A tech media editor who likes to be lazy, decided to recommend a notebook to people like this

Since the beginning of the year, people have been asking me to recommend a laptop computer. They never expected that these people finally found that it was a little stuck in the face of the laptop they had used for many years.

It can be seen that everyone is usually not concerned about work, fishing is serious, and does not care about the status of productivity tools. It is not until the old productivity tools shoulder the heavy responsibility of watching dramas and games when working at home that they find that they can't fish happily.

▲ Changing computers may be due to force majeure

If you can’t happily fish, you can’t concentrate on your work. After all, "fishing is the primary productive force." The old computer should also be updated to keep up with the pace of fishing.

Of course, these people also come with a lot of strange requirements when they ask me to recommend a computer. For example, they need a laptop camera to beautify and thin their face, such as matching the color and size of the bag she just bought, and for example, the weight cannot exceed 1.5KG, because of what " There are no more than a hundred beautiful women, and a good chance is only two catties."

▲ Who said that male colleagues don't need to be beautiful

Of course, I still have to explain slowly. Basically, notebook cameras do not have their own beauty. If you want to beautify, just go to the software to set it up. Besides, if you look up and see you down between colleagues, there is no need for beauty in video conferences. …

Compared with the digital circle enthusiasts who like to study the parameter running scores, the old classmates and new colleagues who asked me to recommend computers do not care about these.

After all, there is a sequence of learning, and there are specializations in the technical industry, and there are still a few who delve into the core frequency terms. The public's requirements for notebooks actually boil down to only two words: easy to use.

What is a good computer

Different people have completely different understandings and needs of "easy to use", even if the standards of our editorial department are not uniform.

For example, in the opinion of Xiao Min, an operating colleague, the most important thing about a laptop is thinness and long battery life, because sudden hot spots don't wait for people. Being able to enter work anytime and anywhere is the first task of a computer.

However, the editor colleague Aaron felt that a good-feeling keyboard was more worthy of his heart than the battery life. The code word workload of several thousand words every day requires a "finger horse to kill a chicken", otherwise a "finger sharpener" Only the mood and efficiency of the codeword will be greatly reduced.

▲Picture from: Intel

The video team colleague Peng Ge said that it’s not a big deal. Which computer can speed up the rendering of his videos is a good computer. After all, shortening the waiting time means leaving a little more time for his girlfriend, and he is tough in the face of a single crisis. The performance is everything.

In my opinion, the audio and video enjoyment brought by the combination of 4K resolution and shocking sound effects is the first consideration. I really hope that manufacturers can launch a business-looking entertainment book for fish fishing groups. .

Therefore, different requirements have different standards for "easy to use". But the "easy use" standard of computers can always find a common divisor. For example, some of the requirements put forward by the general public at the beginning can actually be refined:

The color and size are matched with the bag. In fact, the weight and size of the notebook are required to be light, and the appearance of the material is textured; and the seemingly difficult needs of colleagues, in fact, it is to be quick response, long battery life, strong performance and without losing the human body. Engineering design.

What Intel defines as a "friendly computer"

When we are talking about laptops, Intel cannot get around. Many years ago until now, the processors used in high-end lightweight notebooks are almost all Intel processors.

In the eyes of the public, Intel is a particularly straight-looking technology company. After all, the open architecture and closed main frequency can dissuade many people trying to understand it.

▲ Picture from: Intel

But in fact, it is also a company that can communicate with consumers. Otherwise, I would call "lights, wait for the lights, wait for the lights", you may have already started to automatically correspond to its tone in your mind and say "How can you Speak in text?"

Not long ago, Intel released the "Intel® Evo ™ "Platform" , this is another way for the blue giant to communicate with consumers: simplifying the complex.

The complex parameters of computers are always daunting. Is there a word that can make consumers forget about these parameters?

Just like many people don’t know how much horsepower a car runs fast, but as long as you mention “super running”, people know that this is a fast running car. The term “super running” delineates the experience of extreme speed. Clear boundaries, no need to worry about the number of engine cylinders and horsepower.

▲Picture from: Intel

And “Intel® Evo ™ "Platform" is the same.

Forget the number of CPU cores and main frequency, the three letters of Evo have represented not only cool parameters, but also a brand new notebook mobile experience . Starting from the actual needs of consumers, Intel has set a series of standards for notebooks. When a computer is marked with Intel® Evo ™ When marked, it means that you don’t need to doubt its performance, just like no one doubts the speed of a supercar.

Based on Intel® Evo ™ Platform-certified notebooks can even be summarized in only three words: fast, long, and dazzling .

1. Fast: one step faster everywhere

In order to make you one step away from lag during use, through Intel® Evo ™ Platform- certified notebooks have worked hard on the CPU, Wi-Fi network and interface.

The thin and light body does not mean that the CPU performance is greatly compromised. It is equipped with the 11th generation Intel® Core ™ The processor , using Intel's new Super Fin process technology, always allows people to easily control various office software.

▲ Picture from: Intel

Whether it’s video conferencing on Zoom (to mention, Zoom has a beauty function), or communicating and collaborating with colleagues through Slack, as well as the common Office three axes, and then the Adobe series software commonly used by creators, from Photoshop to Premiere Pro, 11th Generation Intel® Core ™ The processor will let the progress bar spinning in circles say goodbye to you.

Not only the processing is one step faster, but also the time cannot be wasted on waiting in transmission.

Watching 1080P videos on a 4K screen is definitely a waste, but the snail-like loading speed of 4K videos always makes people anxiously want to smash the computer. This is not the computer’s fault, but the backward network standards can no longer keep up with your vision. demand.

▲ Picture from: Intel

The emergence of Intel® Wi-Fi 6 is to solve your urgent needs. It can increase the wireless transmission rate by up to three times to make Internet surfing speed beyond imagination.

4K video click and play, with Thunderbolt ™ The 4 high-speed interface can also realize 4K dual-screen demonstration, whether it is wired or wireless transmission, the waiting process has been blurred by the extreme speed experience.

The boot time is 2 minutes, and the computer manager reminds you that you have been defeated by 99% of users? Friends, it's time to understand what is called waking up quickly . Based on Intel® Evo ™ The laptop on the platform can be woken up from sleep in 1 second , so that the " fast " experience can be felt when you turn on the screen.

2. Long: always full of energy

Extremely fast experience does not mean huge energy consumption. Working with a power cord is not the purpose of a laptop. Excellent energy consumption control allows performance and battery life to be owned by you as a mobile office.

▲Picture from: Intel

Forgot to bring power on business trip? No need to worry, based on Intel® Evo ™ The platform’s pen power provides reliable working hours for up to a whole day . If you happen to be able to borrow a charger in a coffee shop, you can continue to work for another 4 hours as long as you have a cup of hand-made coffee. When and where sufficient power can give you the confidence to work.

3. Show off: show off inside and outside

Based on Intel® Evo ™ Platform-certified laptops not only have a thin, stylish, cool and eye-catching appearance, but more importantly, they are shocking visually.

▲ Picture from: Intel

Thin and light notebooks often means no chance with games. Sometimes, if you want to play LOL with your friends, you have to go to an Internet cafe in advance to enter the Summoner Canyon until the arrival of the Intel Iris® Xe core display changed everything.

The new Iris graphics card can not only easily play high-quality CS:GO, Overwatch or LOL and other popular online games, but also won't show fear in the face of mainstream quality Borderlands 3, DOOM and other masterpieces, and business will not It is the only positioning of thin and light notebooks, and the all-round positioning that takes into account entertainment is the final form of thin and light notebooks.

The above experience is not a multiple choice question, based on Intel® Evo ™ The laptop on the platform said "I want it all."

Ultimately, based on Intel® Evo ™ Platform-designed laptops will have Intel® Evo on the C side ™ The logo, in the final analysis, only illustrates a problem: consumers' decision-making costs will be greatly reduced.

Because as long as the product has Intel® Evo ™ The logo means that it is thin, light, long battery life, fast charging, fast response and good performance.

So, about Intel® Evo ™ How to understand the platform can actually be divided into three layers: you can understand in detail the various requirements that it needs to consider, or you can only understand the three characteristics of fast, long, and dazzling, and even just look at whether there is Intel® Evo when placing an order ™ Logo.

In Intel® Evo ™ On the platform, there are a hundred flowers blooming in light and thin books

Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo and other companies are expected to launch more than 150 models based on the 11th generation Intel® Core ™ Laptop with processor. Among them, it is expected that there will be more than 20 Intel® Evo-based ™ The laptop designed by the platform passed certification and went on the market.

▲ Picture from: Intel

This means that the choices consumers face are actually very diverse .

So, does the question go back to what it was at the beginning: the new "Intel® Evo ™ "Platform" is to lower the barriers for consumers to choose, allowing consumers to choose with their eyes closed? Why are there so many choices?

Because Intel® Evo ™ The meaning of a platform is not to provide a "only" computer, on the contrary, it represents a " uniform " performance.

People’s needs are always different, Intel® Evo ™ The platform allows consumers to safely choose products with different appearance features according to their needs, without having to consider the performance differences between products.

If a friend asks you for help on how to choose a computer, when you ask the soul three questions, but get a simple answer, then Intel® Evo ™ The platform will be the best answer to save this friendship.

This is Intel® Evo ™ The significance of the platform is that it determines and guarantees the most critical and basic experience part of the laptop , so that consumers no longer need to consider these, but only need to consider their own special needs, and then follow the needs to find corresponding products.

If you are still looking for a "friendly" computer, then Intel® Evo ™ The platform has helped you find a passing answer.

Source of title image: Dave Lee

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