Acoustic technology combined with French elegance returns sound to its rightful place

This is universally recognized as the most successful architectural masterpiece of the Second Empire period. Countless marble, porphyry and gilded bronze make up this cultural sanctuary with a history of more than 150 years.

Since its completion in 1875, no company has ever exhibited their products in the Paris Opera House, but Devialet (Devialet) is an exception-they opened up a public audition area inside the Opera House called "Sound Exploration". room".

Devialet's exploration of sound began in 2004.

At that time, Pierre Emmuanuel Calmel, founder of Devialet and engineer of Nortel Networks, found a way to successfully combine analog amplification (Class A) with digital amplification (Class D), using digital technology to break through the texture barrier of analog power amplifiers .

The constant pursuit of technology has won this young company the reputation of opening up the market. Up to now, Devialet has owned more than 250 technical patents and has become a top audio technology company.

"We are committed to allowing users to experience the pure sound that life deserves through Devialet products." said Franck Lebouchard, CEO of Devialet.

This coincides with Tengshi, which also aims to create a new luxury and all-excellent travel experience.

When Diderot Met Vialet

The brand name of Devialet comes from a wise man in the French Age of Enlightenment.

He was a collaborator of Diderot, another author of the Encyclopedia, Guillaume Vialet, who contributed to the world by doing a great deal in culture and science.

The birth of Devialet was inspired by the philosophy of enlightenment, hoping to benefit all mankind through the advancement of acoustic technology. And Tengshi is to Devialet, just like Vialet is to Diderot, and the two will jointly define a new experience of sound .

On March 22, during the performance of the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, Denza and Devialet jointly released the world's first mass-produced model Denza N7 equipped with Devialet audio, and proposed that "the mobile smart music cockpit is the new The concept of luxurious standard configuration".

The so-called "new luxury standard configuration" is first reflected in the hardware.

Denshi N7's speakers are divided into low, medium and high three-way. The mid-range and high-pitched speakers surrounding the body can provide a wide and accurate sound field, and the full-range speakers on the top can also bring stereo and surround effects.

In it, you can easily locate the position of musical instruments and vocals, and Tenza N7 will send the music to your ears without reservation, presenting high-fidelity rich details.

Are you familiar with the routine of finding an audio brand to make a joint name? That's right, this is a common trick used by car companies, but Tengshi is really different this time.

On the Tengshi N7, you can really hear the taste of Devialet.

One of the characteristics of Devialet is that it has a bursting bass. Take Devialet's "Treasure of the Town" Gold Phantom as an example, the low frequency can dive to 14Hz, even an 18-inch woofer may not be able to do it so level.

With the SAM® speaker active matching technology from Devialet, the woofer of Denza N7 can present deep bass as low as 20Hz, which cannot be heard by the ear, but can be felt by the body.

Undoubtedly, Devialet is not only a brand exuding French romance and elegance, but also a technological audio company driven by technology.

The SPACE enhanced mixing technology provided by Devialet for Denshi N7 doesn’t even pick the sound source —whether it is a high-quality audio source or not, Denshi N7 can show a three-dimensional sound field effect and create a natural sense of immersion.

At the same time, Denza N7 also provides a wealth of personalized options, ranging from the stereo intensity to the sound settings of each sound field. Users can adjust them independently to obtain the most satisfactory sound experience through continuous trials.

Of course, it took half an hour for those ordering takeaways, and finally had to open the group chat of "what to eat at noon" to ask colleagues who have severe choice difficulties. Tenza N7 provides 5 presets, which can basically satisfy different tastes .

In addition to high-fidelity rendering, bursting bass, and extraordinary spatial stereo sound, this set of Devialet speakers on the Denza N7 also has an acoustic highlight, that is, "adaptive sound" .

Although very common, "listening to music in the car" is actually an extremely complex scene. You can understand it with a simple example:

You listen to the song and drive into the highway. As the speed increases, more wind noise and road noise pour into the car, slowly overshadowing the music. You can’t tell whether it’s Stefanie Sun or Jay Chou that you’re listening to, so you can only reach out , turn up the volume.

Tengshi N7 can save you from this trouble. The unique Devialet SDVC speed-sensitive volume control technology can realize volume gain with speed. At the same time, the system compensates for bass and treble volume levels separately to avoid harshness or loss of sound.

In short, there is no need to bother you about adjusting the volume.

Acoustic technology also needs to be matched with French elegance

Tenza, which has its own luxury genes, chose to cooperate with the top European audio brand this time. In the eyes of both parties, this is an excellent attempt to interpret the new luxury quality life aesthetics.

The first is the technical level.

Generally speaking, designing a sound system requires the application of a large number of mathematical models and scientific methods. As a technological audio brand, Devialet naturally has a deep accumulation.

Devialet has brought system expertise to Denza this time, including all specifications including system architecture, amplifiers, speakers and mechanical integration, which have become the basis for high-quality sound.

The use of multiple patented signal processing technologies such as SAM® speaker active matching technology and SPACE enhanced mixing technology also expands the frequency response of low frequencies, while providing high-fidelity rendering and extraordinary spatial stereo sound.

On the other hand, the systematic tuning by senior tuning engineers of Devialet also brings the unique sound characteristics of Devialet to Tenshi N7.

It is not enough to have a good sound, it is equally important to shape the sound. In terms of design and experience, Tengshi and Devialet are also very compatible.

Based on the aesthetic concept of Devialet, Tenshi N7 combines French exquisite craftsmanship and French art of life. The iconic graphic of Devialet is added to the sound cover, which is derived from the ripple symbol left by the sound wave rhythm in the sand table.

After determining the optimal opening ratio of the sound cover, Tengshi also uses the algorithm to arrange the parameters of the Devialet design elements, and the pronunciation area gradually becomes smaller from the middle to the surrounding, just like the front face of Tengza N7, forming an aesthetic and The best balance of features.

Give voice back to its rightful place

Franck Lebouchard, CEO of Devialet, commented on the cooperation between Denza and Devialet: the two companies will realize the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design .

Through this collaboration, Devialet and Denza will jointly create the highest standard of driving experience, and this experience will be enhanced by the unparalleled sound experience brought by Devialet.

Different from all kinds of "OEM and pseudo-luxury" in the industry, the cooperation between Tenza and Devialet starts from the concept, goes deep into technology, and is more about design .

Such a quality-pursuing cooperation model is not a common practice in the automotive industry, but under the background of the gradual establishment of the "second living space", only the combination of Tengza and Devialet can make the voice return in mobile travel Really deserved status, not reduced to a marketing gimmick.

Franck once compared Devialet to red wine, in which the taste needs to be explored slowly:

You have to open it first and taste it bite by bite. The same is true for Devialet's sound system. When you hear its sound, the sound becomes stronger and stronger, and the shock it brings to you will continue to increase, just as you taste red wine and savor the incremental taste of each bite. .

Today's consumers, under the leadership of Tengshi, are slowly tasting this bottle of carefully brewed red wine from Devialet.

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