Accompanied for many years, it finally entered our life in an all-round way

Recently, Beijing Water Cube, the "Xiaolong Night" fan carnival. Facing the Snapdragon fans off the court, Hou Mingjuan, Qualcomm's global vice president, described the origin of the brand:

14 years ago, at a conference, engineers excitedly introduced us a powerful mobile phone chip that will be launched soon. They said that this chip is called "Snapdragon", and this name will become the brand of all Qualcomm mobile chips in the future. . At that time, none of us knew the word well.

Its resume is almost the history of a smartphone

Back in 2007, most people were holding something later called "Featurephone" in their hands. There were even a lot of people using "Dumbphone"—a mobile phone that could only be used for making calls. , The dream of countless middle school students is to have a dual-side sliding phone. And in this year, an important thing happened:

Qualcomm released the first mobile device processor named "Snapdragon", its official code name is "QSD8250".

From the first day the brand was born, "Snapdragon" has completely changed our lives. A Xiaoyou and game player Kong Xiang shared his story like this:

He likes playing games since he was a child, because his life is far away from the games that he has been with him for 30 years, he feels regretful and helpless. In 2010, Kong Xiang bought the first mobile phone equipped with the Snapdragon QSD8250 processor. He was pleasantly surprised to find that he could play his favorite games as a child on this mobile phone. He said emotionally: "The Snapdragon is like a time machine, bringing my best memories to me."

Yu Haibo, another Xiaofriend who loves mobile photography, has completed the leap from hobby to career on mobile phones equipped with Xiaolong chips. Today, he has become a photography big V, and his 300,000 Weibo Fans regularly share their mobile photography works and experience. Yu Haibo said that the advancement of his camera technology is inseparable from the Snapdragon.

There are many similar examples, and "Xiaolong Night" shared only a small part of them. What they have in common is that we are already in an era of drastic change, and what drives the tide of the times is the power represented by Snapdragon. As its brand connotation says: Snap, represents agility and Brave; Dragon, stands for strength and wisdom.

Starting from QSD8250, Snapdragon continued to evolve in the next 14 years.

In 2011, the second generation of its own processor architecture Krait was released.

In 2013, based on the original top Snapdragon S4 Pro, a more powerful Snapdragon 600 series came into being, and at the same time the most eye-catching new flagship mobile platform Snapdragon 800 officially arrived.

In 2014, the first 64-bit architecture Snapdragon 810 and Snapdragon 808 came out.

In 2016, Qualcomm released the first 5G modem Snapdragon X50, which has greatly promoted the global 5G process since then.

In 2017, the positioning of Snapdragon was upgraded from a processor to a "mobile platform", which more accurately expressed its image of combining hardware, software and services.

In 2019, the first integrated 5G mobile platform Snapdragon 765/765G was released.

At the same time, the Snapdragon chip manufacturing process has changed from the initial 65 nanometers to the 5 nanometers of today's Snapdragon 888, and even the 4 nanometers of the Snapdragon X65.

Unconsciously, "Snapdragon" has been with us for 14 years. In the past 14 years, Snapdragon has become more and more powerful, and our lives have become more and more outwardly extended and connected. As a leader in the 3G and 4G era, Snapdragon has become a pioneer in the 5G era. Take us to a more anticipated future.

Accompanied for many years, Xiaolong officially confessed

However, the position of such a powerful Snapdragon in the mobile phone is like a typical behind-the-scenes worker: it is important, but there are few opportunities to show up. This has led to a superficial understanding of it, and the average consumer does not even know its existence.

This is precisely a dilemma faced by many technology brands: from a physical distance, they are very close to consumers, and can even be calculated in millimeters; but from an emotional level, they are separated from consumers for a long time. An insurmountable barrier. This barrier is not only the outer shell, but more importantly, the threshold of cognition and the difficulty of understanding. How to present themselves intuitively is often the first step for a technology brand to break through the "last millimeter" and enter the hearts of consumers.

Fortunately, in recent years, Snapdragon has become more and more proactive to approach consumers——

In March 2021, Qualcomm announced the establishment of the Snapdragon fan community-Qualcomm Snapdragon Snapdragon Friends Club. Chinese users can register and join in the WeChat applet. In Xiaoyouhui, users can get the latest technical content, as well as official brand loyalty rewards. Qualcomm even released recruitment activities in the Xiaoyouhui.

On May 18th, the Snapdragon Tmall Super Product Day was officially launched, which further cemented brand users while resonating sales volume and sound volume.

On May 21st, at the Technology Summit, the "Night of Snapdragon" fan carnival was specially held for Snap Friends, allowing Snap Friends to be in the carefully crafted "Future Life World", through the "hard core world" and "sensory world" The five themed experience areas of "Entertainment World", "Boundless World" and "Wonderful World" allow Snap friends to experience the tremendous changes brought to life by the Snapdragon technology brand.

This dragon has already poked its head from the hard shell of the mobile phone to have a profound and intimate contact with consumers. Judging from the reactions of Snapdragon fans on the scene, the effect of such contact is very good.

In the 5G era, Snapdragon is closer to us

The Snapdragon Technology Open Day outlines a world of "infinite possibilities" for us. For example, there are cutting-edge 5G and 5G millimeter wave + 8K live video:

Intelligent travel is another important stage for Snapdragon. In fact, Qualcomm has been deeply involved in the automotive field for nearly 20 years, and has carried out research and development in four key areas: digital cockpit, in-vehicle networking/C-V2X, ADAS and autonomous driving, and cloud-side terminal management.

In the automotive field, Qualcomm Snapdragon’s thinking is future-oriented and an insight into change: cars will become the ultimate mobility platform. This change is comparable to the disruption that smart phones once brought to the mobile phone industry. Qualcomm, which has led the transformation of 3G, 4G and even today's 5G mobile communications, is using the same underlying logic to transform the automotive industry.

In addition to the Gaohe HiPhi X SUV on display, smart cars such as BYD D1, Weilai ET7 , Xiaopeng P5 , Great Wall WEY Mocha also adopted Qualcomm Snapdragon automotive solutions. Among the world's 25 leading automakers, 20 top automakers have adopted Qualcomm's Snapdragon "Car Digital Cockpit Platform", including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lincoln, Porsche, Rolls Royce, etc. Brand, 150 million vehicles worldwide have adopted Qualcomm's Snapdragon automotive solutions.

Robots are another insight of Qualcomm Snapdragon on future life. Qualcomm has been in the field of robotics for nearly 10 years. In 2017, Qualcomm released three chipset products, APQ8009, APQ8053, and APQ8096SG, covering commercial robot products from low-end to high-end.

In 2019, Qualcomm launched the complete robot platform RB3, which is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform and uses a heterogeneous computing architecture, allowing developers to flexibly call multiple computing capabilities such as CPU, GPU, VPU, and DPU. Before that, manufacturers could only build products based on ready-made CPUs and GPUs, lacking a customizable and flexible development platform. With the emergence of RB3, developers have a complete integrated solution.

The savage growth of robots has always been a fragmented and localized market. The emergence of the Qualcomm Snapdragon robot platform has made the entire market more imaginative: a platform based on highly customized and heterogeneous computing will greatly release the creativity of developers and other industry participants, and maximize industry resource efficiency. It is possible to build a "robot empire."

In 2020, Qualcomm will empower the robot platform with 5G and breakthrough AI capabilities, and launched the first robot development platform RB5 that supports 5G communication. The "Pombert" anthropomorphic table tennis robot that appeared on ChinaJoy last year used the Snapdragon RB5. This time it also came to the scene:

There are also hand-made coffees full of masters:

The total number of projects displayed on site is more than 300, and more than 100 ecological partners have participated together to showcase the Snapdragon in the 5G era to the fullest: it is not only for smartphones, but also covers 5G modules, mobile hotspots, CPE, PC , XR, robots, connected cars and many other terminal types. Qualcomm revealed that there are more than 800 products using Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G technology that have been released and are under development.

In the past, Snapdragon’s circle of friends was mainly smartphone players; today, it has more of smart cars, household robots, and industrial robots… In the past, Snapdragon was in our mobile phones; now, it still In our car, in the body of the home robot, in the XR terminal, in the 5G PC… the tentacles of the Snapdragon have long stretched out the mobile phone and explored every corner of the cutting-edge technology field. In a word, Xiaolong and our lives will become closer and closer.

In the era of mobile Internet, Snapdragon connects hundreds of millions of Snapdragon friends through mobile phones. In the era of Internet of Everything, Snapdragon has extended more tentacles and integrated the fragmented life into a high-speed, complete life through stronger connectivity. The self-consistent unity weaves a ubiquitous "neural network" for future life.

On the emotional level, Xiaolong is also getting closer and closer to us. All this has just begun.

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