After finishing the roll of Ji Krypton, the roll of Zero Run continues. The 160,000 C10 has lidar + Orin-X + Snapdragon 8295

Model changes are like replacements, price reductions are added to increase volume, new rivals are killed, and old car owners are stabbed in the back. The competitive situation of new energy vehicles since the beginning of the year has become unimaginably fierce. Even the pickiest consumers have begun to wonder: They are so involved. ,can earn money?

We don’t know whether manufacturers make money or not, but it is indeed an excellent time to buy a car. Whether it is the facelifted Jikrypton 001 with a price range of more than 250,000 yuan, or the BYD Qin PLUS Honor Edition with a price tag of less than 100,000 yuan, Tang The unresolved prices of DM-i Honor Edition, Han EV and Han DM-i Honor Edition are in the 200,000 range, which means lower car purchase costs and better driving experience.

In the new energy competition, there is also a relatively special brand. It does not have the exaggerated sales volume of BYD, does not have as prominent a background as Ji Krypton Deep Blue Wenjie, and does not have the public opinion volume of Wei Xiaoli. However, it works steadily and can always keep up with delivery and reputation. Competitive progress. Leapmotor, I would like to call it, is a hexagonal warrior among the new car-making forces focusing on the market below 200,000 yuan.

On March 2, Leapao released the new model C10, and also updated its C11, C01 and T03 models. Among them, the new model C10 can be called the top seller in the 150,000 yuan range in the first half of 2024.

C10, also known as Xiaoideal L7, makes the threshold for intelligent driving as low as ever

The most important model at this launch of Leapmotor is undoubtedly the new model C10, which Leapmotor calls its first global product and representative product of LEAP 3.0.

As a medium-sized SUV, it has a length of 4739mm and a wheelbase of 2825mm. The focus is on the effective space in the cabin of 1888mm. The "occupancy rate" is 66.8%. The space practicality is excellent among the same-class models. The zero-run even said that the seats are comfortable. Performance is comparable to that of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The cabin space performance is just an appetizer. What really makes the Leapmo C10 extremely cost-effective is the smart and intelligent driving configuration.

Compared with some luxury car brands, such as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, which promotes the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 smart cockpit chip mainly to make the car smoother, Leapmotor has obviously made more full use of this flagship chip to achieve cabin-driving integration and integrated audio DSP Functions, parking, 360-degree surround view and other functions realize the coordination of various functions of the entire vehicle. Therefore, when building a car now, optical mechanical capabilities are not enough, and software and hardware development capabilities are also crucial.

In addition, the C10 high-end smart driving version is also equipped with a Hesai AT128 ultra-high-definition long-range lidar and an Orin-X smart driving chip (254TOPS computing power). Combined with the overall 30 high-precision sensing hardware, the hardware In terms of capabilities, it has L3 level of intelligent driving assistance and can realize 25 intelligent driving assistance functions including NAP high-speed intelligent pilot assistance and NAC navigation assisted cruise. Among them, the NAC navigation-assisted cruise function can be combined with the navigation map to realize adaptive start and stop, turning U-turn, and intelligent speed limit functions based on traffic light signals, zebra crossing recognition, road direction recognition, speed limit recognition and other information, improving the vehicle's performance at intersections/curves. The adaptive driving assistance capability reduces driving burden.

At the same time, since its mass production and launch in 2022, the Hesai AT128 is one of the very few automotive lidar products on the market that has successfully passed the quality verification of actual user applications for more than one and a half years on the order of 100,000 units.

Other important features of the C10 include:

  • Clover central integrated electronic and electrical architecture, OTA is more convenient
  • 2000Mpa high-strength steel, 42500N.m/° body torsional stiffness
  • The pure electric model is equipped with a maximum 69.9kWh battery, has a CLTC range of 530km, and covers the full temperature range of -40°C to 45°C.
  • The extended-range version CLTC has a pure electric cruising range of 210km, and the CLTC comprehensive cruising range is 1190km.
  • Baby chewable grade environmentally friendly silicone seat fabric
  • Hidden ambient light, music linkage
  • 7.1 channel music cockpit

Interestingly, the product declaration of Leappo C10 is "a more ideal home for young people". It is obviously aimed at ideal while focusing on home use positioning. Moreover, the design of C10 is also very clever. While it looks like the ideal L789 , and it will not be said to be plagiarized, so it is completely possible to give the Leapmoon C10 a nickname: Xiaoide L7.

Of course, due to the different price ranges, Leapmoon C10 and Lideal L7 are not competing in the same dimension, but we can see that Leapao has two sides in building cars, one is pragmatic and the other is smart. The product level is very user-oriented, marketing and The product definition is quite clever and somewhat forward-looking. After all, in the price range of just over 160,000 yuan, there are very few models equipped with L3 level smart driving configurations.

The price of each configuration of Leapao C10 is as follows:

Pure electric version

  • 410 Comfort Edition, 128,800 yuan
  • 530 Comfort Edition, 138,800 yuan
  • 530 Smart Edition, 148,800 yuan
  • 530 smart driving version, 168,800 yuan

Extended range version

  • 210 Comfort Edition, 135,800 yuan
  • 210 Smart Edition, 145,800 yuan
  • 210 smart driving version, 165,800 yuan

C11 and C01, annual update, four changes

Leapmotor C11 SUV and C01 sedan were Leapmoor’s previous flagship models, both with a price of “150,000-200,000” and a car experience of “300,000-400,000”.

These two models also received annual updates with the release of the C10. The update points are relatively consistent, mainly architecture updates, intelligence updates, comfort updates, and appearance updates.

The C11 is also built based on the "Clover" central integrated electronic and electrical architecture, which can achieve second-level OTA; in terms of comfort, it has a combination of front double wishbone and rear five-link independent suspension + FSD variable damping shock absorber; intelligent It has the same performance as C10 in terms of smart driving. It is equipped with Qualcomm 8295 cockpit chip. Through lidar + Orin-X chip, 5G communication + high-precision map, it brings 25 driving assistance functions such as NAP; Songlan gray is added to the appearance options. Exterior color, new black + camel brown interior, new 20-inch 15-spoke meteorite gray wheels.

In addition, the overall positioning of the C11 is slightly higher than that of the C10. It performs better in terms of size (vehicle length 4780mm, wheelbase 2930mm) and battery life, and the overall price is also more expensive.

Pure electric version

  • 515 Smart Edition, 151,800 yuan
  • 580 exclusive version, 158,800 yuan
  • 580 smart driving version, 178,800 yuan
  • 580 four-wheel drive smart driving version, 205,800 yuan

Extended range version

  • 200 Smart Edition, 148,800 yuan
  • 300 Smart Edition, 155,800 yuan
  • 300 exclusive version, 165,800 yuan
  • 300 smart driving version, 185,800 yuan

C01 is still a LEAP 3.0 era model, using the "Four-leaf Clover" central integrated electronic and electrical architecture; equipped with front double wishbone rear five-link independent suspension + CTC integrated chassis; 0.91 square meters panoramic canopy, equipped with Qualcomm 8295 cockpit chip , a new exterior color of Songlan Gray and an interior color of Camel Brown have been added. However, the high-end smart driving solution is still exclusive to the Leap Run SUV model. There is currently no smart driving version available for the C01 sedan. The price of each version of C01 is:

Pure electric version

  • 525 Comfort Edition, 139,800 yuan
  • 525 Exclusive Edition, 148,800 yuan
  • 625 exclusive edition, 158,800 yuan

Extended range version

  • 216 Comfort Edition, 136,800 yuan
  • 216 Exclusive Edition, 145,800 yuan
  • 316 Exclusive Edition, 155,800 yuan

The positioning of Leapmoo C01 is also the price of a B-class car, which is a classic domestic brand. The space of a C-class car, or the price of an A+ class, and the experience and space of a B+ class. In terms of appearance, interior space and sense of technology, Leapmoor The performance of 01 is indeed better than that of the Camry Accord in fuel cars.

In addition to the C10, C11 and C01, Leappo has also updated the entry-level model T03. As an entry-level scooter, the update of Leappo T03 includes new body colors and interiors, standard leather seats, and is open to upgrades. 12 configuration upgrades, including a central tunnel and upgraded cruise control.

As mentioned before, while many new energy car manufacturers are involved in the market of more than 200,000 yuan and hope to realize the dream of high-end brands through the transformation of new energy, Leapmoon is still focusing on the market of less than 200,000 yuan. C10, C11 and C01 are all in this market. It is a very competitive model in the market. In terms of publicity, the Zero Run is quite restrained. It does not always have the best models under several million. At most, the price is 150,000 and the experience is 300,000. But it is also rolled up. It’s indeed quite bulky. After all, it’s rare to have the three core configurations of smart driving (LiDAR + Orin-X + Snapdragon 8295) for more than 160,000 yuan.

To add a concluding statement to the car revolution during this period, my hope is that the new Ji Krypton 001 smart driving can be downgraded (upgraded) to the Leapmo C10?

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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