After the miracle car MINI EV, Wuling released its first sedan, aiming at the “three big moms on the road”

In Liuzhou, in addition to snail noodles, there is also "chopped pepper fish head".

Don’t get me wrong, the “fish head with chopped pepper” mentioned here is not the famous traditional dish originating from the Shonan region. In Liuzhou, Guangxi, "Fish Head with Chopped Pepper" has transformed from a home-cooked dish to a frequent visitor in busy streets.

▲ Mini EV on the street Picture from Autohome

In 2020, SAIC-GM-Wuling reached a cooperation with the Liuzhou Municipal Government. Wuling officially invested in Liuzhou's all-region tourism services. Based on its mini car Baojun E100, it created a "WarmCar shared car" intelligent travel platform to open up the last mile between urban attractions. The vehicle length of 2.4 meters brings enough convenience for travel. Mini cars represented by Baojun E100 are nicknamed "Chopped Pepper Fish Head". With the popularity of Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, mini cars have set off a phenomenal "storm" in the national automobile market.

Three years later, when the mini-car market began to "fade", Wuling, known as the "master of mini-cars", stood at the top of the A0-class car market and looked to the next hill.

On Wuling's Technology Evolution Day tonight (October 16), Wuling officially released its first sedan, Starlight, which is positioned as a "super-A-class family sedan". The "occupancy rate" of the vehicle exceeds 57.9%, and it focuses on the comfortable and space-oriented route. The new Wuling Starlight offers two power structures: pure electric and hybrid, and is expected to be officially launched in late November.

▲Wuling Starlight

Wuling wants to build its own new energy family car.

The "god" who went down the mountain is taking another road up the mountain

The glory of mini cars has always been Wuling's background.

In 1982, Liuzhou Tractor Factory's first handmade minicar officially rolled off the production line; in 1985, Liuzhou Tractor Factory changed its name to Liuzhou Minicar Factory, and entered the automobile manufacturing industry with its minicar production business. Wuling's minicar history began here. A year into writing.

If the "magic car" Wuling Hongguang was Wuling's important shot in the world auto market, then the Wuling Hongguang MINI EV launched in 2020 has become the most significant turning point in Wuling's car-making process.

Wuling will build whatever the people need.

Supported by Wuling's "micro-cost and high value" vehicle manufacturing concept, Wuling Hongguang MINI EV has hit the market window period for A00-class models. With a starting price of less than 30,000 yuan, MINI EV has staged a "big debut" "Miracle" show.

▲Wuling Hongguang MINI EV

In the first financial year after its launch (2021), the total sales of Wuling Hongguang Mini EV reached 426,500 units, accounting for 75.87% of the total sales of SAIC-GM-Wuling models; in 2022, the sales of MINI EV will enter an explosive period. Cumulative deliveries for the year increased by 29.9% month-on-month, with single-model sales of 554,000 units. For reference, Tesla's overall sales during the same period were "only" 439,000 units.

The strong sales growth performance not only makes Wuling the fastest car company in the world to reach one million sales in 2022, but also radiates the ripples of new energy to the lower-level model structure. At the press conference, Wuling Motors Brand Director Sixing revealed that the emergence of MINI EV has changed the ecology of the A00-class model market, and the new energy penetration rate in the domestic mobility scooter market has been accelerated to 99%.

With wild market performance and healthy market ecology, it is not too much to say that Wuling is the "god" in the mini car market.

However, the "tropical storm" in the mini car market has not spread to 2023. With the saturation of the A00-class model market, Wuling Hongguang MINI EV was forced to go downhill starting in the fourth quarter of last year. In the first half of this year, the total sales volume of MINI EV was 122,000 units. The weak sales volume directly affected the group's profit performance. According to SAIC Group's half-year financial report, SAIC-GM-Wuling's operating income decreased by approximately 6 billion yuan compared with the same period last year, and its net profit fell by 89% year-on-year.

MINI EV's fatigue is more serious than we imagined.

If Wuling wants to consolidate its position among the top three domestic new energy brands in terms of sales, it needs to quickly adjust and find the next sales breakthrough. Wuling, walking down the mountain, began to set its sights on the family A-class sedan market next to it.

Brand Director Sixing further revealed to us that Wuling conducted a research on the A00-C class model market, and finally they found that among these five classes of models, the new energy penetration rate of the A00 class is infinitely close to 100%, while the new energy penetration rate of the A-class car is infinitely close to 100%. The energy penetration rate is only 20.9%, which is also the model class with the lowest penetration rate of new energy. In addition, Wuling also found that among the top ten sales of A-class cars in 2023, the "Three Aunts on the Road" are impressively listed, and Domestic models occupy only one of them.

For Wuling, which "focuses on building cars for the people", the market for family A-class cars is broad enough. Building a domestic A-class family car favored by the market is Wuling's next step up the mountain.

Volume energy consumption and volume security, we do it

Civilians building cars are not necessarily "technical deserts."

Sixing believes that in the A-class family car market, the core needs of users are nothing more than "low fuel consumption", "fuel saving" and "large space". Wuling Starlight can accurately hit these three major needs.

On its first sedan Xingguang, Wuling officially released two leading technologies – Lingxi hybrid architecture and Shenlian battery, all to better achieve reliability and low energy consumption.

Wuling Starlight will be equipped with Wuling's new native new energy architecture "Lingxi Hybrid Architecture". According to the official statement, the Lingxi Hybrid Architecture can be compatible with various energy structures such as pure electric, hybrid, and extended range. In the research and development of the Lingxi Architecture, Wuling has invested as much as 2 billion yuan in total.

Wuling Lingxi hybrid architecture is laid by excellent hardware such as "hybrid-specific engine", "electromagnetic DHT", "electric drive system" and "hybrid-specific battery". Through full-scenario data software calibration, it brings better performance to users. energy consumption and driving experience.

At the "heart" of the Lingxi hybrid architecture, Wuling has placed a 1.5L hybrid-specific engine with a maximum thermal efficiency of 43.2%. This highly efficient engine runs in the "high efficiency zone" for 92% of the working time, with power generation ranging from 8kw to 60kw, achieving smoother fuel-to-electricity conversion and achieving full-link fuel saving and environmental protection.

Since it is a hybrid model, it is not only the fuel engine that maintains high efficiency. Wuling has also made great efforts on the motor, the core component of electric train drive. Wuling Motor uses double-layer short-distance low-harmonic windings, low-loss high-performance silicon steel sheets and other materials to reduce motor harmonic losses and increase the maximum efficiency of the motor to 96.8%. The proportion of motor system efficiency above 85% is greater than 85%.

In addition, Wuling released the first electromagnetic DHT technology. Through electromagnetic ejection technology, the accuracy of the speed difference between the front and rear gear plates of the electromagnetic DHT can be controlled within 50 rpm. At the moment of conversion from gasoline to electric co-drive, the engine speed is adjusted by lightning to synchronize with the wheel speed to achieve "zero frustration" power response, bringing Give car owners and users a sustained and stable "pure electric driving experience."

Pursuing high efficiency in hardware technology may not be enough. Wuling pays attention to the impact of road conditions and wind resistance on battery life. Based on the big data model, Wuling has designed a smarter "brain" for the Lingxi hybrid architecture. The data model will obtain the best working condition data in real time based on the vehicle's current road conditions to achieve flexible adjustment of the engine.

The impact of wind resistance on battery life is much greater than we imagined. Every time the drag coefficient is reduced by 0.01 on average, the driving range can be increased by 6-8km. Wuling optimized as many as 17 design details on the Starlight body, and finally controlled the drag coefficient to 0.228cd, which reduced the wind resistance by 25.1%. The endurance performance of the Starlight was improved by a full 56km.

We have found that more and more new energy car companies no longer "curtail" energy consumption, and we at Wuling will continue to "curtail" energy consumption.

Sixing said this at the press conference. He believes that excessive power consumption/fuel consumption should not be a label for new energy vehicles. New energy vehicles should first be the best in energy consumption.

Wuling's emphasis on energy consumption has paid off. Sixing further disclosed Wuling Starlight's power-feed driving energy consumption. Under WLTC operating conditions, Wuling Starlight's fuel consumption per 100 kilometers reached an astonishing 3.98L.

No matter how efficient the driving performance is, no matter how economical the energy consumption performance is, it also requires sufficient safety and reliability support. At the press conference, Wuling officially released a new battery product, Shenlian Battery.

The energy density of Shenlian battery exceeds 165Wh/kg, and the peak power exceeds 300kw. In order to ensure the safety of the battery, Wuling adopted the "MUST" multi-functional integrated structure technology, pioneering the introduction of the "main wing" design concept of large aircraft into the design structure, integrating the battery-protecting structural beams, side panels and thermal management systems into the MUST Functional parts form a stable structure of "three horizontal and six vertical". Shenlian batteries have withstood Wuling’s many extreme tests. In the test environment, the Shenlian battery can achieve a deformation of 40% without misfiring, and can also achieve normal cycles under the 1/3 acupuncture limit.

To solidify the bottom line of safety, driven by Wuling's philosophy, Xingkong meets the "needs and needs" of new energy A-class family sedans, and also carries Wuling's expectations of climbing the "hill" of another model.

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