After becoming a WPS AI player, the pain of working part-time has been reduced by half.

The mental outlook of contemporary cubicle workers may be as follows: using "Meaningless Work" as a substitute, taking ice-American movies to stimulate the secretion of dopamine, and relying on consumption and fishing to complete the reproduction of willpower, so that they can no longer look at each other on the screen. Disgusted.

There’s still no substitute for the sense of accomplishment of getting a job done, but there’s always something about it that’s mentally draining and takes up mental bandwidth and emotional memory.

It is said that AI will revolutionize the lives of workers, but before it can really pack up and go home, it must first help me taste the pain of working.

So, I applied to become a WPS AI player to see if it was really proficient in working.

"Bullshit job", AI can do it better than me

Speaking of the office scene that makes my eyes dim the most, it is when your boss sends you a WeChat message before get off work and says, Xiao Zhang, I will give a presentation tomorrow to share my project experience, just make a simple PPT.

Can WPS AI help me say goodbye to the fear of being dominated by PPT? It was my first time using it. I dubiously followed the instructions and entered the command "Appreciation of Li Bai's "Jianjin Wine"".

With just a few words, AI will outline the outline in a few seconds, and then generate more than 20 PPTs, automatically paired with antique illustrations.

The slides flashed one by one, the 9 yuan 9 PPT monster-killing upgrade course gathered dust, and the door to a new world opened.

But I can’t just let AI appreciate poetry. I’m not a primary school teacher. I have to let it help me make useful PPTs to prove something. Not long ago, the "AI Stefanie Sun" was very popular, so I will experiment with the "AI singer".

In order to prevent the AI ​​from letting itself go too far, I fed it the background of the event and relevant information, and gave it four directions so that it could output an outline suitable for making a PPT.

The output is indeed what it is, and I get exactly what I want. Next, happily generate PPT with one click.

WPS AI expands the content according to the outline, and the text and illustrations appear on the screen smoothly like a printer spitting paper.

The visual style seems a bit too boring? WPS AI is probably the one most liked by customers. Afraid that I would not be satisfied with the first version, WPS AI has attached different styles for me to choose from, and I can beautify it with just one click.

Although pictures are included when generating the PPT, I need as many as possible. Tell the AI ​​what I want in the dialog box, and the AI ​​will give it to me without any complaints. Once I get the picture, I can round it up and flatten it.

The translation function that comes with PPT is also good in speed and quality.

The above is a partial demonstration of the functions I use WPS AI to make PPT. They can also be found in the WeChat applet and app of Kingsoft Documents.

If you get busy and want to have three heads and six arms, you can also use voice to give instructions to WPS AI on the mobile terminal.

In the Windows WPS client, AI has several more capabilities, especially the one-click generation of full-text speech notes. Isn't it just for me, a professional person in the workplace?

What are productivity tools? This is a productivity tool. I am the tool responsible for raising demands, and it acts as productivity.

WPS AI allows me to see the prototype of future work. Products such as mobile phones and tablets with simple input and interaction will become more useful and everyone can be a boss. The boss should be my boss, send me requests on WeChat, I will be the boss of AI, and send requests to AI on WPS AI, we all have a bright future.

For example, the boss asked the editor-in-chief to analyze the popular articles on our official account and write a plan for the interns to read. As expected, the editor-in-chief usually outsources the requirements to me. Unexpectedly, I am not at the bottom of the food chain now, but WPS AI. I said on WeChat that there is no problem and opened WPS AI…

The next time my boss comes to me and asks me to make a PPT, I quickly take out my phone, tablet and computer and ask, boss, how many copies do you want?

AI understands me, but I can’t be lazy

There are always a lot of people complaining about PPT. Those with high EQ are like "form is greater than content", while those with low EQ are like "too exhausted to write PPT".

I was one of them before. But when WPS AI helped me complete the formalism in a few seconds, and I freed up my hands to observe the content it generated, I found that it was not just formalism, and some of it had great reference value.

▲ AI generated slideshow.

▲ AI beautifies slides with one click.

Now, I can finally say that the statement in my resume that I am proficient in PPT is not a lie. I will give you whatever style you want. I am proficient in WPS AI, and WPS AI is proficient in PPT, which is approximately equivalent to my proficiency in PPT, right?

However, mastering a skill is far less important than understanding the meaning of the skill. The "formalism" of PPT partly stems from its structure and outline. WPS AI eliminates its most formal parts and fills in its most important parts.

This also makes me think about whether my vision is broad enough when I create content myself. Is there some content that I haven’t considered?

What AI gives is often redundant and general, and my thinking is often narrow and specific. Here, the two sides complement each other exactly.

Similar to making PPT, it is not feasible to let WPS AI directly help you write the manuscript, leaving your hands off the keyboard and crossing your legs.

But you can select a certain sentence in the document and talk to the AI, and let it continue writing and expanding, and maybe new ideas will appear.

In the same way, the interview outline cannot be completed in one sentence, but like using a search engine, you can use AI to find background information and generate reference questions.

The above test content is more like me proactively setting test questions for WPS AI, which indeed proves that WPS AI is interesting and useful.

But more often than not, I use WPS AI unconsciously, which proves the high presence of AI in the workplace.

With the Chinese and English translations of WPS AI in hand, I no longer have to open a certain translation and copy and paste manually.

I took pictures of the paper books on my desk that I didn’t quite understand with my mobile phone, and WPS AI helped me with reading comprehension, talking about poetry and philosophy of life with me.

When you are in the mood to write a manuscript, you should avoid fishing in the name of looking for information. If you have any problems, just call WPS AI to solve it. It can also hold a large book.

A true warrior dares to face the strong wind, which made me dizzy after reading the long English report. WPS AI completed the full text analysis in about 5 minutes, excerpted the key points in Chinese, and even mapped it to the page number for easy verification, just like the teacher marked the test points at the end of the semester.

After using WPS AI for so long, what I feel most deeply is that I was a complete layman in front of many tools before, but as long as I think about it a little, know my needs and express them, WPS AI can help me get started.

It just so happens that as an editor, knowing my own ideas and needs and expressing them in words is what I am best at.

Exploiting strengths and avoiding weaknesses is why WPS AI makes working part-time less difficult for me.

Let AI help, first ask why you need it

That's what AI is like. If you are full of confidence and hope that it will make you happy once and for all, or you are worried that it will replace you every day, then today's AI does not have this ability.

If you think of yourself as a player, like getting along with a new puppy, giving it orders and letting it complete some specific tasks, AI represented by WPS AI can actually give a lot of surprises.

In addition to documentation, I also like to try various AI templates of WPS AI, because they are refined into many scenarios and provide a framework of prompt words.

Here are all the things you have thought about, things you can use and things you will never want to use: create titles for public accounts and Xiaohongshu that are more likely to be clicked, daily daily sketch tool to free your hands, self-reflection book to teach you how to apologize quickly …

If you don’t use it yourself, you can also use it for family, friends, relatives, and children, even if it’s just to continue writing a bedtime story.

There have been fewer voices discussing AI recently. In other words, this is also the running-in period for ordinary people and AI.

Because professional people are already doing professional things. The young lady who works as an illustrator in the design department of Ai Faner has already thought about what kind of picture she wants before using AI tools to generate pictures, and then she clearly knows how to write the prompt words.

A satisfactory picture needs to be generated at least a dozen times before it appears, and it may need to be fine-tuned with PS, but the efficiency has indeed improved, instead of letting the AI ​​draw a Monet-style landscape like non-practitioners do and then stop.

What this actually means is that many people have a misunderstanding when using AI. They let it write some work reports and news summaries, and then put it into the background. If you are unable to ask appropriate questions when facing AI, you are not sure of your real needs, and you will easily become disappointed or anxious after trying it out.

In fact, it should be like singer Chen Shanni said:

If the era of AI is bound to come, what creators should care about may not be "whether we will be replaced", but "what else can we do."

There are currently more than 60,000 community members in the WPS AI official website communication community. You can see players from all walks of life and countless interesting application scenarios: teachers make teaching plans, personnel call intelligent functions, enthusiasts write code to make games…

In the first half of the year, I thought about AI. Can it replace my job and make me fish in the short term and unemployed in the long term? After I came into contact with AI more in the second half of the year, I discovered that we still have a symbiotic relationship. It can be regarded as a tool or a toy.

Being a WPS AI player actually means attaching great importance to work tactically and despising it strategically. Work cannot be all about what you like, there are more things that you are not very good at doing, urgent needs, blame-shifting, outside of get off work hours, no choice, and meaningless things.

Now that I have a subordinate who is more available, efficient and stable than me, I can finally make a profit from the middleman.

WPS AI experience application entrance guide

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