After minors can only play games for three hours a week, one-star bad reviews, scams, and rental accounts have all come

As a player of Glory of the King, Yu felt a moment of shock in the first week when the Minors' Most Strict Prevention Notice was issued. This is not because of how unreliable his teammates are, or how strong his opponents are. It was because his teammates and opponents disappeared in an instant-the time for the minors to allow the game came, and the other 9 minor players were forced to go offline.

For a 5V5 competitive game, it is definitely a novel experience that there is only one player in the entire canyon. In the end, he took the pawn line to push off the crystal and silently saved the video of the game.

After minors can only be online for three hours a week, there are many similar new things.

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After only playing for three hours a week…

Not long ago, the National Press and Publication Administration required strict restrictions on the time for providing online game services to minors. All online game companies can only provide minors with 1 hour service from 20 to 21:00 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays. At other times, they are not allowed to provide online game services to minors in any form. content. In other words, the number of online games played by minors is three hours a week later.

If you can only play online games for three hours a week, what will minors do?

To look in a good direction, that is, children return to offline and continue to play card games with their friends. Although I still play the game, my eyes are no longer fixed on the screen, and parents are relieved a lot. Weibo user @米芋厨 posted a screenshot of a picture of children playing outdoor games again, exclaiming "It's like childhood!"

▲ Children play card games outdoors. Picture from: @米芋厨

Perhaps in the case that mobile games cannot be played, minors will return to offline games. But in the three hours that they are allowed to play online games each week, they will definitely come back online, because this has become the three-hour limit per week.

Weibo KOL @No one knows Hangzhi better than me. Feng Yue said that his daughter has been playing games longer after having strict anti-addiction requirements.

▲@No one knows better than me, Hang Zhi Feng Yue's daughter feels that game time is more precious after being addicted

This is evidenced by the #王者胜利败了#, which occupies the top list of hot search topics on Weibo for a long time over the weekend. After implementing a strict time limit strategy, minors went online on Saturday, and the surge of traffic squeezed out the stable servers. This kind of thing was not common in the former glory of the king.

The Glory of the King proves that the limited game time will make minors not want to miss a minute. If you seize the time to go online, you will have to play for three hours. But while playing your game, it does not prevent you from giving a negative review to your game, because three hours is really too short and not enough.

▲ The King of Glory collapsed on the hot search

Click on any app store, search for Glory of Kings, and display the comments in chronological order, and you will be able to see a large number of negative comments. This is a bit like a student group giving Dingding a star during the epidemic last year, and minors are using scores to express their attitudes. As of press time, the App Store’s Glory of Kings score remained 4 points, but the scores of all major Android applications have almost fallen below 3 points.

The phone still has a grid of electricity to give a bad review.

Well, give six stars, one more.

I am in a very good mood today, bad review.

▲ Low-scoring reviews published on the App Store, as well as approval reviews from a small number of adults

To solve the game anti-addiction restriction? Rental account and fraud are here

The attitude of playing the low score table, when the time comes, you have to hurry up and play. So what happens to minors who can’t play games outside of the game’s time limit?

Borrowing an elder’s account to play games is likely to be a solution. So some people can see the "grand event" of a 60-year-old adult qualifying to win the five kills with Zhao Yun at three o'clock in the morning. It's not that there are no 60-year-old players in Glory of the Kings, but that this incident is really not common, so some people suspect that these accounts are all grandchildren and granddaughters who have borrowed their grandparents' ID cards to complete the registration.

▲ Picture from: @康里个康SFC

But compared with this kind of case where the elders help register, the more common may be the "booming" development of the number rental business.

Before the implementation of the anti-addiction policy, Honor of Kings actually had an industry chain related to the rental and sales number business. They were scattered on various platforms and it was difficult to completely eliminate them. After the implementation of the strictest prevention of addiction policy, there will also be second-hand e-commerce platforms and even social platforms for minors who want to play games to receive an adult account that can play games.

Aifaner has tested on different platforms and found that the renting account will basically not encounter any obstacles.

It may be a small obstacle that you can’t see the search results when searching for "King Rental Account" on Taobao, but if you modify it slightly to "King Glory", you can see a large number of businesses related to buying, selling, and transferring numbers. Search for "Rent" in the store. "No." also has different products and services. Pinduoduo directly search for "rental number" also has a large number of products available.

▲ There are many account rental services on e-commerce platforms

On these platforms, you can rent an account for one hour at a minimum of 3 yuan, and rent for a few hours. In order to attract customers, some shops advertised that the first order is free and the rental number starts at 1 yuan. It is worth mentioning that almost none of these accounts require face verification, and accounts that require face verification will have lower prices than ordinary accounts.

Although some merchants indicate "You are not allowed to rent an account" on the details page, there is no link to verify whether you are an adult during the actual transaction. Tencent's response to this was that "it has sued or sent letters to more than 20 account trading platforms and multiple e-commerce platforms, requesting the suspension of related services. At the same time, it also called for the introduction of corresponding regulations as soon as possible to strictly control account rental and sales."

Before account rental attracted widespread attention, Tencent wanted to use "Zero Cruise" to solve the problem of minors borrowing accounts to play games. This feature will focus on the face screening of accounts that have been played at night for more than a certain period of time and whose real names are adults. Anyone who refuses or fails face verification will be regarded as a minor and kicked offline.

▲ “Zero Cruise'' makes adults also need face recognition

But this function will only work from the early hours of the morning. If you want to adapt to today's requirements, you need to work 165 hours a week for 168 hours. Not to mention that forced face recognition will offend many adult players. After all, when the "Zero Cruise" function was released, someone asked, "Who is going to protect the adult's right to play?"

Account verification is a dilemma. Another scam is 100% legal news.

In Jiangsu, a mother brought her son to the police, stating that her son was cheated of over 1,000 yuan while playing games in order to lift the restrictions on game addiction. Her son also knew about the new anti-addiction policy, so when he saw someone in the game lobby claiming to help minors to lift the game restrictions, he was moved and added his game friends.

In the end, the story ended with the child telling the scammer’s parents the WeChat account password. Fortunately, the loss was not great. The scammer transferred away more than 100 yuan of change, and pretended that the child's parents defrauded a friend of more than 1,000 yuan.

▲ In the Hall of Glory of Kings, users can send public messages. After testing, the word "anti-addiction" will be blocked, but "unlock" will not

The first week of anti-addiction for minors in online games, everyone is not ready yet

This is the first week when minors can only play three hours of games per week. Regardless of whether it is a game manufacturer or a corresponding platform, whether it is an adult player or a minor player, they have shown some incompatibility with this new regulation.

In June last year, Tencent's restrictions on suspected minor accounts were still 1.5 hours/day on weekdays, 3 hours/day on legal holidays, and users unable to log in to the game from 22:00 to 8:00 the next day. For more than a year, the limit of 3 hours of play on the day of a holiday has become a limit of 3 hours of play in a specific time of the week. This gap is not big.

▲What else can minors do? Picture from: "My Sister"

Therefore, players who can't play the game for a week will "crash" the glory of the king on the hot search; players who can't play the game most of the time will angrily give a one-star bad review; the minor players of the professional league of the glory of the king will not be able to play. , Can not be listed for transfer; the game lobby did not immediately go online, keyword screening audits caused some players to be deceived.

This is all proof that the gaming platform is not prepared.

As of September 6, a total of 63 game companies and platforms stated that they would actively respond to the requirements of the "Notice on Further Strict Management and Practically Preventing Minors from Indulging in Online Games", including well-known companies such as Tencent, NetEase, and Sanqi Mutual Entertainment. game company. But it is one thing to respond positively. Implementing these to different links such as specific user identity verification and in-game social systems also requires game companies to spend more time adapting and adjusting.

▲ Some of the companies that have responded to the most strict anti-addiction notice

Corresponding to it are trading platforms and e-commerce platforms. They also need to cooperate with game companies to remove related purchases and leases under the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, in order to close the ring of anti-addiction.

And minors also need a transition period. Now there is no need to go out to make up classes to "lighten the burden", but the inability to play games also reduces an important form of entertainment. What else can be done in the first week without make-up lessons and games? No matter what you do, give a bad review first, and then see the time to go online.

▲ Picture from: photographer gigamay

Even adult players are not ready. After all, the instantaneous disappearance of teammates and opponents is a very special game experience. Some players even started to sigh on social platforms after the underage players disappeared. It turns out that elementary and junior high school students are not good, and it would be more difficult for me to win without them.

In the first week of anti-indulging in online games for minors, everyone was still somewhat uncomfortable.

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Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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