After experiencing iOS 17 for five days, I found N small details and a small easter egg

With the official launch of the iPhone 15 series, the official version of iOS 17 has also been pushed out in full.

After a few days of experience, we have summarized multiple update highlights and details of iOS 17 for you. Regardless of whether you choose to upgrade your hardware this year, I recommend you upgrade your software.

Because of the following small functions, which are both fresh and practical, I suddenly felt like I had a new mobile phone.

Standby, iPhone turns into desktop clock

When your iPhone is charged in landscape orientation, the Standby (standby display) interface will be automatically activated after the screen is turned off. It should be noted that horizontal placement and charging (wired/wireless) are both indispensable.

If you want to enter the standby display faster, the secret to success is "stable". If you are "still calm" enough, you can also hold it handheld. The probability of success varies from person to person. With hands like mine that are often "Parkinson's", the probability of success is not high.

So besides being fresh, what else can the standby display do? Perhaps the most common use is the electronic bedside clock. You can press and hold the clock to customize your favorite color in the color wheel. Rounding it off is equivalent to getting countless electronic bedside clocks.

You can slide left and right and up and down to switch widgets and clock styles. You can also further edit personalized options by long pressing, such as adding widgets for music software.

When working, I put my mobile phone full of design aside, and when I look at it, my motivation instantly rises. Even if a message comes from WeChat or Weibo, it will be displayed briefly on the screen to remind you to pay attention to the message notification.

It should be noted that only iPhone 14 Pro and above models support all-weather display, otherwise it will automatically turn off the screen after lighting up for a few seconds like Apple Watch.

I like to put reminders on the right side of the clock. When I wake up in the morning, I touch the screen with my finger and I have an overview of today’s to-do list. From this perspective, the standby display is more like an intelligent life assistant.

When the ambient brightness is insufficient, such as after you turn off the lights and go to sleep, the standby display will automatically adjust to red fonts. Some friends may find it uncomfortable and may choose to turn it off before going to bed.

Among the various styles of standby display, the photo album is also my favorite. For privacy and security reasons, face recognition is required every time you enter the digital photo frame. I will place photos of family members far away in it, and place my thoughts in the "Digital Photo Frame" in the iPhone.

The iPhone's built-in widgets are relatively simple. If you don't like them, you can change your taste and add widgets to third-party apps (Widget Box, Puzzle Clock, Countdown Duck). Of course, some widgets or apps require "money capabilities." As a Tianxuan laborer, I have begun to look forward to the wooden fish and small components of the incense burner.

Call poster, the most personalized caller ID

Whether Android 14 or iOS 17, personalization and playability are major update themes.

With the new caller ID poster in iOS 17, you can create a call visual poster including background color, nickname, Memoji and other elements in the address book – My Business Card.

When calling with an iOS 17 device, this poster allows you to show your personality, enhance the visual impression of the other party, and add more fun to the call process.

Memoji has a high degree of freedom in choosing emoticons. You can choose from various official animals, or you can combine your own appearance, subdivided into facial features such as skin, hairstyle, eyebrows, eyes, etc., and create a digital real person with your hands. , more like the renaissance of QQ Show back then.

There is a detail to note. The call poster can turn off the depth of field effect, so that long names or nicknames will not be blocked by Memoji. The font size and color of the name or nickname can be changed, and the name or nickname can be arranged horizontally or vertically, but the number of characters cannot exceed seven.

In the customization of contact avatars, you can try to use Memoji, letter patterns, or even emoticons as avatars. If these are still not satisfactory to you, it is more appropriate to directly select photos from your album.

In addition, after synchronizing and sharing the set contact photos to your Mac, the Memoji emoticon you designed will appear on the bright screen. This is also a small interaction between iOS and macOS.

Confirm safety, report safety with one click

iMessage has been updated with many new features, but this feature deserves your attention – Check in.

When taking a taxi late at night, perhaps the most worrying thing is travel safety. After turning on the "Safety Confirmation" function, you can plan your travel route, travel mode, and travel time in detail. iPhone will track the progress of your trip. If you are not moving towards your destination, you will receive a prompt and need to respond within 15 minutes.

If you do not arrive at the planned location as scheduled and do not respond to iPhone notifications, iPhone will remind your contacts and share the information you choose, including your current location, as well as iPhone and Apple Watch battery power, network signal and other details.

Don’t underestimate this feature. To a certain extent, it is as important as Mate60’s satellite communication and iPhone’s crash detection. After all, safety is no small matter.

Of course, it is common for long-term business travelers to encounter delays in high-speed trains and flights. You can also flexibly extend the time for safety confirmation to avoid worrying your iPhone, relatives and friends.

AirDrop, post a post, enjoy sharing

AirDrop, as the fastest way to share files between iOS devices, has also welcomed the feature expansion NameDrop in iOS 17.

Exchange contact information with new friends. Just post a sticker between two iPhones equipped with iOS 17 and you can send each other mobile phone numbers, email addresses and contact posters.

After the sticker is successfully applied, a cool light effect will shoot from the bottom to the top of the "Tianling Cap". During the test, colleagues who saw the light effect couldn't help but say "wow".

It should be noted that this will only work if both parties’ iPhones have been upgraded to iOS 17 and the contact poster has been set up in advance. There are also certain angle restrictions on the angle at which the stickers can be applied. After many arrangement tests, we found that in addition to the conventional top-to-top stickers, side-to-side stickers can also be triggered, but arrangements in other directions do not work.

Here is a little easter egg. You can try to collect 4 iPhones that have been upgraded to iOS 17, arrange them together in a cross pattern, and see what effect it will have.

Stickers, vivid expressions, unlimited creativity

In the era of emojis, sometimes a thousand words cannot convey the meaning, but a funny sticker can "speak the truth".

When you long-press on a person or object in a photo, iOS 17 can accurately identify the subject and allow the cutout to be added to the emoticon "drawer". The edges of the sticker effect are relatively rough, and only large areas can be cut out. Relatively blurry or edge areas cannot support cutout.

Apple has taken this into consideration. You can add a frame to the sticker, or add interesting special effects such as comics, three-dimensional, and shiny to the sticker, and finally integrate it into a universal emoticon "drawer" such as text messages, memos, and WeChat. .

The method to implement dynamic stickers is also very simple. When adding effects to live photos, just remember to open "Live" in the upper left corner. A hidden new feature is that after long-pressing the blurred subject that cannot be recognized, the photo will be enlarged and the word "crop" will appear in the upper right corner. This is also a newly added cropping function in iOS 17.

After using the sticker function, in less than half a day, my iPhone was filled with stickers of all kinds of cute cats.

If you like Amway cat lovers, how can you not try to carefully select stickers in the emoticon "drawer" and share them with friends through text messages, WeChat, etc., and then say "Look, my cat is so cute"?

Camera, save memory, sharpen lower

Starting from the iPhone 14 Pro series, the main wide-angle lens has been upgraded to 48 million pixels. But if you want to experience the exquisiteness of 48 million pixels, you must open the Apple ProRAW format.

For users with small memory, RAW format photos of nearly 100 MB per photo are really too "luxury". iOS 17 has added the HEIF Max format, which can compress the size of photos while enabling 48 million pixels. , thereby greatly reducing the memory occupied by photos.

After actual measurement, a HEIF Max 48-megapixel photo is often about 10 times smaller than the ProRAW format, about 6MB/photo. In addition, the HEIF Max format, compared to the default 1200W pixel HEIF format, reduces the annoying sharpening effect a lot.

The setting method is very simple. Change "Settings-Camera-Format-Default Professional Format" to HEIF Max format and you are done. However, HEIF Max format and live photos cannot be used at the same time. It is recommended to turn it off manually based on the choice.

For novice photographers, just remember one word "horizontal, horizontal and vertical" to take good photos. After upgrading to iOS 17, iPhone introduces a new "horizontal" auxiliary line for the camera to help you check whether the picture is level.

Turn on the "horizontal" composition in the settings. When taking a photo, a line will appear in the middle of the viewfinder. If the line shows white, it means you took the shot crookedly, and yellow means the shot was straight. Of course, the phone will also remind you with a slight vibration.

Auxiliary functions, returning to the original purpose

The auxiliary functions have also been updated with three more interesting functions.

The first function is real-time voice. After turning on this function, press the power button three times in succession to read the preset text. For example, you can occasionally listen to the "Haohao" version of "Eight Hundred Pacesetters Running to the North Slope…" to feel the charm of language.

The second function is the assisted access function. It streamlines applications and experiences down to core functionality, and users can customize the interface. The fonts on the screen are larger, the icons are more concentrated, and the desktop is simpler. At first glance, it looks more like an “elderly machine” mode.

We have previously shot a short video on this feature. It is not only suitable for elderly users, but also for users who want to temporarily escape the bombardment of information and seek a moment of quiet. It is a bit like Android’s “zen mode”.

However, you need to be reminded that before entering the auxiliary access space, you must remember the auxiliary access password, otherwise you may need to contact Apple support to restore the phone.

The third feature is Personal Voice, where the iPhone records 150 phrases you read and then creates and stores your personal voice.

To understand it simply, it is equivalent to creating an AI voice version of yourself and saving it permanently. However, the threshold for getting started with this function is not low. Currently, it only provides English reading and has relatively high environmental noise requirements. If you don’t understand English pronunciation, you can listen to it first and then read along.

Pay attention to mental health and record mood changes every day

The iPhone Health APP has also added a new "mental health" function, allowing you to record your current mood and daily mood.

When recording your mood, you can select your current feeling between "very unpleasant" and "very pleasant" through sliding interaction. During the sliding process, different colors and shapes change according to changes in emotions, and the visual impression is very powerful.

After summarizing for a period of time, the visual chart will make your emotional changes clear at a glance and help you better manage your emotions.

In addition, you can also judge your mental health through the psychological health survey provided. After answering the questions, the results show that my anxiety risk is the lowest level, which shows that I do not currently have many anxiety symptoms, and the risk of depression is not considered. serious.

It is worth noting that there is also a line at the bottom of the page that says "The scale results are not a diagnosis." For more accurate results, you still need to go to the hospital for diagnosis.

In addition to the questionnaire survey, iOS 17 also gives some suggestions for dealing with mental health, such as becoming a community volunteer, participating in more outdoor sports, getting enough sleep, etc. These are all manifestations of iOS 17’s deep humanistic care.

Screen distance, your eye protection secrets

Among all the new features of iOS 17, I only have a special liking for "screen distance".

The function is actually very simple, that is, when you continue to use your iPhone at a close distance, it will remind you that your iPhone may be too close and recommend that you keep your iPhone at arm's length to protect your eyesight. Only when you really zoom out, the "more realistic" iPhone will light up the "Continue" button at the bottom.

This is really a feature that people either love or hate. The "hate" thing is that this feature seems to be unfriendly to myopia people. Whenever I take off my glasses to look at my phone, after a while, it will pop up to remind me. , but what I "love" is that sometimes mandatory requirements can help develop a healthy usage distance.

How close does "near" in close range roughly count? To give a loose example, it is roughly the usage distance of the "old man on the subway looking at his mobile phone" emoticon package. In general, this function may be more suitable for use when reading. When playing games, it is recommended to turn off this function, otherwise your credit score may be "hurt".

Widgets enable more exciting operations

Friends who love playing with widgets also have good news.

In the past, widgets on the home screen could only be used as decorations. Now iOS 17 supports direct operation. They finally get rid of the "vase" label and become more practical.

For example, you can quickly check off an item on your Reminders list, or tap Play in the Music widget to play a song.

The music widget not only supports Apple Music, but also third-party music applications. However, it should be noted that the design level of third-party applications is uneven. For example, the pause button of QQ Music is designed to be relatively short, and it is easy to overlook or accidentally press it if you are not careful.

In terms of other details, iOS 17 also introduces some interesting little features.

In the past, whether it was messy handwriting or printed fonts of different styles, they could be recognized and extracted in real time as long as they appeared in the viewfinder of the lens. iOS 17 has enhanced the ability to recognize vertical text, making it easy to copy, allowing text to be used in more scenarios.

In terms of input methods, iOS 17 also introduces the auto-correct Transformer language model, which can predict what you input and make text input more smooth and accurate. For example, when typing "helol", it will give you the correct option for "hello". Unfortunately, it is only available in English for now.

I believe friends who have experienced iOS 17 have discovered that you still need to say "Hey Siri" to activate the assistant. Here is a little tip. After adjusting Siri's language to "English (US)", no need to say more, just "Siri".

Although the purpose of activating "Siri" is achieved, due to the modified language, the modified Siri can only "understand" English.

In addition, the lock screen font now allows the font thickness to be adjusted; the cursor magnifying glass is more prominent when the font is moved; the identification of people and pets in the photo album is more accurate; specific weather and astronomy wallpapers can also display the moon phase, making moon lovers ecstatic.

There are many other small details like this, and due to space limitations, I will not go into detail one by one. These interesting little details are like a mountain of gold buried deep, waiting for those who are destined to slowly dig out it. Of course, if you have more details, you can share them with us directly in the comment area.

In addition, I would like to remind everyone that iOS 17 needs to run A12 Bionic and subsequent chip models, which means iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X and earlier models have no chance to get the upgrade.

Overall, in terms of appearance and function, iOS 17 does not have the "disruptive" innovation that iOS 7 did ten years ago, which will make your eyes shine. Its changes focus more on personalization and humanistic care.

Needless to say, personalization, standby display, call posters, and richer widget functions can allow mobile phones to better function as "decorations" and become an electronic window for self-expression.

Humanistic care is the source of iOS 17’s shining point and competitiveness, and it is also the key reason why I recommend you to upgrade.

Prompts when the screen is too close, recording and analysis of mental health, one-click safety confirmation, generated AI voice to help you preserve your own or your family’s voices… These heart-warming functions may not be what Cook calls "Only Apple Can" do", but Apple is indeed ahead of the curve.

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