After the first show of Google’s ChatGPT overturned, why can it turn against the wind?

OpenAI was born, and Google, an old technology giant, was caught off guard.

The actor Matthew McConaughey told us in "Interstellar" that Murphy's Law means that "everything that can happen will happen sooner or later."

However, Google used practical actions to "teach a lesson" to the actor. Murphy's Law refers to "things that can go wrong will always go wrong", and the more urgent the more mistakes.

"Bard is not a search engine"

On the evening of February 8th, Beijing time, Google officially released the "self-developed version of ChatGPT" Bard, but during the demonstration, Bard exposed its disadvantages: it is easy to fabricate wrong facts.

Bard says the James Webb Telescope (JWST) took the first picture of an exoplanet, but that's not true. The first exoplanet was taken in 2004 by the European Very Large Telescope, funded by the European Southern Observatory , at that time JWST was still under development.

▲ So this is obviously a wrong fact

Google's stock price plummeted that night, and nearly $100 billion in market value evaporated. To this day, Google is still paying the price for this blunder.

Recently, according to a Google all-hands conference call audio obtained by CNBC, employees criticized the leadership and accused Google of "rushing and clumsy" for the first public demonstration. Friendly, more of a question to management.

Jack Krawczyk, head of product at Bard, made an unexpected response at the meeting:

Bard is not a search engine. This is the collaborative AI-as-a-service experiment we’ve been talking about. What we found while using the product is that the magic of it is this creativity partner that helps you be the spark of your imagination and explore your curiosity and things like that

At the same time, he also added, "For those who want to use it to search, Google has built a new feature for internal use called Search It".

▲ His profile on the LinkedIn page is written as "Machine Teacher"

It means that in the future, Google will further combine artificial intelligence with its old search engine, but now, searching for certain things is not the original intention of Bard.

In a way, Jack Krawczyk is right to defend Bard's mistakes, but come to think of it, even if Bard isn't a search engine, that shouldn't be an excuse for its mistakes.

In principle, both Bard and ChatGPT are chatbots: After receiving a large amount of text corpus training, they will give feedback based on the user's questions, and the feedback is random and tendentious, and everything depends on the training data of the model.

So it is not difficult to predict that Bard will repeat the problems that have occurred in ChatGPT.

Fortunately, Bard is still in the internal testing state, and Google still has enough time to debug and optimize. What Google needs to worry about is not to have problems after the product is released. Recently, Bing Chat (Bing Chat) that stole the limelight is Google Lessons learned from others.

Microsoft using ChatGPT, life is not so easy

At the beginning of the year, Microsoft invested billions of dollars in OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT, for model training, and announced that it would integrate ChatGPT into the Bing search system.

Just a day before Google released Bard, Microsoft delivered on this promise: users were ecstatic, the market reaction was high, and OpenAI was in the limelight.

However, when users actually use Bing Chat, they realize that it is actually a semi-finished product, and everything is not as good as imagined.

Outspoken and nonsensical, Bing Chat, which has just been launched, has shown a sensational "personality" little by little under the attempts of many users, so some people remembered the bridge section of Skynet in the science fiction movie and clamored for "artificial intelligence". Personality is born."

Microsoft had to limit the number of replies to Bing Chat based on feedback, and the "castrated version" of Bing Chat became harmless to humans and animals, and it didn't work that well.

At the same time, the technological dividends that Microsoft obtained some time ago have also been wiped out a little bit.

▲ Microsoft's stock price has fallen back to the level before the release of Bing Chat

From this point of view, if Google does not want Bard to repeat the same mistakes, it becomes understandable to cut Bard from the search scene.

Jack Krawczyk also emphasized in the plenary meeting, "We will continue to focus on the testing of Bard."

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that they will reveal more about Bard at this year's I/O conference. This set of "delay tactics" is shameful, but useful. At least before Bard officially met with the public, people saw the mistakes it made, and there was only the answer about the photo of the exoplanet.

While putting out the fire, increase the horsepower at the same time

Although Google is now overwhelmed by artificial intelligence, they still firmly believe that this technology can benefit mankind. The so-called "AI has abused me thousands of times, and I treat AI like first love."

Just this week, Google and the Technical University of Berlin jointly announced the latest visual language model PaLM-E, with a parameter volume of 562 billion.

In the demonstration, people gave commands directly in language, and the robot was able to respond to them.

For example, to order a robot to go to the kitchen to get a bag of rice chips (Rice chips), it needs to plan a task sequence that includes "go to the kitchen", "find", "a bag of rice chips", "return to the person who gave the command" and "put down the rice chips" , This is the application of language models in the field of robotics. Engineers no longer need to perform language training on robots, and the latter can easily understand the user's instructions and act accordingly.

Such an application scenario, on the contrary, allows Google to return to its original field of expertise. Instead of using Bard to confront ChatGPT, it is better to bypass the minefield and do what a technology giant is good at: integrating unlimited resources to create new things that do not exist in this world.

Artificial intelligence helped Google create the strongest single-camera Pixel phone in history, and it also helped Waymo take the top spot on the autopilot track. Google is not a new player in the field of artificial intelligence, and has never given up on artificial intelligence.

▲ Pixel 3, image source: 9to5 Google

Maybe looking back at Bard in the far future is just a small episode in the evolution of Google.

Whether Google will go to the bottom or return to the top in the future, the I/O Development Conference on May 10 this year will be a key node.

A good show has only just begun. But what is certain is that users will always be the beneficiaries of the competition between the snipe and the clam.

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