After going to the blind massage for N times, I saw their 3x Internet life

Before this, a friend had always massaged me for the blind of Amway, saying that it can heal the body and mind.

I often feel sore in my shoulders and necks, so I naturally accepted my friend Amway happily. After a long time of grinning low voices, I felt comfortable after a long absence and became a frequent visitor to the blind massage parlor.

I went more often and found some unusual phenomena. Although the masseurs in the store have varying degrees of visual impairment, they did not hinder them from using their mobile phones, whether they are young people in their early twenties or nearly 50 years old. The teacher is quite proficient in using smartphones.

Moreover, the mobile phone screen reading and voice playback of several masters is extremely fast, almost beyond the speed that super ordinary people can understand. Under curiosity, I chatted with a few masters about their Internet life.

3 times faster Internet life

I'm used to it. If the playback speed is too slow, my mood will soon become irritable.

The person in the shop called Uncle Li by the masters said to me during the break that he was in his forties and was quite agile with his smartphone. The phone interface and screen reading voice changed rapidly as he swiped his fingers. , Unlock, open the reading software, play, all in one go.

▲ Uncle Li who is resting

Uncle Li is also a two-player party. Both iPhone and Android are available. Generally, iPhone is used for communication and Android is used for entertainment.

There are 5 masseurs in the store, all of whom have varying degrees of visual impairment and need to rely on hearing to use smartphones.

Regarding the accelerated playback of the screen reader software, although the expressions of several masters were inconsistent, the general idea was basically the same as that of Uncle Li.

▲ Huang Junwen is resting

"If you don't read it faster, this accessible software won't work. It will delay work and life. Reading slowly will consume more time," another massage master named Huang Junwen explained to me.

Double-speed playback occupies an extremely important position in the Internet life of the visually impaired. Before Netflix announced that it would launch a double-speed playback function, although it caused opposition from Hollywood authors, the American Association for the Blind and the Deaf-Mute Association both expressed their support and believed this Very friendly to the visually impaired.

▲ Netflix supports 1.5 times playback

According to Uncle Li, the playback speed of Android screen reading software is generally 10 gears. When you first use the smartphone, it will be set to the 7th gear. After a long time, it will be adjusted to the maximum gear-10 gears.

How many times is the normal speech rate from 10 stops?

The answer is 3 times, which is far beyond the speech speed that ordinary people can understand. Previous studies have found that when the speech rate is adjusted to 1.8 times, people's comprehension ability does not decline, and the comprehension ability will continue to decline when the speech rate is adjusted to 1.8 times. .

Long-term training allowed Li Uncles to fine-tune their intensity while also improving their listening skills.

During the chat, I also found that Uncle Li did not use the barrier-free screen reading function that comes with the phone, but used a third-party software: Dianming Android. This software needs to be paid for, and the price is about 250 yuan to buy out.

▲ Point out some screenshots of Android's interface

The reason why I choose to point out and not use the accessibility features that come with the system is that, on the one hand, the Android brand is complicated, and the barrier-free screen reading functions introduced by various mobile phone manufacturers are different. In addition, there are more models and systems, which are not conducive to the visually impaired. People choose to learn.

On the other hand, third-party software such as Dianming, which specializes in the visually impaired and the elderly, does a good job in terms of functionality. Many masters, including Uncle Li, have said that they are used to it.

While talking, Uncle Li showed me his Internet life. WeChat, Alipay, and QQ are all commonly used software, and occasionally buy something online.

As for entertainment, in addition to listening to novels, everyone will also play poker and mahjong games. During the period, Uncle Li repeatedly emphasized to me that it is not too difficult to use a mobile phone. He has been using smartphones for almost 7 years, and ordinary people use them. They are also using new software.

In fact, it's the same as you use your mobile phone, it's not so different, but you can do it once, we need to do it once more.

▲ Use the narration function to read the screen and browse products

While talking, Uncle Li quickly swiped and tapped the screen again to stop playing the novel, and was about to set a countdown for the next hour and resume work.

For ordinary people, the value of double-speed playback is mostly reflected in the drama, skipping the water injection plot, and speeding up the playback speed to improve efficiency. For Li uncles, this is more like a necessity for Internet life.


It has been 4 years since Li Shu came to Guangzhou. His long life experience of leaving home has made him understand electronic products. In the early days of functional computers, Li Shu was also the first group of people to eat crabs in his hometown. However, because screen reading software was not popular at the time, He can only rely on his memory to memorize the contact information of friends and relatives.

At that time, you had to memorize the phone numbers of more than 100 people at most. Otherwise, you would have to ask someone to save the number in your phone. After you have the screen reader software, you don't have to trouble others. I don't really like to learn, otherwise I will do more.

The love of learning in Uncle Li's mouth refers to his other colleague, Huang Junwen.

▲ Huang Junwen

Huang Junwen has been using smartphones since 2013, and now he is using an iPhone 6s. Compared with other colleagues, he loves to explore and learn how to use Internet products. After buying the iPhone 6s at that time, he was able to use it in two or three days. Used smoothly.

At the same time, Huang Junwen is one of the few masters who can use computers.

Of course, just like Android, you have to pay to install the screen reading software on a Windows computer. The price of the Yongde screen reading software purchased by Huang Junwen was about 1,200 yuan.

With a computer, Huang Junwen has a richer entertainment life than his colleagues. Generally, he will search for various novels and music on the Internet, and occasionally use the computer to write and write.

As a frequent visitor to a massage shop, I have learned that in-store billing charges are basically through WeChat, which can be solved by mobile phones. What else should I use a computer to record?

I usually record some of the mobile phone usage skills I have explored. Some people can learn from what I wrote, and some people like to ask. These simple tutorials can also speed up their learning efficiency.

This situation is not an isolated case. Huang Junwen told me that there are many people in their blind circle who will learn and explore. They have formed a WeChat group of more than 300 people, and they will share tutorials and learn how to use electronic products in the group. .

The most talked about product in the circle is the iPhone. Apple started earlier in accessibility and is more well-known in the circle. Learning costs and migration costs are relatively low. In Uncle Li’s words, "80% of the visually impaired people in the circle I use iPhones."

No need to install software. Whether you use Siri or directly press the button to evoke the voiceover (VoiceOver) function, the screen reading operation is more convenient, one-finger sliding switch button, reading screen, three-finger sliding switch menu, simple and easy-to-understand interaction logic, also visually impaired People choose iPhone for a reason.

▲ In addition to screen reading software, Siri is also a good helper for Huang Junwen

When using the iPhone's screen reading function to narrate, Huang Junwen often sets the iPhone's screen brightness to a particularly low level, which is generally difficult to see clearly. On the one hand, this is done to save power, and the battery life of the iPhone 6s is not long.

On the other hand, this is also one of the ways for the visually impaired to protect their privacy. Passwords, WeChat chat content, shopping records, etc. cannot be seen clearly under extremely low brightness. Only they can hear their own words in a "3x speed" manner. privacy.

▲ Under normal circumstances, Huang Junwen will adjust the brightness of the phone to extremely low, almost invisible

Of course, the iPhone is not perfect. For example, when taking selfies and uploading ID photos, Huang Junwen can’t see clearly, it’s not easy to align the frame to himself or ID photos, and it’s not easy to align the frame with the screen reader software. Play misaligned messages.

It takes multiple shots and alignments to complete each time. Later, Huang Junwen thought of another way to alleviate this problem slightly. With a higher pixel mobile phone, such as iPhone 11, the pass rate will be significantly improved.

Another example is smart travel. The road between the dormitory and the massage shop can be remembered without mistakes. There are staff to help when taking the subway, but it is still not easy to buy train tickets online. Huang Junwen told me that his mobile phone can use 12306. Read the screen correctly, but when it comes to the final purchase step, it just can’t be clicked.

Finally, relying on groping and learning, I switched to another "Handheld Train Ticket" app to buy train tickets.

Previously, Phoenix Reviews tested 31 commonly used apps and found that QQ, Taobao, Baidu Maps, WeChat Pay,, Tencent News, Station B, QQ Music, etc. are relatively easy to use, while the travel software Yixingtong is barrier-free The support is not good.

Huang Junwen also expressed similar opinions. Among mainstream applications, communication, payment, e-commerce and other applications do better in barrier-free support. On the contrary, the app experience in food delivery and travel is not very good. They often have to explore themselves. Learn.

There are many such cases. The barrier-free industry has been developing for many years, and the screen reading software is constantly improving. However, to live a better Internet life, it is still inseparable from Huang Junwen's independent learning and sharing.

Technology creates more possibilities

After learning that I work for a technology media and have a certain understanding of Apple's equipment and services, Huang Junwen's mood was obviously raised a lot. He shared with me many stories about playing games and some understanding of the technology industry.

Before the iPhone 11 was released, Huang Junwen went to experience this new machine, and finally did not buy it because of the Intel baseband. He believed that the signal performance of the iPhone 11 is still slightly inferior to that of the iPhone 6s.

Before the iPhone XR lacked the 3D Touch function, it caused a lot of discussion. Huang Junwen is also one of the followers of 3D Touch. The function of long-pressing the app to display the shortcut menu is very important in their lives.

After all, nowadays app functions are becoming more and more complex, with more and more text and buttons, especially e-commerce shopping software. Huang Junwen buying a thing takes a lot of time, and opening the payment code to pay has to go through several levels, long press it Scanning 3D Touch can solve this problem.

Fortunately, after Apple canceled 3D Touch, it added the Haptic Touch function with similar functions to the new machine. This is good news for the visually impaired.

Have you seen iOS 14? This time VoiceOver has updated a lot of new features and made it easier to use. I upgraded it as soon as possible.

The narration on iOS 14 introduces a new recognition function. iPhone can support narration support for apps or web pages without built-in accessibility functions to realize screen reading.

In Huang Junwen's words, "Nowadays, most large companies such as Tencent and Alibaba will add accessibility support to their apps, but there are still many small and medium-sized companies that do not adapt." This update of iOS 14 is of great significance to the visually impaired.

At the same time, the narration also has the function of recognizing pictures and text in the picture. The system can automatically recognize the text in the app or webpage picture, which greatly improves the operating experience.

Even if the iOS 14 beta version may encounter a lot of bugs, Huang Junwen chose to update the new system as soon as possible, because he saw more "possibility".

▲ The "App Library" function of iOS 14 will automatically organize apps, which is helpful for the visually impaired to find apps quickly

This kind of thing is still happening. The aforementioned Dianming Android, now in addition to the screen reading software, has also launched Dianming input method, Dianming communication, Dianming cloud accounting and other applications optimized for the visually impaired. program.

In August, according to the Shenzhen Accessibility Association, Samsung’s 2020 smart TVs received RNIB Tried and Tested certification from the Royal National Institute for the Blind in the United Kingdom. This indicates that Samsung’s 2020 smart TVs will be suitable for the visually impaired and the TV can also read the screen. Up.

Technological changes have brought more "possibility" and have also given visually impaired people more options.

After the chat, I lay on the massage chair and whispered. The masters talked about where to go for a supper to relax.

Perhaps, massage cures not only physical soreness, but also the panic in the fast-paced life. This is not because a friend next to me fell asleep.

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