After going through detours and returning to the original aspiration, now the goal of OPPO Reno5 series is more clear

Half a year ago, OPPO launched the most shining design in the history of the Reno series-small crystal diamonds. In the last month before the arrival of 2021, OPPO brought its successor.

On December 10, the OPPO Reno 5 series was released. This time it is rare in the series. It has a high degree of inheritance and continuation of the previous generation of products, and even the previous generation. The core of the current Reno series, in the words of Li Jie, general manager of the Reno product line, is:

Video field, pop culture, romantic emotion

From video anti-shake, night scene video, Live HDR, including this portrait video. Video is the core function of the Reno series since its birth.

Appearance design, light and thin feel, including the newly tried luminous design, are part of popular culture.

Romantic emotion is the emotional value that connects users. For example, users only need to be the best self, which corresponds to the Slogan of the Reno 5 series "In my eyes, you will shine."

The triple realm of the beauty of Reno 5 portrait video

The Reno 5 series is still the main video. Specific to the video function, the focus is no longer clear, but the video pie is subdivided again and again, from anti-shake to night scenes to portrait videos, and part of it is done every time.

In terms of details, it means "taking people well." Not only take good portrait photos, but also take good portrait videos.

Compared with landscape photos, the core of portrait photography and video is more humanistic and metaphysical, and the argument that I am not myself can never be avoided, and aesthetics has become a very important dimension.

Song Dynasty Zen master Qingyuan Xingsi once said in "Zhiyuelu" that in the triple realm of life, the first level is to see mountains as mountains, the second level to see mountains are not mountains, and the third level to see mountains or mountains.

The mystery is not inexplicable, it means that the white point is the process of deconstruction and reconstruction.

If you look at today’s mobile phone’s portrait photography and beauty algorithms from a similar perspective, the first level is where you can take pictures of what you look like, and it’s true, while the second level is where the beauty algorithm helps you "refine" "After the beauty, it is actually you but it doesn't look like you anymore. And the third level is to return to the basics, you are still you, but from simple skinning and whitening to a complete portrait system, all of your own characteristics are still there. In OPPO’s words, "Let beauty grow naturally." .

"Let beauty grow naturally" is easier said than done, which is why many young ladies prefer to stay on the first layer and then manually zoom in and refine the photos from every detail of the face. Photos can still do the same, but if you change to adult video, the high threshold of frame-by-frame beauty will keep most people out.

So what exactly did OPPO do to achieve the natural beauty of portrait videos?

At the OPPO Future Technology Conference last month, OPPO introduced the FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system to the public. The core consists of two engines, one is the perception portrait engine, and the other is the image quality enhancement engine.

The perceptual portrait engine has functions such as AI face detection, AI super-clear portrait, OFL skin quality optimization algorithm, and face distortion correction. In other words, face recognition is more accurate, portrait shooting is clearer, people's skin tone is softer, and distortion correction is more accurate.

The "OFL Skin Quality Optimization Algorithm" can perform AI processing on the skin tone and skin texture separately, so that the skin tone will not be "false white" while making the skin more textured. In addition, the detection range of this algorithm includes not only facial skin, but also neck and hand skin, so that facial skin tone is consistent with the neck.

The image quality enhancement engine mainly includes a new generation of super anti-shake algorithm, mobile time-lapse photography, super night scene video, DOL-HDR and other functions.

The first to carry all these functional algorithms is Reno 5 Pro’s 32-megapixel front lens and 64-megapixel rear quad camera.

In terms of specific functions, OPPO Reno 5 Pro is equipped with the "AI radiant video beauty" function. The name seems a bit too technical, but if you deconstruct it a little bit, you can see what OPPO has done in the details.

This part of AI is mainly for recognition and personal customization. By recognizing 296 feature points on the face, the OPPO Reno 5 series can automatically and intelligently recognize information such as race, gender, age, and step by step imitating the natural makeup process, such as Put on makeup, concealer, sculpt, etc.

On this basis, this portrait system also has eight dimensions of beauty adjustments, including dermabrasion, face thinning, big eyes, thin nose, chin, small face, makeup, three-dimensional eight dimensions, the degree of detail in each dimension All reached level 100. In this way, everyone can define their own beauty strategy to avoid collisions with others.

Continuation of "Bling Bling" and lightness

In fact, OPPO's "traditional arts" is more embodied in the appearance design than the software function algorithm. The Reno series has found a new direction for the continuous delivery of beauty.

In fact, the design of the Reno series has also gone through many detours. From the very beginning to the definition of the Reno series, to the launch of the first two generations of Reno models, and then to the beginning of the Reno 3 to go back, it is also after experiencing three realms to explore more about yourself. Clear process. Li Jie said:

We went astray before. Although Reno was innovative at the beginning, it did a great job with sacrifices. We studied Reno users in depth. What do they think is a good appearance? Finally formed our appearance guidelines.

In addition to the basic experience, there is also a need for a burden-free design. In addition to being light and thin, it doesn't feel like a burden, and it doesn't hurt so much when it hits the face. We will also make some finishing touches on this basis. On the surface, the difference between Reno4 and Reno5 may not be too great, but there are still a lot of changes in details. For example, the protrusion of the camera is much lower than that of the previous generation, and it is flatter on the table than the previous generation, and the hand feel is much improved.

Reno 5 Pro continues the design features of Reno 4 Pro in design. The main focus is Bling Bling's "Star Diamond Craft" instead of the mainstream AG craft. To put it simply, the common AG process we currently see is to polish the glass surface into small spherical particles to get the visual effect of the matte surface and a smooth frosted feel.

The "Star Diamond Craft" is to make the surface into a multi-faceted cone, turning it into a pyramidal crystal structure, which can be seen under the microscope and it feels a bit of the loess plateau. Compared with the previous generation process, the reflective area of ​​a single crystal is larger, and the brilliance is increased by 35% compared with the previous generation, making it more shiny and transparent. Why pursue more "flash"? Product line general manager Li Jie told a story he encountered:

In June of this year, when the Reno 4 was first sold, our product team was conducting research in Henan, and then found a "bad" Reno 4 in the store. This is an early trial production machine. Used as a pre-sale display machine. Due to the different sizes of the previous generation of microcrystalline structure, the large one may be 100μm, while the small one is only 30~40μm. This machine just "grows" large microcrystals. The back cover is particularly flashy compared to mass-produced mobile phones, but the hand feels Rough.

What's interesting is that many users just saw the appearance of this machine and placed an order directly, but when they got the product, they found that the product was not the same as the result, and the sales girl felt very aggrieved. Later, we brought this machine back for research, and it became a reference prototype for the second-generation star diamond technology of Reno 5.

In addition, this time everyone will also find that the logo on the back cover of Reno 5 has become smaller. The back cover of the original Reno 4 was not so flashy, we need to use a large bright logo to enhance the light effect. But this time, the rear cover of Reno 5 is shiny enough, so there is no need for such a big logo.

Compared with the mature AG process, the price of the new process is born out of constant trial and error. OPPO tested dozens of glass materials including magnesium and aluminum, and adjusted the etching solution formulation 20 times. Hundreds of times of adjusting the temperature and the angle of the glass entering the liquid, the yield rate increased from the initial 20% to nearly 90%.

The "Star Diamond Process" combines the advantages of the AG process that is hydrophobic and not contaminated with fingerprints, giving a new look and feel to the now-the same matte glass, and more importantly, it also brings characteristics and recognition.

The continuation of the design is not only embodied in the treatment of the surface technology, but also embodied in the pursuit of light and thin feel.

In this era, user groups, especially online users, want more and more. The more buckets seem to be more popular, but the unrestricted pursuit of buckets can only compromise weight and thickness. The general manager of OPPO Reno product line said:

Not all users want bucket machines, but those who want bucket machines prefer to express their opinions. In fact, we started with Reno 3 and studied the target users in depth, forming a "red line". For example, the width cannot exceed 74mm, the thickness does not exceed 8mm, and the weight does not exceed 180g. This is our red line.

The body thickness of 7.6mm and the weight of 173g are almost the same as the previous generation. It is obviously the result of strict management of the "body".

Reno updated to the fifth generation, the outline is clearer

The functions are more detailed and systematic, and the appearance has also embarked on the continuation and inheritance. The system has become one of the best domestic systems step by step. In fact, these are more or less indicative that OPPO has gradually got rid of the previous ones on the Reno series. In a slightly confused state, the product is more concrete, the outline is clearer, and the target group is clearer.

For Reno 5 Pro, there is also a triple state, which is also a process of deconstruction and reconstruction:

At first glance, Reno 5 Pro is the latest iteration of the Reno series. Beautiful appearance and internal upgrades continue the selling points and characteristics of the Reno series.

When I look at Reno 5 Pro again, everything on Reno 5 Pro has been deconstructed. The crystal diamond technology has made progress more shiny, the big letter logo has been reduced, the brand new portrait video system, and every change is the result of repeated thinking and research.

Reconstruction of Reno 5 Pro, ID first, craftsmanship for design services, the pursuit of beauty, the sculpting of the system. Combining these requirements and details again is like putting together a piece of puzzle into a complete work, which is today's Reno series.

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