After experiencing Tencent’s latest AI application “Yuanbao”, I discovered a surprising feature that no other AI assistant has.

AI is still in its infancy, and no one can predict what kind of development path AI will take in the next thirty years.

Kevin Kelly, a well-known commentator on technology and future trends, once commented on the current development of the industry.

It is precisely in the context of today's widespread application of AI that many manufacturers are in the exploratory stage of AI's appearance and function combinations, and there is a strong trend of "a hundred schools of thought contending."

In this context, Tencent, as the "former king" with a huge user base and application ecosystem, seems to be slightly low-key.

But in fact, Tencent’s Hunyuan model has already quietly entered our lives.

For example, WeChat Reading launched new functions such as AI question book and AI outline based on the Hunyuan model, and Tencent Conference launched an AI assistant based on the Hunyuan model, etc., both of which have achieved good reputations.

It can also be found in many videos and graphic reports.

Today, Tencent officially launched the Tencent Yuanbao App. This application is based on the Hunyuan large model and integrates functions such as AI search, AI summary, and AI writing.

These functions are basically standard features of AI assistants. At a time when domestic large-model AI assistants are competing for performance and price, even if they rely on Tencent's huge ecosystem, they still face considerable pressure.

Before the official release of the Yuanbao App, APPSO had already experienced it for a few days. In one sentence, for a content worker like me, Yuanbao is a very effective work partner.

As for its other practical functions and how it is different from other AI assistants, I will introduce it to you below based on my experience in real scenarios.

Not just an AI assistant, but also a new entrance to WeChat

In the Internet era, our different needs often correspond to different apps, such as "search – browser", "news – news client", but Tencent Yuanbao has "grand integration" of multiple functions.

For example, on this starting interface, we can not only see the common dialog boxes of AI assistants, but also real-time news feeds. From morning news to evening columns, news is pushed at different times, covering various aspects such as technology, people's livelihood, entertainment, and international affairs. It is not only fast, but also large in volume.

▲ The Yuanbao App interface will provide us with different news in the morning, middle and evening periods

Speaking from personal experience, as a content editor, finding topics is a very important task every day. Not only must I find high-quality sources, but I must also judge the authenticity and importance of the information. This function of Yuanbao can help me Reduce a lot of work load.

For example, this morning I saw OpenAI released a message on its official website. I searched using Yuanbao on my commute and got a lot of relevant information. I was very happy.

▲ The earliest news appeared at 6 o’clock in the morning. I deeply admire it.

Currently, there are actually many AI applications with good Chinese capabilities that are trying to add news functions to their AI assistants. For example, the "Discovery" section of perplexity is obviously a news module, but the content is often less and mainly focused on the technology industry. It is relatively single and weak in timeliness.

▲ “Discover” function on perplexity

Yuanbao relies on the huge resources of Tencent News Platform and WeChat Official Account Platform, coupled with the accumulation of massive knowledge reserves, giving it unique advantages in the timeliness and richness of content.

I believe that many people, like me, often use WeChat’s “Search” function. After all, the quality of articles on WeChat official accounts is generally recognized to be better than on other platforms.

In this regard, Yuanbao is like an "enhanced version" of WeChat. If you look carefully at the results of Yuanbao's AI search, you can easily find that many of the information sources come from public accounts. This is probably something that many AI searches cannot do, and it is also an advantage of Tencent's ecosystem. location.

In addition, in the future, Yuanbao may also be empowered by the content of public accounts, as mentioned at the press conference, while bringing more exposure to excellent articles and promoting a positive cycle of content ecology.

Maybe Yuanbao will replace WeChat in the future and become the new entrance to public accounts?

▲ You often find surprises when searching

It has to be said that the quality of generated content is really important for an AI application. However, many AI searches are not only unable to "distinguish authenticity from falsehoods in the sea of ​​complex information", but also become "artificially retarded". I will "add fuel to the fire" for you. For example, Google’s AI Overview not long ago disappointed many people by suggesting users eat rocks, add glue to pizza, and other actions.

▲ Google AI Overview claims that Obama is the first Muslim president of the United States

In order to avoid this problem, I used Yuanbao's "Create Agent" function to generate several "teachers" with one click to provide insights on interpreting the news from different angles. It can be seen from the simple smiles of their avatars, the thickness of their spectacle lenses and their sparse hair that they have been immersed in this industry for many years.

▲ Obtain more inspiration and verify the accuracy of information through the "mutual competition" of different agents

Of course, the "Create Intelligent Agent" in Yuanbao can not only bring you inspiration for writing articles, but can also transform into a fitness coach, a super novelist, or even various characters. Chat with them when you are bored, and you can also make some changes in your life. To add to the fun, maybe it would be more interesting if more plot could be added to it in the future.

▲ AI agent "role playing"

In addition, in our daily news editing work, we often involve on-site interviews, foreign language compilation and other content.

Moreover, most of the technologies and materials in the field of AI are in English. Due to the endless emergence of new technologies, there are often some difficult-to-understand proper nouns. Foreign language professional papers that often have dozens or even hundreds of pages are even more confusing.

At this time, the "Super Translator" comes in handy. Texts, documents and photos are all at hand, and it supports Chinese, English, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and other languages.

When encountering interviews, conversations, etc., you can also click the "little light bulb" below to enter the simultaneous interpretation mode. Click the upper and lower parts of the screen to quickly switch. The speed and accuracy are good, and the entire process can be recorded after the end. , to facilitate later arrangement.

▲ Super translator that supports multiple languages ​​and professional fields

Of course, as a "super individual" in the new era, it is essential to keep learning. Tencent Yuanbao not only allows you to "catch up on your feet", but it can also serve as an English speaking partner to improve your speaking skills.

Click the "little light bulb" to switch the difficulty and topic, or save the conversation in your "notebook" to make the ingot a "wrong question book".

Since it is learning, the content is not limited to foreign language learning. Yuanbao also has a slightly abstract "Daily Question" function.

From "The origin of drinking more hot water" to "Why McDonald's chicken nuggets only come in four shapes", my curiosity is always suddenly aroused from some tricky angles, and Chu Yunfei's emoticon often pops up in my mind. : "You can always come up with something new for me."

Let's stay curious about the world together.

▲ Clicking "Daily Question" will automatically jump to the corresponding question interface

One More Thing

I don’t know if you have played remini, which became popular some time ago. This app has swept many people’s Moments overnight with its “clay animation” style filters. It also shows us the potential of AI in the field of Wensheng pictures.

Tencent Yuanbao also provides us with a variety of ways to play. Just enter a personal selfie photo to generate a variety of AI avatars.

The cartoon sticker function is also very interesting, such as "Creative Sticker", which can turn your cats and dogs into cute pet stickers, and "All Things Sticker", which can turn pets, cartoon characters, and even pots and pans, etc. Everyday necessities turn into cute things in a second.

However, perhaps because the App is still in its early stages, there are still relatively few related functions. We look forward to the follow-up Yuanbao bringing us more interesting ways to play.

▲ Guess what the green cartoon character in the middle is made of, hint: sporting goods

Going back to my daily work, in the process of news editing and content creation, the use of visual elements is indispensable, but sometimes I often encounter some abstract concepts or hard-to-find pictures. At this time, Yuanbao's Wenshengtu function can provide a lot of help.

For example, when I need an illustration about artificial intelligence, I just enter "intelligent robots in future cities" and Yuanbao will generate a picture that matches my imagination in a few seconds. This not only saves time in finding and purchasing copyrighted images, but also ensures that the image content is unique and relevant.

After generating the image, click the icon below to adjust the style, proportion, and resolution. By clicking on the picture, you can not only see the specific description words and make modifications, but also use the generated picture as a reference picture to generate a new picture. If you are not satisfied, you can click the refresh button to regenerate.

▲ The parameters of the Vincent picture can be adjusted as needed, and new pictures can be generated using the original picture as a reference.

Performance + Ecology, Tencent’s trump card for AI applications

It is not difficult to see that Yuanbao has good performance in natural language processing capabilities, logical reasoning capabilities, multi-modal generation capabilities, etc., and this is thanks to the Tencent Hunyuan large model behind it.

In May of this year, in the latest "Chinese Large Model Benchmark Evaluation 2024 April Report" released by SuperLUE, a domestic large model evaluation organization, Tencent Hunyuan Large Model ranked in the first echelon, located in the "Excellent Leader" quadrant, and in the "Basic Performance is good in terms of "ability" and "application ability".

Also released were score charts for each specific ability. Tencent's Hunyuan model is among the best in the country in terms of semantic understanding, role playing, security capabilities, calculations, logical reasoning, long text and other capabilities. SuperCLUE's evaluation is also " A very competitive general-purpose large model."

In the "China's Large Model Capability Evaluation in 2024" released by global growth consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, Tencent Hunyuan ranked first in domestic large models together with Wen Xinyiyan, Tongyi Qianwen, RiRixin·Shanghuang, etc. One echelon.

▲ Bubble chart of model comprehensive competitiveness, from Sullivan's "China's Large Model Capability Evaluation in 2024"

Here is a quick summary of several features of Tencent’s Hunyuan model:

  • In terms of computing power, the self-developed Xingmai computing network brings 10 times the communication performance to large AI models.
  • In terms of training and inference frameworks, the training speed of the self-acting machine learning platform is 2.6 times that of mainstream frameworks.
  • Algorithmically, a hybrid expert model (MoE) structure is adopted to make it perform better in complex scenarios and multi-task scenarios.
  • The trillion-level parameter scale provides strong support for its Chinese understanding and multi-modal capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that the upgraded Hunyuan Vincentian large model adopts the same DiT architecture as Sora and Stable Diffusion 3, which means that the model can not only support Vincentian images, but also be used as a multi-modal visual generator such as video. Base.

If it can bring us the video generation function in the future, it will undoubtedly make it one step closer to a "super App".

In fact, it is not difficult to see from the recent developments of OpenAI, Google and other manufacturers that many manufacturers have begun to move from the stage of pursuing model capabilities to the stage of pursuing applications.

At this stage, the gap between model capabilities is gradually narrowing, and content ecology has become the key to directly affecting the user experience. When it comes to content ecology, Tencent, the king of the mobile Internet era, may have few opponents in this regard.

At the "Tencent Cloud Generative AI Industry Application Summit" on May 17, we saw a more pragmatic attitude. Tang Daosheng, CEO of Tencent Group's Cloud and Smart Industry Group, said:

The creation of large models is only the starting point. Implementing technology into industrial scenarios and creating value is the goal.

Although technological progress is exciting, how to truly serve ordinary people is the most important value of AI assistants.

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