Acer Predator Tomahawk 300 gaming experience: the standard pressure 12th generation Core i7 has improved significantly

With the launch of Intel's 12th-generation Core processors, a large number of gaming notebook product lines have been updated with the new suffix "2022".

Compared with the RTX30 series graphics cards we are familiar with, the 12th-generation Core CPU with a "hybrid architecture" design seems to be Intel's hard step on a tube of toothpaste, and it is also the biggest highlight of this batch of new game books.

So, today we will talk about the Tomahawk 300 (2022 model) that belongs to Acer's high-end gaming notebook series Predator. Its core configuration is an Intel i7-12700H processor and an Nvidia RTX3060 graphics card. In addition to the changes in the CPU architecture, the new Tomahawk 300 also provides the function of "independent display direct connection".

Narrow bezel 165Hz screen, reasonable interface layout

The overall appearance of the Predator Tomahawk 300 is similar to the previous generation. The A side of the notebook is made of aluminum alloy as the main material, supplemented by anodizing process to create a micro-matte surface, and a Predator logo is placed on the top of the center line. , the decorative strips on both sides have been cancelled, and it has become more concise and neat.

And this logo has a blue LED backlight, and the computer will turn on the blue light synchronously when it is turned on.

Compared with the previous generation, the main changes of the 2022 new model are concentrated on the screen hinge.

The screen part is equipped with a 15.6-inch QHD resolution (2560×1440) IPS matte screen, with narrow borders on the left and right sides and top of the screen.

This screen from BOE (NE156QHM-NY5) provides 165Hz screen refresh rate and 3ms low-latency response, supports NVIDIA G-SYNC anti-tearing technology, obviously this is prepared for games, especially for operation Demanding FPS games.

In addition, the screen also achieves 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut display. Using the Starscream SpyderX Elite colorimeter, we can see that this screen has indeed achieved 100% sRGB color gamut coverage and 99% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage. . The color performance is excellent, the viewing angle is wide, and the 2K resolution also brings a more delicate display effect.

It is a pity that the maximum brightness of this screen is only 266 nits, which is acceptable for indoor use. If you use it outdoors, you need to avoid strong light environments.

The C side of the Predator Tomahawk 300 is also made of aluminum alloy, and the anodizing process is consistent with the A side. The keyboard adopts the mainstream numeric keypad layout of gaming notebooks. The power button is located at the top of the right side, with three additional independent media control buttons, and the four-way direction keys are also designed in full height.

The keys of the keyboard are designed with scissor feet. The pressing sound is very soft, but the rebound is relatively fast and powerful. Whether it is playing games or working input, this keyboard can satisfy me.

There is also a function button with the Predator logo above the number pad. Pressing it together with the Fn key brings up the Predator control center, where performance, fans and RGB lighting can be adjusted.

Through the control center, users can set the keyboard's backlight effect, providing static four-zone RGB adjustment.

There are only two USB-A ports on the right side of the fuselage, one of which supports USB3.2 Gen1 (supports up to 10Gbps rate and shutdown charging), the other supports USB3.2 Gen2, and is equipped with two status indicators.

In addition to a USB3.2 Gen2 USB-A interface on the left side of the fuselage, there is also an RJ45 Ethernet interface and a two-in-one 3.5mm headset interface.

The left and right sides and the rear of the fuselage are balanced and symmetrical with air outlets, and the two rear sides are the main air duct outlets.

And those interfaces that may affect the operation of the mouse have been moved to the rear of the fuselage. So the Predator Tomahawk 300 placed a DC power interface, a Thunderbolt 4 USB-C interface, an HDMI2.1 interface, and a mini DP 1.4 interface at the rear of the fuselage.

As far as the interface is concerned, the layout of the Predator Tomahawk 300 is relatively reasonable, and the specifications of each interface are relatively high, which can meet the needs of high-speed data transmission and external ultra-clear display.

The only fly in the ointment is that the whole machine only provides one USB-C interface, and the USB-C cables and devices in hand are difficult to use directly. For me, it's a rare encounter with a USB-C to USB-A dilemma.

The air intake grille at the bottom of the fuselage is obvious, and you can vaguely see the dual cooling fans inside. You can see an RGB light strip at the bottom, and the light strip can be linked with the keyboard light.

In a dark environment, such RGB ambient lights should be the favorite of many e-sports teenagers.

Although the Tomahawk 300 is loaded with a 15.6-inch screen, thanks to the narrow bezel design, the body size is similar to a 14-inch computer. The weight of the bare metal is 2.4kg. With the huge power adapter, the combined weight will come to about 3.5kg. It is still a little stressful to carry. It is not recommended to carry it when you go out every day.

The 12th-generation Core i7 performs well, and plays 3A games with RTX3060

After getting this notebook, we are more concerned about the performance of the 12th generation Core i7 standard pressure processor than the onboard RTX3060 graphics card.

This Core i7-12700H processor adopts a 14-core 20-thread design, including 6 high-performance cores (P-Core), a turbo frequency of up to 4.7GHz, and 8 energy-efficient cores (E-Core), The maximum turbo frequency is 3.5GHz, and there is a L3 cache of up to 24MB, and the basic power consumption is 45W.

After using Windows 11, Intel's Thread Director (hardware thread scheduler) function can independently schedule threads, intelligently hand over high-performance load threads to P-Core and simple task loads to E-Core.

Using CINEBENCH R23 for the benchmark test, the multi-core score is 18314pts and the single-core score is 1637pts. This performance can already be described as "excellent". Compared with the previous generation, the improvement is obvious, and "heterogeneous multi-core" can indeed improve performance better.

And after multiple tests, the difference between the scores is small, which means that this CPU can provide stable high-load performance for a long time.

The benchmark score of PCMARK10 is 6194, and the Express score is 4882. This score belongs to the upper-middle level, and it can handle daily workflow and productivity tasks smoothly.

In the 3D Mark Time Spy test, the fan speed in beast mode changes with the CPU and GPU load power consumption, and the overall performance is stable, with a score of 12734 for the processor and 8636 for the graphics card. If you directly turn on the Turbo mode with the fan at full speed, this score will increase a bit.

As for graphics cards, RTX3060 is no longer unfamiliar to everyone, but one of the highlights of the change is that the Predator Tomahawk 300 provides the function of "independent display direct connection". When you open the game, you can automatically switch the display mode without restarting. Very efficient and convenient.

In the actual game experience, the configuration of i7-12700H + RTX3060 is enough to play all 3A game masterpieces, but the premise of this "playable" is that some games may have to make certain concessions in resolution: resolution Set it to FHD and you can play smoothly.

The first is "Extreme Speed: Horizon 5", which has been played a lot recently. The average frame rate at the highest QHD quality is 50fps. The system recommends using QHD ultra-high quality with an average frame rate of 75fps.

Then there is the frequently played online game "Overwatch". In the case of extremely high picture quality, you can choose a resolution and refresh rate of 2560×1440 (165fps), and the average frame rate in the game can reach up to 121fps.

When playing Overwatch, the competitive advantage brought by the high frame rate is still very powerful, and the fan speed is stable, and no other games have to maintain high speed early.

As for "Cyberpunk 2077", it can barely run at QHD resolution when the light pursuit is turned off, and after adjusting the picture quality to FHD, you can get a smoother picture experience. Of course, if you turn on DLSS, you can save some frames.

"Battlefield 5" can also reach an average smooth level of 85fps under the extremely high QHD picture quality, which is a surprise.

By the way, the built-in 512GB SSD is from Micron 3400. The measured maximum read speed can reach 6524.02MB/s, and the maximum write speed can reach 3901.16MB/s, which is a good performance.

However, although this Samsung DDR5 memory has a frequency of 4800MHz, the overall speed is average and the delay is slightly larger (102.4ns). When running "Battlefield 5", you can see that the memory usage often suddenly becomes red, and then the picture will drop slightly, so the whole configuration may be the memory that lags behind.

The power consumption of the single-bake CPU can be maintained at about 110W for a long time, the full-load power of the RTX3060 is 121W, the double-bake is 65W+115W, and the core power consumption is stable at the level of 180W.

Thanks to the internal five heat pipe and dual fans, and the processor part uses liquid metal as a heat conduction medium, the heat dissipation performance of the Predator Tomahawk 300 is indeed good, and the processor and graphics card can be released with stable high performance.

Without the use of keyboard peripherals, the temperature of the keyboard itself is not high, and the game operation will not be affected by the heat.

But this metal-blade fan can reach 7000rpm when fully open (Turbo mode), and its noise is very difficult to ignore.

The real-time noise level is 89dB as measured by the Apple Watch. In fact, every time the game is turned on, the sound of the fan will inevitably attract the attention of colleagues in the office, so it is not recommended to use this computer to play games in a relatively quiet office environment.

Even my colleagues sitting across from me said that they were affected by the heat from the air outlet, and players themselves may need to wear noise-cancelling headphones to be able to concentrate on playing games for a long time.

In general, the overall performance of the 2022 Predator Tomahawk 300 meets our expectations. The new design and interface layout are relatively reasonable, and there is a high-quality 2K high-brush screen. The 12th-generation Core processor has been significantly improved compared to the previous generation, and its performance is very balanced even under high-voltage loads for a long time.

For me, the only trouble is that the cooling sound is relatively loud, but after thinking about it, it is this strong cooling that is exchanged for the high-performance release of the processor and graphics card. The choice between fish and bear's paw depends on how you weigh and choose.

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