Japan" printed on the paper bag can still mislead many people, making people think that it is a "pure Japanese product."

▲ Among these pure color paper bags, the most expensive Mo&Co and Tiffany paper bags are the thickest

The north face paper bags are a bit different. Although there are also simple kraft paper and logo combinations, they are also cool red and black packaging. But what is more admirable is the paper bag containing the climbing comics and the paper bag printed with "Never stop exploring". These are the best publicity of an outdoor sports product company.

In the past few years, beverage brands also changed their packaging under the influence of industry leaders. In addition to Starbucks, which has continued to love kraft paper brands for many years, more and more beverage consumer brands whose prices are closer to Starbucks have also begun to choose paper bags for packaging.

Brand + design, packaged into collections/durable goods

I don't know when, I think paper bags are more high-end than plastic bags… But I think businesses are also aware of this. The price of paper bags is also very high, high-end brands.

A consumer who has drunk dozens of different drinks said that sometimes he even collects drink paper bags, not knowing what he wants to do, but he still hoards them, just like the family gathered plastic bags many years ago.

Practical packaging is also an important factor in keeping the bag. Brands like Heycha and Nayuki's tea even have an insulation layer for take-out packaging. In addition to maintaining the temperature of cold and hot drinks, they can also be used in all possible scenarios in life. While the beverage brand Michelle Ice City also has an insulation layer when ordering ice cream to take out, a lot of ice cubes are placed in it sincerely, but because there is no unified packaging, the overall brand value is reduced a lot.

▲ Heycha and Nayuki's thermal bag

Faced with the diversified packaging bags in the consumer era, many people will choose some clean, design and branded bags to preserve. Even if I probably won’t be able to use it later, I’m very happy to look at a beautiful drawer of paper bags. A friend beside me who always packs paper bags said to me:

Go to various stores to collect paper bags, and be careful not to get dirty. In the past, paper bags of foreign brands were basically only needed, because they were not so low. Now many national brand paper bags are also very good-looking. Even the packing belts of traditional catering brands have a lot of good-looking ones. It can be said that they have collected more.

In the Douban Paper Bag Collection Museum group, 15,000+ paper bag collectors are sharing their experience of collecting paper bags. In the eyes of these collectors, recyclable paper bags are treasures of life (crossed out), not only can be recycled, but also have diversified functions. They will expose all kinds of rare paper bags they collect, and they will also manually transform the paper bags into book covers, mobile phone cases, storage boxes, wallpapers, and wallets.

▲ Mobile phone case and cover made by member Xin Xia with paper bags. Picture from: Paper Bag Collection Museum

Manual DIY allows people to have the beauty of private customization, and the official shot is a limited and scarce beauty that stimulates consumption.

IKEA used its own packaging as inspiration to sell Knorva hats in limited quantities in the United States. A hat of $2.49 can successfully get a tenfold premium.

If an impressive brand bag is willing to dye itself into a rainbow color, then the bag will not only have a higher collection value, but also a higher economic value.

Put the classic yellow and blue color scheme of the IKEA bag on the coconut shoes, and there will be more stories about the shoes that are already difficult to grab.

In addition to Starbucks kraft paper bags, there is also a newly launched "washed kraft paper environmentally friendly bag", which has the same appearance, and is indeed more environmentally-friendly packaging bags with higher economic value. If a brand like Hey Tea is co-branded with well-known brands such as AAPE, M&M Bean, and Little Yellow Duck, it will not only have innovations on the beverage line, but will also push more limited packaging that many paper bag fans want.

Naixue's tea also has Sichuan Airlines, People's Daily, CUPSEUM cat cup and other partners.

Uniqlo's UT also has co-branded bags. The front and back of these paper bags are specially designed, and even the sides are different. The stolen Kaws co-branded can be sold for 20 yuan each in Uniqlo shopping malls, and the other co-branded paper bags are also 10 yuan each. Only the unconcerned Blizzard co-branded UT paper bags can buy two for 10 yuan.

▲ Blizzard really doesn't care about it

These beautifully designed bags can also become commodities on e-commerce websites. Some stores that specialize in paper bags allow customers to buy dozens of trendy paper bags at the same time. They are the most popular trendy brands among young people at the moment, and some have monthly sales of more than 10,000. Lizi, who has ten years of e-commerce shopping experience, feels that these are likely to be shops that are enthusiastic and sell high-priced paper bags made by themselves:

I once bought a gift bag in an outlet, but if Ole doesn't have it, I will go to Taobao to buy a paper bag from MK. If a store sells too many branded paper bags, it can basically be regarded as a paper bag business, and those paper bags may not be real. Although it doesn't matter whether the paper bags are genuine or not, the bags in the paper bag store are definitely different from the bags sold by brand purchasing.

Normally, a paper bag cannot be sold at a price, but as long as there is an extra brand logo, a lot of people will buy it for $1-5.

As an important part of brand promotion, the packaging of paper bags is very important. But only when you have a good brand, consumers will care about whether your paper bag design is good or not, and will inadvertently put the brand paper bag properly after shopping, and Taobao's paper bag store will also sell paper bags similar to the brand paper bag.

With the addition of the brand, a well-designed paper bag can also become a collector's item in the hearts of consumers.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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