After Li Ziqi stopped updating for more than 500 days, no one can replace him

It is said that the Internet has no memory.

But the Internet can also have a good memory, as long as you are valuable enough, you can be remembered – just like Li Ziqi.

After 531 days of suspension, Li Ziqi’s shareholding ratio increased to 99%

On July 14, 2021, Li Ziqi's "Chai Rice Oil Salt Sauce Vinegar Tea" will be updated.

After that, she didn't have a video update for a long time.

▲ Li Ziqi's YouTube page

But she did not completely leave the public's sight. Although the video was not updated, Li Ziqi frequently appeared in the news by "reporting to the police".

In the middle of 2021, Li Ziqi's public release on the platform of "Reporting to the police early in the morning" has attracted a lot of attention. After replying to the comment and deleting it in seconds, "Capital is really a good means" is also quickly confirmed. What she said is exactly A dispute between myself and the MCN organization Wei Nian.

▲ ByteDance in the picture soon started the exit process. Picture from: Shanghai Securities News

In the interpretation of the outside world, the dispute is because the influence of Li Ziqi's video has surpassed the scope of ordinary Internet celebrities.

This allowed the "Li Ziqi" brand to obtain a certain brand premium, and the previous contract signed by the two parties did not guarantee that Li Ziqi would benefit from it. To put it simply, the two sides originally had a clear division of labor. Li Ziqi was in charge of content creation, and Wei Nian was in charge of business layout, and shared the money together, but now one party is not satisfied with the way the money is divided.

In the process of operating the brand, Weinian can rely on Li Ziqi's IP to attract investment, and the company can then expand its scale and open up the upstream and downstream industrial chains. But this has nothing to do with the original creator Li Ziqi himself, it is more about the development of the company.

The two parties did not exchange shares when they agreed to cooperate. Wei Nian takes off, what Li Ziqi can get is far lower than the opportunities she brings to this company.

In this scramble, Sichuan Ziqi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is the vane of the competition for the right to speak between the two parties.

Previously, Weinian owned 51% of the company's shares, while Li Ziqi held 49%.

However, after Li Ziqi did not hesitate to express his appeal through public protests, lawyers' statements, and suspension of video updates, the shareholding ratios of the two parties changed to 1% and 99%. This time, Li Ziqi owns 99% of the stock.

During the 531 days when Li Ziqi stopped updating, the audience who watched her video did not completely forget her.

Overseas viewers left messages to bless her under her last updated video "Chai Rice Oil Salt Sauce Vinegar Tea", hoping that the disputes she encountered can pass away as soon as possible. What's more, I hope she will come back soon; her most core fans will even follow her assistant's Weibo to see what she is doing when she is not showing up.

▲ Blessings from overseas viewers under her YouTube video

During the 531 days when Li Ziqi stopped updating, Wei Nian, who cooperated with Li Ziqi, did not wait passively.

They launched the consumer brand Shanwaishan, and at the same time tried to replace the original Liziqi snail noodles with the new snail noodles brand Choubao.

As an MCN organization, Wei Nian did not give up creating another Li Ziqi. Hu Titi, a fashion creator under Weinian, took the new Chinese-style national style route together, and also received certain praise.

▲The new Chinese style of pot mention

But to replace Li Ziqi, good reviews are not enough.

An irreplaceable video creator

During the period when Li Ziqi stopped updating, almost all MCN companies wanted to recreate a head internet celebrity like Li Ziqi.

Not only Chinese companies are working hard, Internet celebrities in Vietnam, Thailand, Russia and other regions also want to fill the market vacancy that Li Ziqi is absent. They disassembled Li Ziqi's popular elements from her videos, and then added their own characteristics.

Basically all pastoral style videos follow this path, but a year and a half later, there is still no one as well-known as Li Ziqi.

Slow-paced, from scratch, and more empty scenes that show the beauty of the countryside, these are the lessons that video creators have learned from Li Ziqi.

But painting a tiger is not an anti-dog. Without Li Ziqi's rural life experience and proficient manual skills, many video creators have overturned.

When Li Ziqi was active, people were keen to discuss whether she had a team, whether she did all the farm work by herself, and to judge whether the production process of her shooting was correct and whether there were any problems.

But with imitators, such discussions are unnecessary. Because whether it is well-maintained hands or well-manicured long nails, these are incompatible with the idyllic life shown in the video itself.

▲ Li Ziqi's hands can be seen as working hands

When Li Ziqi was still active, it was hotly discussed that Vietnamese video creators plagiarized her videos "frame-to-frame" – not only imitating her lens language, narrative rhythm, and even the characters' clothing, makeup, hair, and social relations. exactly the same.

Although the Chinese imitators did not record a grandma and a dog together in the video, the similar hairstyles and shots still have a feeling of "Dongguan Leiqi".

▲ Comparison of imitations of Vietnamese video bloggers

In the year and a half since Li Ziqi disappeared, Henan Li Ziqi, Vietnamese Li Ziqi, Russian version Li Ziqi, and grandfather version Li Ziqi all sprung up like bamboo shoots after rain.

The one that is too similar to Li Ziqi’s video has a strong trace of MCN organization boosting, and the two videos just released are followed by the realization of advertisements. Some creators also have rich working experience, and their videos also show traces of deliberate thinking and conception, but they are more of sharing the market established by Li Ziqi, rather than attracting new audiences.

A fan of Li Ziqi said that she can clearly feel something different from these videos. She has also watched many videos of rural life over the years, and has followed some creators, but Li Ziqi is still irreplaceable: "When I watch her videos, I feel a sinking feeling. You know that real rural life is not So beautiful, but her videos are beautiful and comfortable.”

As a creator of rural life, many people see Li Ziqi as admiring her breakthrough in this field. Before her, there were not so many viewers who were interested in traditional handicrafts and did not yearn for pastoral life. She basically single-handedly broke into a new market with good enough video quality.

This is more obvious on YouTube. Why do many people think that Li Ziqi represents a different image of China? Because her content is new, never had it before, and there are really a lot of people who like the videos.

The rural life in China she filmed makes people want to watch and be more willing to watch, which in itself shows that Li Ziqi's understanding of similar videos is much higher than that of her peers.

She can spend one or two years making a video, such "slowness" is rare today. If learning Shu embroidery, learning movable type printing, and recording the life of food from sowing can be said to be a question of whether the creator can sink down, the shots she shot with the assistance of a pole and a long bench showed her lens expression earlier. Ability.

▲ The production video of this New Year’s snacks has 110 million plays on YouTube

Li Ziqi’s assistant @她者免费 once said on Weibo that it was even difficult for them to help Li Ziqi complete the video production, because there are many things in her videos that only she can do.

Her conception, thinking, her familiarity with the countryside and farm work, in her works, only she can understand what she wants to express! We can't help even if we want to, so we can only help her with other things!

Even now, if I go back and watch the video Li Ziqi made three or four years ago, I still won't see any violations. The expression of the creator's own lens language makes these videos not easily outdated, and the few vocals and melodious rhythm in the videos also give these videos a longer-lasting power.

During the days when Li Ziqi and Wei Nian confronted Bo in court, some media commented that "it is easy to destroy her, but difficult to become her". And the big victory after 531 days of suspension proves that it is not easy to destroy her, because this video creator is really difficult to replace.

It is precisely because of this uniqueness that Li Ziqi was able to win this time war, and at the same time, he had a more open and supportive attitude towards the endless stream of imitators.

Even if someone also shoots the country style or traditional craftsmanship, I think these are very good things. At least let many people know that the countryside is so beautiful now, and let many people all over the world know that China has many excellent traditional cultures. If it's just me, I think the amount is really too small. I hope that many people can be good at discovering different beauties.

Not too funny, not too upbeat.

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