Acer’s extraordinary S5 Pro experience: The new 28W Core is indeed a bit strong

The 12th-generation Core may be the biggest change in the generation of Core processors. The heterogeneous design of performance cores and energy-efficient cores allows the new Core to better flick between high and low loads. At the same time, in the field of thin and light, the mobile Core processor has added the P series, which is positioned between the high-performance H series and the low-power U series. The basic power consumption of 28W is higher than the 15W of the previous generation Core U series. Nearly doubled, theoretically the performance is worth looking forward to.

We just got the Acer Extraordinary S5 Pro recently, we can get a glimpse of the i7-1260P on the flagship thin and light notebook.

Before talking about this processor, we can talk about the overall situation of this notebook and make a purchase suggestion.

Is it worth buying?

Acer has always been the most cost-effective brand among big-name notebooks. This extraordinary S5 Pro is positioned as the flagship model among Acer's thin and light notebooks, and it is also a rare device that is not so cheap. The price of i7-1260P+16GB+1TB has come close to 7000 Yuan's file. Of course, when compared to the price of flagship thin and light notebooks from Lenovo, Dell or HP, Acer is still quite decent.

It has also obtained the Evo certification, and the extraordinary S3 with a relatively close basic configuration is much cheaper. Correspondingly, the Extraordinary S5 Pro obviously put some thought into the appearance, material and craftsmanship.

The new color matching of Dai Shi Cui is quite attractive, with a poetic feeling of "looking at distant mountains like Mei Dai", and because it is frosted lacquer, it has both a metallic feeling and also retains a matte texture. Different colors will appear under the angle and light.

It is matched with a golden brushed frame. Acer probably wants to express the feeling of elegance and nobility here. Taken together, the extraordinary S5 Pro is actually more mature in product temperament, not so student-oriented.

On the screen, the Viva S5 Pro chose a 2.5K touch screen with a whole Gorilla Glass panel. There are two points of feeling after the actual measurement. First, the quality of the screen is really good, and the brightness can still be adjusted to a clear and bright level under the hot sun. . Second, Gorilla Glass seems to be naturally more compatible with touch screens. Clicking and sliding is a bit like a mobile phone screen, and some click to confirm operations. I even like to use touch operations, and the fingerprints on it are easier to wipe off.

What's also a bit confusing here is that Acer didn't make the screen the same width on all sides, and it seems that there is plenty of space in the camera area.

The performance of the keyboard and touchpad has the advantage that the plastic coloring of the keyboard area is very close to the metal coloring of the fuselage, and the texture of the whole machine on the C side is relatively uniform. The keyboard feel is acceptable, and it belongs to the standard one. There are two main disadvantages of this piece: one is that the keycap has insufficient light transmittance, and the backlight is not obvious, but it is designed to be translucent yellow, which may also want to make the backlight softer; The smoothness, chirality and click feedback are all average, not up to the flagship level.

Thin and light and interfaces are often incompatible. Here, Acer chose to keep the number of interfaces, 2 Thunderbolt 4 interfaces (40Gbps, support 65W PD charging, support 8K video output), two USB 3.2 Gen1 (1 support Shutdown and external charging), an HDMI interface is much more convenient than a full USB-C.

However, in this case, the thickness of the extraordinary S5 Pro has reached 14.95mm, which is not particularly thin. A little thicker is also a double-edged sword. Not only is the interface richer, but the cooling configuration inside can also be larger. The Extraordinary S5 Pro is equipped with dual fans, dual heat pipes and three-dimensional air ducts, which is quite enough for a thin and light notebook.

In actual performance, even in the continuous running process at a room temperature of about 24 degrees Celsius, only the air outlet on the C side of the fuselage is relatively warm, and the fan only makes a faint sound, so the heat dissipation performance is not a problem.

The last point is the quality of the hard disk. The quality of this solid-state hard disk from Samsung is very good, and the continuous read and write is more than 4GB/S.

There are two other minor shortcomings: one is that the fingerprint recognition module integrated with the power button is inaccurate, and it needs to be touched in a very flat and very centered position to better identify and unlock; the other is that the battery level display is not very accurate , the last 20% of the power will lose power quickly. However, these two points may be related to the fact that this machine is an engineering machine. After all, the Bank of China does not have i7-1260P+16GB+512GB configuration options.

To sum up, the Vivien S5 Pro is one of the most beautiful and textured thin and light notebooks in the Acer camp. Compared with flagship thin and light notebooks of other brands, it is also much cheaper. The basic hardware such as hard disk and screen heat dissipation is very kind, but it is specific to some The details used, such as fingerprint recognition, touchpad, and power display accuracy, have not been polished.

As for the purchase recommendation, my evaluation is that the extraordinary S5 Pro is still cost-effective overall. If you don't pay much attention to the above small details, you can give it a try.

28W new Core, how about it?

First of all, the conclusion is that the i7-1260P performs very well. 12 cores and 16 threads (4 performance cores + 8 energy efficiency cores) are enough for the various needs of office white-collar workers.

The parameters of this processor can be found in CPU-Z.

The same is to run a small run in CPU-Z, the result is that the single core is slightly better than the previous generation i7-10700 processor, the multi-core is slightly inferior to this 8-core 16-thread processor, you must know that the i7-10700 is a TDP 65W desktop processor.

Of course, few people take CPU-Z benchmarks seriously, let's take a look at the performance of i7-1260P on CineBench R23 and GeekBench 5.

In the CineBench R23 running points, the i7-1260P multi-core score on the Vivien S5 Pro has achieved over 10,000 points, reaching 10819 points, which is more than twice the i7-1165G7, the flagship processor of the previous generation of thin and light notebooks. Of course, the i7-1260P is in The number of core threads and power are much larger.

In terms of horizontal comparison, the i7-1260P's running score data has surpassed the i9-9880H (TDP 45W) with 8 cores and 16 threads.

In GeekBench 5, the i7-1260P score on the Extraordinary S5 Pro is 1435 for single-core and 8517 for multi-core. This result is a bit close to the previous-generation gaming notebook processor i9-11980HK Geekbench 5 score (single-core 1600+, multi-core 9100+), and the previous-generation AMD YES processor R9 5900HX Geekbench 5 score (single-core 1450+, multi-core 8200+) flat.

However, in PCMARK 10, which simulates the real use environment of the computer, the extraordinary S5 Pro score is quite satisfactory, and the score of 4672 is slightly better than the level of the mid-range gaming notebook of the previous year.

For users who want to upgrade their devices, there may be two choices in front of them now, one is the cheaper previous-generation Core thin and light notebook, and the other is the P series Core thin and light notebook. From a performance point of view, of course it is Spend a little more money to buy a new one instead of an old one. After all, under the heavy competition, Intel has not kept its hands on the 12th-generation Core.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too much pesticide once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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