After experiencing the Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design for a week, I was poisoned by it

Speaking of Porsche, the first time that appeared in our minds was undoubtedly the classic sports car-Porsche 911. It is retro and trendy. Even after more than half a century, the new models still retain the iconic elements such as frog eye lights and inclined roof lines. When it passed by people suddenly, leaving only the roar of the engine and the trailing shadow of the taillight.

In digital products, Porsche's figure is also unforgettable. The previous mobile hard drive that LaCie and Porsche Design collaborated with adopted tough lines, the frame reflects sharp light, and the frosted texture of the shell makes people tempted to play.

In the field of smartphones, Porsche also represents another outstanding product: the Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche Design mobile phone, which is a collaboration between Huawei and Porsche Design. Also, with its unique product design, it has captured the attention of business elites and has become a replacement for high-end people. Preferred.

Nowadays, the New Year’s Eve is approaching and the gift giving must be strictly controlled. The latest Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche Design has since its launch, with the characteristics of "I have nothing for everyone", it stands out in the flagship market and is the best. One of New Year's gifts.

What kind of feeling is it like?

As a co-branded product, the taste of Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design has always been its core competitiveness, and it also has a rare "sense of high quality." Where does this feeling come from? More is set off by various design details.

The first point is the inheritance of classic design.

Previously, Porsche had such a picture. It took a part of the previous Porsche models and put them together. The contour lines of models of different ages are highly consistent and will not be split. This smooth side body line is just Porsche hopes to inherit the classic design.

But inheriting the classics is often the most difficult, because you not only need to keep the old elements, but also integrate with the latest and cutting-edge technologies.

In previous generations of Huawei and Porsche co-designed mobile phones, you can also see this retention of characteristics and continuous innovation.

In the Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design, you will see that its waterfall screen design, front and rear curved shapes, and vertical lines on the back. Many elements have been adopted in previous generations, forming a certain degree of streamlined style. The concept of "speed" in the Porsche supercar gene was born.

The second point is the unique texture of the material.

Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche Design introduced a new material: nano-microcrystalline ceramics, which is a material used in many luxury watches and jewelry, and this phone has become more textured.

If you look closely, you can find that its back cover is not flat, but slightly concave and convex. When you touch the surface with your fingers, you can also feel the touch of ceramics, frosted, matte and other different processes, which is very peculiar.

It is reported that the inspiration for this design comes from the art of hand-carving, to pay tribute to the history of Porsche's use of sculptures for modeling. At the same time, Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design also hopes to reflect a more three-dimensional and tension appearance, of course, the final effect is also refreshing.

In addition to the introduction of novel design, this folding surface also takes into account the role of functionality. Especially in the camera part, the convexity of the folded surface will be more obvious, mainly for connecting with the convex area, thus forming a coherent transition, and not touching the hand.

It can be seen that no matter what kind of design, inheritance or innovation, it is produced under constant balance.

Anti-traditional thinking, but brings avant-garde style

Japanese sociologist Miura Zhan mentioned his point of view in the "Fourth Consumer Era". He believes that with economic development, consumers will pay more attention to the personalization, diversification and differentiation of products. For example, some people like to collect some creative ornaments. Or the rise of the blind box economy, similar consumer decisions have also emerged in China.

So, how should smart phones move from the aesthetics of most people to a more personalized aesthetic? In the search for differences, Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche Design has also made a new breakthrough.

What best illustrates this change is undoubtedly the octagonal camera shape on the back. Compared with the usual rectangular and circular cameras in the past, Huawei’s design is very bold, but it is not for change.

In fact, we can see octagonal elements in many classic buildings, and similar elements can be found everywhere in objects such as Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches and Cartier jewelry boxes. What they have in common is that they all rely on octagonal geometric shapes to show a very unique and noble temperament.

Nowadays, this design is applied to the electronic consumer product of Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design, but it does not appear abrupt. It is not only because of the brand tonality, but also driven by the design style.

On the one hand, this octagonal outline, combined with ceramic materials and streamlined folding surfaces, makes Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design abandon the old-school style, but appear more avant-garde, with a sense of modernity and sportiness, which coincides with Porsche. The powerful and aggressive style of the sports car fits each other.

On the other hand, the Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche Design itself has gained a breakthrough image through the new design. It shows its innovative appearance in appearance, and strengthens the public's awareness of Porsche design genes. And this uniqueness is precisely the personalization that consumers want for Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design.

Technology and art are not necessarily separated

Many products have made efforts in the past to give higher value to technology products.

Back then, Apple tried to add luxury labels to the original Apple Watch, but it failed. At the same time, it also confirms one thing, that is, in the face of continuous development of technology, technology products are destined to continue to depreciate, and cannot have scarcity and uniqueness. This also makes it difficult for devices like Apple Watch to be built into high-end Swiss wristwatches. Table-like collection.

However, the Huawei Mate RS series persisted and gradually gained recognition. One of the most important reasons lies in Huawei's in-depth understanding of the "high-end" direction. It does not just stop at the surface with gold-plated silver and diamonds, but from the inside to the outside, so that the product and the brand can move forward, thinking about how to integrate them seamlessly.

Focusing on the Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design product, what we see is the outstanding design and cutting-edge material use, and what we get is the flagship-level stable performance without worry, behind the complicated design process and unique shape Users can intuitively feel what Huawei wants to express. People, technology, and art are intertwined and balanced, and users, mobile phones, and brands are mutually successful and worthwhile.

The unique design formed a style, which in turn created a consumer buying boom, which is also a successful example in the entire industry.

Perhaps as the Huawei designer said, this generation of Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design is worth collecting. Even if the parameters of mobile phones fall behind, art is priceless. It has a long history and timelessness. It will not depreciate due to changes in time. On the contrary, it will always glow with the spirit of flying in a specific era.

The unique customized design is even more precious in this era of industrialized mass production. Now, when the New Year is approaching, people gather, sing and exchange gifts with anticipation of the future. We believe that the Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design is destined to be what you want.

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