After the transparent earphone, I have a trick, Nothing wants to make the phone transparent?

In many science fiction movies, we often see screens that are transparent like glass. Undoubtedly, this has always been a kind of imagination of the future electronic products. In order to realize such a scene, people have been exploring.

According to the news released by YANKO DESIGN not long ago, Nothing, a cutting-edge technology product, may launch a Nothing phone (1) in 2022. In early 2021, Nothing had acquired the mobile phone brand Essential and established a cooperative relationship with Qualcomm in October of the same year, ready to enter the smartphone market.

▲ Picture from: Nothing

Although the official does not give more exact information about this Nothing phone (1), there is already a "civil god" Osho Jain who has produced what he imagined this phone-with a transparent back cover, The fingerprint sensor is designed as a red button on the back cover, and the frame around the body adopts a smooth arc design.

▲Osho Jain design drawing, picture from: YANKO DESIGN

As for the screen, from the design drawings of Osho Jain, the screen of this phone seems to be transparent. It seems that some bold design conjectures can be traced from the Nothing brand's own vision and the first product-TWS earphone ear (1). One of the design concepts of this headset is "no sense", and the transparent headset box and the phone handle shell actually achieve the effect to a certain extent.

▲Nothing ear (1), picture from: Nothing

Pei Yu, the founder of the Nothing brand, once mentioned his vision for the future lifestyle: "On a meadow, people are having a picnic. There is no screen, no laptop screen, no mobile phone screen, no smart watch screen, no billboard screen." In his imagination, the screens of these devices have been "disappeared."

Why do we need a transparent screen? The scene depicted in "Three-body 2: Dark Forest" may find the answer.

They finally walked into the trunk hall of No. 1863 tree where Shi Qiang lived. Shi Qiang said that he lived on 106 branches close to the top of the tree. He suggested that he had a meal below before going up. They walked into the restaurant on the side of the lobby. In addition to the cleanliness of the three-dimensional animation, another feature of this era was more obvious here than Luo Ji saw for the first time in the Wake Center: there are dynamic information windows everywhere, On the walls, desktops, chairs, floors and ceilings, and even some small items, such as drinking glasses and napkin boxes on the dining table, there are operating interfaces, scrolling text or dynamic image displays, as if the entire restaurant is a big computer The display shows a luxuriant and gleaming splendor.

In the lives of modern people, electronic products such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, earphones, etc. are indispensable. More and more devices mean that our space is occupied.

In such a scene, the "disappearance" of the screen brings a kind of "no feeling", which can quickly meet our needs when we need to use it, and better integrate with the surrounding environment when we don't need to use it. .

Although the idea is good, the road of "how to make electronic products transparent" has not gone so smoothly.

In fact, there are already a lot of "transparent" products. In addition to the transparent headphones mentioned above, some shopping malls also have transparent windows that can display information. Shenzhen Metro Line 10 and Beijing Metro Line 6 are both in some cars. With car windows with transparent screens installed, Xiaomi and LG have also introduced transparent TVs, and Samsung has also shown transparent notebooks at CES in 2010.

▲Xiaomi Transparent TV, the picture comes from: Xiaomi

In terms of mobile phones, LG’s GD 900 transparent keyboard phone, Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X5 transparent screen phone launched in 2009, Sony’s Xperia 1 released in 2019, Lenovo’s color screen transparent phone S800 launched in 2011, and 2018 Xiaomi's release of the Mi 8 Transparent Discovery Edition is a good attempt, but it also shows that the current "transparency of electronic products" cannot be avoided.

▲ i Sony Xperia X5, the picture comes from: @趣评论

As a device for people to obtain information, transparency means that the inside of the device is fully exposed. How to hide the internal components to ensure the transparency of the screen itself? The current method adopted by TVs and computers for "big items" is to hide this part in other places such as the base or keyboard. If there is a choice, it is inevitable to lose sight of the other, and it is easy to become a "partial student" who ignores the most important tool of the product.

Another problem is how to ensure the display effect of the transparent screen. In current products, it is difficult for the screen to completely display the text and color information contained in the screen under strong light or even normal light, and the user experience is greatly reduced.

Although there is still a long way to go to make electronic equipment transparent, we expect Nothing phone (1) to bring surprises and bring us one step closer to the fantasy scene.

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